Autopiliot and cruise disables randomly all the time

Autopiliot and cruise disables randomly all the time

Ok here we go ill try to explain best I can. Autopilot and cruise will engage and Ill drive fine. Then at random speeds, road types and times where i have driven 100x before or not driven before the autopilot disengages on its own and states cruise and auto steer unavailable. Sometime later in that same trip again at random times alert goes away and i can turn it on. Most of the time I cannot until I get out and come back 20 min later am I able to turn it back on. Sometimes I can pull over put in park and then drive again and it will work and others it wont. Sometimes I power off or reset and it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Sometimes right from the get go it wont let me engage it. Sometimes it sees road lines and still wont let me engage it. It will disengage while driving on an area I have driven 100x with no issues on all road types. It will disengage while reading road lines and not reading road lines. It will operate without seeing road lines as sometimes they disappear.


Here the kicker if the above randomness and no variable wasn't enough. This has happened over 4 months. I called a couple times where they tell me the usual to reset and all that fun stuff then nothing happens so they tell me they will call back then I never get a call back and 2 weeks later I call again. Finally they asked me when it happened so they could look at logs and they did and said they would call me back and never did. 30 days later I call and they send a truck/trailer with loaner and get my car and drop off loaner.

Now this has happened over a 4 month period. 80 degree weather and 0 degree weather. All the time!!!!! Constant pain in the butt hole!! I get loaner and its been below 0 degrees for a week and autopilot is fine and works great never had an issue.

Service get it and fixes all issues except this. They tell me its due to the cold. I tell them to freak off as its not the cold. They insist and they tell me they cant look at logs as there are too many and I cant give exact date and time even though I have on previous calls with them. I tell them to freak off again and they are not bring my car back until its fixed as I dont want to go thru this all over again!!!

He tells me he will get back to me. 6 hour later they call back, say they checked the logs (mysteriously) and say its due to cold. Freake off mother freakere!!!!! Its not the cold as its happened when its hot, loaner has been perfect and its coldest its ever been, no one else has issues due to cold, i used last winter with no problems and to boot I cant even call highland park anymore as some other retard at Tesla thought it was a good idea to route all calls thru Tesla factory now. So instead of immediate service when I call I now sit on hold for 15 min then he instantly transfer me and they pick up!!!!!

For a smart company Tesla sure does have a lot of crayon eaters working there.

So are any of you buying the cold bull crap or just think their lazy and cant figure it out??

pjeslin | 11/01/2018

My Model S had similar issue during last year, driver assist stops working in the middle of a trip. Finally the service station was able to identify the issue as a faulty camera. Replaced it and everything is fine now.

kerryglittle | 16/01/2018

Only thing I thought of at first was is there a posted speed limit sign on your dash screen? If thats going off AP will disengage. Possibly even the speed limit signs are either dirty or snow covered.

bertchen | 16/01/2018

I've been having similar Autopilot failures on my Sept 2017 Model S (AP 2.5). After a software update, Autopilot stopped working, then systems started shutting down over the next few days: couldn't open the charge door, couldn't put it into Drive. So I brought it in to service the first time, where they reset it, and replaced a camera and the driver's assist control module. After getting it back, they told me Autopilot needed calibrating before it will turn on again. Hundreds of miles later, nothing. Brought it back again. Missing the driver assistance fuse. This time before I got it back they had a technician calibrate it by driving it home, then back the next morning. Seemed to work. A week later, while on a long road trip, Autopilot stops working again. This time it's intermittent. Sometimes it will work and then stop, sometimes it wont be available at all and become available while driving. Called Tesla again today. Next appointment available is in one week. Here's hoping the third time's a charm.

luckyj | 16/01/2018

Nate, what version of firmware are you on? Also, assuming you have AP2?

I had a similar issue that I think has FINALLY been resolved with 2017.50.3. Starting with 2017.28, after driving for about 2-3 hours, AP would start to lose it's mind. Steering and throttle would get more and more erratic. Sometimes it would disengage, and then not let me engage for a while. Sometimes I would take over because it was getting so crazy, and it wouldn't let me re-engage. It would not resolve until a "full shutdown" - meaning, leave the car and let it sit locked, doing nothing, for 15 minutes or so.

r.a.lee | 17/01/2018

This happened to me. They replaced front cameras and seems to work.

lalith.vaka | 27/08/2018

Did this resolve for any of you from the past 8 months? I just got my Model 3 last month and ever since am having this autopilot not engage at least once a day. If it works in the morning while going to work, doesn't work while coming back home for the whole trip. Have an appointment with the Dublin / Pleasanton service center next month. Is it faulty sensors or faulty cameras?

bomorr | 06/11/2018

Just had this start happening, not even having cruise is a pain. From what I can tell it is a camera issue but not all cameras becuase my backup camera is still working with no issues. Trying to get my 3 into service asap

Boonedocks | 06/11/2018

@bomorr look a few threads away for “All Automation Stopped Today”. A “partial” fleet wide problem going on today.

saurindesai20 | 25/03/2019

I got my Model 3 2 weeks ago with the AP feature. I enabled the AP feature from the settings menu and drove for about 200 miles for the AP to be calibrated. AP did get calibrated and it worked fine the 1st time I used it. The next day, the AP icon on the dash not visible even though the AP is enabled in the settings menu. After couple of days, the AP icon and speed limit icons randomly appear and then disappears while driving. Have an appointment with Tesla in a month, the earliest date available

Until then, does anybody have any idea what is wrong or faced similar issues?

Appreciate any feedback/comments.

marika.appell | 25/03/2019

I have been posting "bug Reports" because my navigate on autopilot refuses to get off at my exit on I95. It works great on most other exits without any intervention. Now when I approach the exit I get a message that autopilot is disconnecting because of an "unsupported maneuver." I guess Tesla may actually pay attention to bug reports but not a great solution.

EVRider | 26/03/2019

@saurindesai20: The Autosteer icon doesn’t appear on certain secondary roads where it’s not safe to use. If that’s not your issue, try rebooting. By the way, it’s better to post Model 3 questions in the Model 3 forum.

@marika: Which I-95 exit? I’ve seen the “unsupported maneuver” message a couple of times on I-95 in south FL. Navigate on Autopilot is still beta, so you should expect issues like this from time to time.