VINs for 2018 models

VINs for 2018 models

Anyone from the US order an X since mid-December receive a VIN yet? I ordered a 75D on December 17 (confirmed 21st) and have yet to get a VIN. Delivery to Pennsylvania. Design Studio said late February, but now my Delivery Specialist is saying mid to late March.

grantpies | 11/01/2018

I was just going to post something similar. I ordered my X at the end of November and order confirmed 12/3. Still no VIN. When I ordered it the sales person said I should get a VIN by mid January and the car should be ready for pick up mid February. I have not asked for or been given an updated timeline.

lilbean | 11/01/2018
Contrapositive | 11/01/2018

Yeah, I tried posting there, but this ridiculous forum software said: "Your submission has triggered the spam filter and will not be accepted. If you feel this is in error, please report that you are blocked."

I posted literally the same message as in this thread, and tried several variants before I gave up and started a new topic.

Divesq | 13/01/2018

I ordered on 12/11 and was confirmed on 12/14 and still don’t have a vin. My delivery is supposed to be mid to late February. This has been reiterated to me several times when I’ve asked why I don’t have a vin yet. Then was told it’s fairly common for people who custom order at the end of the quarter to get a vin in two months. With delivery supposed to be 3-4 weeks later the math doesn’t add up for a delivery in February. Now you have heard mid to late March and your order wasn’t much later than mine.

richard.wyke | 14/01/2018

I ordered my Model X from New Zealand on November 30th 2017, VIN is 809XX

Delivery specialist says should expect delivery in 6-7 weeks in Auckland

Contrapositive | 14/01/2018

I scanned an old thread on another forum from around this time last year, and the consensus seemed to be that Tesla prioritizes international orders for the first month of a new quarter. It seems like most domestic orders from mid-to-late December ended up arriving in late March or even April.

tedgavin | 29/01/2018

Ordered on 12/31 - received the VIN on 1/26 for estimated late Feb/early March delivery, also to US/Pennsylvania. The delivery expectation at time of ordering was March.

j.caldwell2112 | 30/01/2018

Ordered 1/17/18 confirmed 1/21 and received vin 1/27. Vin #882xx

bodhipooh | 30/01/2018

Interesting, j.caldwell2112... My ordered was placed on 1/6/2018, and confirmed on 1/10/2018, and I am *still* waiting for a VIN number. Do you mind sharing your order details? Mine was for a 75, midnight silver metallic, upgraded interior package.

bodhipooh | 30/01/2018

Actually, never mind my last post. I just logged into my account and noticed that a VIN was indeed assigned, but I am not sure when that happened. I was checking almost daily and gave up after two weeks or so, so it happened some time in the past week, I think. Maybe as far back as 10 days ago? In any case, I was assigned VIN #881xx.

j.caldwell2112 | 30/01/2018

@bodhipooh Glad to see you got your VIN assigned! Seems like a number of VINs got assigned on the 27th. Id suspect that's likely when you got yours.

johnse | 31/01/2018

Mrrrmph, ordered 1/7, confirmed 1/10, no VIN yet. 100D, PUP, 5-Seat....

AxeBro | 01/02/2018

I ordered 1/20 confirmed 1/23, vin showed on my account a few days later

bigwednesday1 | 02/02/2018

I ordered 1/5, confirmed 1/8. I still am waiting for a VIN.

churenli | 03/02/2018

I ordered 01/13, confirmed 01/16. Still waiting

bigwednesday1 | 03/02/2018

I ordered 1/5, confirmed 1/8. My VIN showed up this morning.

rick | 03/02/2018

Ordered a 75D Dec. 18 with confirm Dec. 22. I received my vin Jan. 30th 891**. I noticed when you go to the design center the 75D are due to arrive late May. However, if you build a 100D it shows late March. I have a feeling we may be waiting a little longer then late February as it stated when the order was placed.

jeanette.woods | 03/02/2018

I placed my order on Jan 20, 2018 and get the confirmation on Jan 25, 2018. The website showed my VIN # shortly after. Received message from Tesla stating it should be ready for delivery in March 2018. Tysons Corner VA location.

shirley.lin | 06/02/2018

my order confirmed last week, still waiting for VIN.

AxeBro | 06/02/2018

i'm thinking we should specify the battery - mine was the 100D, and VIN'd pretty quickly, in my opinion.

Kavorka02 | 08/02/2018

Ordered MX 100D on 1/2 & VIN showed up yesterday 2/7. I’m in Houston. -Joe

Kavorka02 | 08/02/2018

Ordered MX 100D on 1/2 & VIN showed up yesterday 2/7. Expected delivery to Houston is early-mid March. - Joe

seadrag76 | 08/02/2018

ordered 1/30, confirmed 2/2 and VIN showed this morning. 75D, white/white in seattle

seadrag76 | 08/02/2018

ordered 1/30, confirmed 2/2 and VIN showed this morning. 75D, white/white in seattle

johnse | 08/02/2018

My VIN also showed up today 904xx. Yeehaw!

AZProgrammer | 09/02/2018

Ordered on 01/06/2018. 100D, Pearl White in Arizona. Received pin yesterday. 904XX

jpcollins9 | 09/02/2018

884XX and was notified end of production was 2/27 with delivery to Atlanta 2-4 weeks after that.

jpcollins9 | 09/02/2018

Sorry, forgot to add 100D

roaryw | 09/02/2018

Dang JPCollins ... I'm 884XX too delivery Atlanta but no notification yet (100D)

jojim556 | 17/02/2018

Mine was confirmed on 2/1 (MX100). I just checked my acct today 2/17 and got a VIN (920XX). Let’s see if they can actually deliver by end of March.

wingit | 17/02/2018

MX 100D. Ordered 2/10, confirmed 2/14, received VIN 2/15. Georgia.

jojim556 | 17/02/2018

Looks like the east coast is getting VINs faster than the west coast. I live 1hr away from Fremont, CA.

tedgavin | 19/02/2018

I ordered my X on 12/31 with delivery to Southeastern Pennsylvania. Got my VIN on 1/26. Car entered production on 2/14. Should be done production this week, delivery in early-to-mid-March depending on transportation.

bigwednesday1 | 19/02/2018

I ordered (100D) 1/5, confirmed 1/8. My VIN showed up February 3rd, 897XX. I spoke to me delivery specialist this past week and she told me March 28 for delivery in Indianapolis Indiana. Original delivery was supposed to be early March. FYI.

Gustafsonmechanical | 21/02/2018

I ordered MX100 on Feb 13th confirmed the 16th. No VIN yet. I ordered every option, not sure if that makes a difference? Delivery to MN.

Luisparada | 22/02/2018

I ordered an MX100 in Virginia on Feb 7, confirmed Feb. 10. VIN was ready within a few hours the next day.

bob | 22/02/2018

To the last 20+ posts.... there have been lots of threads over past of year + that mirror this discussion. is one i can claim partial ownership to. From our experience last fall I'd say location (delivery schedule) plays a large roll in when the vehicle goes into production. Issuance of VINs seems to have changed some as previously VINs were issued almost immediately after confirmation of deposit. In the thread linked above two of us had VINs one number apart. One of us (me) lives about 30 miles from the Fremont plant. The other on the east coast. The east coast vehicle came off the assembly line 3 or more weeks before mine did. We took delivery of our vehicle about a week before the east coast customer.

Far from a scientific analysis, but it does show how geography might be a factor in when the vehicle hits the assembly line.

Regardless - hang in there. It's well well worth the wait. Be patient after you take delivery too. It's likely you'll find flaws that need correction. The service centers will be your friend in getting everything right.

In the thread linked above all of us waiting came to the conclusion that buying a Tesla is akin to reverting to being an 8 year old and waiting for Santa Clause. The good news is is now only a few months to wait for a MX. I have a neighbor that waited well over a year for his sub 500 VIN.

kiran.bhaga | 22/02/2018

MX 100D, ordered 2/13, confirmed and got VIN assigned at the same time 2/17. VIN# 922XX and seattle area.
2/12 it was still showing March delivery, but by the time I ordered on 2/13 it was June delivery so supposedly I missed March delivery by a day :(
But I got VIN assigned immediately after order got confirmed. I see some haven't gotten VIN yet. May be since I'm in west coast and I heard they produce that at the end, I somehow sneaked into March delivery even though my order spec said June delivery and I was only 1 day late? Or may be just wishful thinking on my end :)

bodhipooh | 24/02/2018

Just to follow up on this thread, since I had posted a couple of times regarding my timeline. After the initial delay in getting a VIN assigned (almost 3 weeks after order was confirmed) I just got word today that production on my order is finished, and that my X is on its way to me (East Coast, in NJ) so the "estimated" delivery date is right on target. A very lucky development, as it seems like a custom order 75 is now slated for a 4 month delay in delivery.

In any case, I am super stoked to be looking at a delivery date in the next week or two.

johnse | 27/02/2018

Congratulations!!! I hope that means mine enters production SOON(tm) :-)

wingit | 01/03/2018

Just checked.. "Your Tesla is currently in production." WOOHOO!!!

anandkris68 | 01/03/2018

I received my VIN last week. I am getting the car in 2 days. Ordered on Dec 19th.

anandkris68 | 01/03/2018


shirley.lin | 04/03/2018

75D, ordered 2/1, VIN 905XX, still awaiting production!

bcompton | 04/03/2018

16 days on the floor - now it's out the door and on its way to NJ. "my tesla" updated while I was sleeping - found out Sat. morning Ordered Christmas 877xx

timvdb | 04/03/2018

MX100d ordered 14FEB. VIN 929XX. Can't wait for the car!

smannepa | 06/03/2018

MX100d ordered on 20FEB... still waiting for a VIN... I might crash :P

hcamp | 07/03/2018

MX75D ordered 1-21. Entered production yesterday. VIN 881xx

johnse | 07/03/2018

My X, VIN 904xx, confirmed 1/11 now shows as “In production” *happy dance*

jerryruddy72 | 08/03/2018

MY 100D was orderd on !/6/2018, confirmed on 1/9/2018, VIN 915xxx on 2/12/2018, in production, my DS says delivery in 3rd or 4th week of March. .. March 30th at the latest