Transporting with rear hatch open?

Transporting with rear hatch open?

I need to transport long stuff with the rear hatch/liftgate open. In the old days i used to tie the hatch down, but how does this work with a tesla? And, will this not damage the hatch motor?

Vawlkus | 29/12/2017

It is doable, but not recommended.

Model_D | 29/12/2017

At least you don’t have to worry about exhaust fumes.

lilbean | 29/12/2017

I don’t think the hatch motor is engaged when the hatch is open.

Redmiata98 | 29/12/2017

I transported some long pieces of plywood. I used bunji chords (elastic chords with a hook on either side) to hold down the hatch and padded the plywood to avoid scratching and scuffing of the car. I only had to travel about 15 miles but it worked.

mbirnie51 | 31/12/2017

I’ve also transported long items in my MX. Bring adequate tie down items (bungees, adjustable straps, towels to soften rub spots, red flag) to accommodate the load. You will have to submit to warning bells and alerts that the hatch is open (maybe we could get an override button); and your back view camera will probably be pointed in a useless direction so don’t expect to use that. Otherwise, you can load the MX just like a pickup, the only limitation is nothing too wide will fit such as plywood, box springs. People do look at me askance as I load lumber in this “luxury” vehicle, but my opinion is if there is no utility in your SUV, get some other vehicle.