Key fob no longer working

Key fob no longer working

Hey all. Dropped my key fob about 3 feet. There’s no cosmetic damage and as far as I can tell not obvious internal damage either as there’s nothing loose when I shake it. Yet, it’s no longer working. Even tried to put a new battery in. Anything I could try to reset it and or pair it with the car again or is an SC visit absolutely required? Thanks in advance. NP

burdogg | 07/01/2018

I think a SC visit might be required - i would first email them though and ask them if there is something you can do to try to "reset" it?

I would have said change the battery, but you already did that, so I have nothing for you.

Good luck.

burdogg | 07/01/2018

I assume you have tried it from multiple places - as well as sitting in the drivers seat and pushing the lock unlock buttons to see if it will be recognized?

Also try putting it in the cupholder and see if you can start the car with it there. Just trying to give ideas of possible troubleshooting to see if some aspects are working or if nothing at all is working. | 08/01/2018

As for pairing, only the service center can do that. On the MS it was far from simple, but perhaps they improved the process. Still pairing should not be necessary unless you're getting a brand new key that was never paired to the car yet. Replacing the battery does not cause a lost of pairing.

I hate to say it but it seems like the key is broken. I've dropped my key many times without a problem, so perhaps the key has some internal defect that a shock caused it to stop working. Tesla should replace it.

karps | 26/08/2019

I have a 2018 Model X, did a software update on the app then one fob stopped working and now second fob wont work. Replaced both batteries and still nothing. Waiting to speak with a tech support person.

glew321 | 01/02/2020

Purchased new X in Dec. Software updated Wednesday and now neither fob is recognized. Call CS and went through their troubleshooting steps to no avail. Car had to be towed this morning to local Tesla service center. Called and LVM over an hour ago with no reply. I love spending >$100k on a vehicle that I can’t drive and service doesn’t reply.

raffidesigns | 01/02/2020

It looks like you may need to get the fobs replaced. The service center can order new ones. A service appt would been needed.