The Real Reason

The Real Reason

The NY Times today carried an article on why people like me are willing to wait for the Model 3. They never mentioned the man behind the car. I am willing to wait for as long as it takes out of respect for the man I read about in Vance's book about Elon Musk. He exemplifies the kind of person we need to honor in America. Someone who tries to make a difference in the world for the better and when he fails, tries again and again, risking all. A real life Horatio Alger story. At 85, I don't need a new car. I need more opportunities to support. businessmen I can respect.
Frank A. Sortino, Professor Emeritous in Finance, S.F.S.U. .

TabascoGuy | 07/01/2018

Outstanding sentiment and well said. Thanks!

daverileyak | 07/01/2018

Frank, you make good points. We all need to vote with our dollars, our feet, our letters to the Ed., and our conversations online and in casual meetings. You make a difference supporting Elon. Every little decision we make actually makes a difference. Like you, I need another car like I need a hole in the head. But I enjoy being an early adopter and supporting sustainability, spreading the vision . . . even if I do it as a lark or a hobby. Two thumbs up for Elon and the Tesla mission. And two thumbs up to you, Dr. Sortino.

PeterPlt | 07/01/2018

I wish I could have attended one of your classes, Dr. Sortino. You sound like to taught wisdom along with facts.

The Free Enterprise System allows us to vote with our dollars for what we want, believe in, etc.
As an business founder who played by my own rules (do good, have fun, make money... in that order), I appreciate what I believe Mr. Musk intends. But, I also love Tesla's products. I own an S85D with 60,000 miles since new. It is the first American car I have owned since 1972 because it is the first American car since then that deserves my vote.

I voted again when I stood in line, with lots of you all, to place a deposit down for an early position for an M3 AWD. The anticipation is at least as great as it was while I waited for the MS to be built.

As a vey active 70 year old and retired like Dr. Sortino, I expected the M3 would be my last "new" car. Then the Roadster 2.0 was revealed. My vote for a base model is in. At the worst, the cost of the interest on the $50k is well worth the dream of owning it.

No newspaper or magazine has the time or space to fully explore why we each vote with our dollars the way we do. After all, all generalizations are inaccurate. Rather than getting my nickers in a wad over the details, I enjoy my freedom of choice and am entertained by those around me. My approach is neither right or wrong. It is simply what I choose within my freedoms without impinging on others. Dr. S, I salute you! ;-)

daverileyak | 07/01/2018

As a tribute to you Dr. Frank, I just computed the ratio on my portfolio. Before tonight, I never thought about a negative number being infinite. :-) I better sell my TSLA stock, as it's the only one with any measurable downward volatility in the last 12 months.

Nah . . . As another tribute -- to the spirit of this thread -- I'll keep the stock as a show of support for Elon. A $$ vote for the Tesla mission, as it were. Anyway, the ratio probably gets ignored in a bull market this strong and deep, and with so many money managers chasing Mo.

Coastal Cruiser. | 07/01/2018

It's not a car. It's a movement.

noleaf4me | 07/01/2018

AMEN - I want to support this movement - that is why I'm willing to fork over a bit more than I wanted for the early version....I want to see the ICE be DEAD in 15 years! Any way I can help - I will.

cornellio | 07/01/2018

Positively! For the loser now will be later to win. Elon is a true believer. So much love.

PhillyGal | 07/01/2018

Well said, sir! And at 85 years young, you certainly deserve to drive something so amazing.

hsadler | 07/01/2018

Both our S and now 3 were a stretch for us, a BIG stretch - but as we see it - it's actually an investment in the future.

Maxxer | 07/01/2018

Reserved 2 of them, not because I need them. Just because of what Tesla means for the future of this planet.

I had reserved a BMW i3 and a Chevy Bolt, when I read Ashlee Vance book on Musk, I canceled both and reserved the Model 3 and I'm holding on tight to those reservations. Even if I'll have 4 kids when I take delivery of the car. Oh well they will be nice to look at.

Coastal Cruiser. | 07/01/2018

cornellio: "...For the loser now will be later to win..."

I see what you did there. ;>

(welcome back EVolution. Haven't you been absent for a while?)

rgrant | 07/01/2018

This is exactly what I think of when i see the pearl clutching about the overall downturn in automobile sales. People, like me, are holding out so we can join a movement (i’ve dipped my toe in with a Fiat 500e) and have sworn never to spend another dime on ICE. +100 frank.sortino

vmulla | 07/01/2018

Please don't forget another man who is being celebrated with each car that's being sold - Nikola Tesla.
I'm so glad they picked that name for a transformative company.

carlk | 07/01/2018

Nicely said. Getting a great car with helping the company, the country and saving the world as added bonus. Or is it the other way around?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 09/01/2018

frank.sortino: +42! Excellent. The Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything about, "Why Do We WAIT?" It is worth it.

Garyeop | 09/01/2018

It was a pleasure reading your post.

Thank you, and Elon of course.

nwfan | 10/01/2018

@frank.sortino, Thanks for your post. Well said. I join you in supporting Elon Musk vision. On my 2nd Tesla and have a 10.8 kw Solar System with battery. I'm all in.

andy.connor.e | 10/01/2018

For the reasons you have listed, is exactly why (also) a Tesla will be my next car.

Shock | 10/01/2018

Which article? Can't find one from yesterday at nytimes re. tesla.

danbry39 | 10/01/2018

Beautifully expressed thoughts.

jamespompi | 10/01/2018

@frank.sortino I just got his book yesterday, the guy is truly inspirational. I can't wait to trash my dirty diesel for the M3.

andrewlee05 | 10/01/2018

@Frank.Sortino - Wow, never thought I'd find you on one of these forums. I remember you from my SageView days. Well said! Elon's actually trying to do something more than make a buck.

khanhvn | 10/01/2018

Agree, a person with a perfect fusion of technical talent, business sense, and a noble purpose.

It's interesting to see so many articles trying to describe him as nothing but a good sale man.

Anthony J. Parisio | 10/01/2018

Frank I stand be hid you sentiment. I did vote with my dollars for Elon's Success.

billstanton | 10/01/2018


bayareakid2008 | 10/01/2018

Elon's presence had nothing to do with my reservation. Rather, the Model S was what drew my interest to the company. Had never even heard of Musk until I started reading about the S.

Rthughes77 | 11/01/2018

Will Tesla merge with The Church of Scienetology........Is Elons roadster going to outer space as a gift to Xenu to help him how to fix those damming bottlenecks or is he hoping that Xenu will give souls to the Model 3 instead of OTA Easter eggs.

Rthughes77 | 11/01/2018

Will Tesla merge with The Church of Scienetology........Is Elons roadster going to outer space as a gift to Xenu to help him how to fix those damming bottlenecks or is he hoping that Xenu will give souls to the Model 3 instead of OTA Easter eggs.