Will first M3 pull in reservation of 2nd M3?

Will first M3 pull in reservation of 2nd M3?

I recognize that no one is in this situation yet (as deliveries so far are to current S and X owners), so we probably don't know the answer. But musing out loud, we waited in line and are in the 12/17-2/18 delivery window for our first M3. We are not a current owner.

We made a second reservation a year later and the delivery window for that one is late 2018. When we take delivery of the first M3, will we be able to claim 'owner status' to get it bumped up? I'm thinking no. What do you think?

andy.connor.e | 11/01/2018

the answer is presumably what you have assumed to be the correct interpretation of your synopsis.

mntlvr23 | 11/01/2018

I mistakenly thought that buying a Tesla hat made me a Tesla owner and to the front of the line - no dice

BoRidge | 11/01/2018

I asked the Tesla service person the same question when I called in, and he said buying one Model 3 would not give you priority for a second. However, the Tesla service personnel have proven to be less knowledgeable than people on this forum. Moreover, priority for your first M3 might explain why some prior Tesla owners, with only one prior Tesla, who reserved two were invited to configure for both alresdy.