Navigation map orientation

Navigation map orientation

I wonder why almost all drivers (at least in the US - as seen in many of You Tube videos) have a navigation map North Up oriented and not Heading Up (in direction of driving). IMO Heading Up oriented map is more practical for use specially in cities where driver is not familiar with.

reed_lewis | 12/01/2018

I prefer north up because I am older and come from the world of paper maps. When driving in unfamiliar areas, I at least usually know I need to drive west or whatever, and having track up means that I have to figure out which direction west is on my map.

It is the same thing in my mind as the 3D view that some portable GPS devices use. I prefer 2D North up because I can see more data compared to the 3D view that only shows what is in front of you.

But it is personal preference. Neither is correct for all. It is just that for me, North Up is the way I think.

Should_I | 12/01/2018

I actually find the options to change between them great.

craig | 12/01/2018

I never use north up. I didn't in my Fords and I don't in my Teslas. Were you able to draw a correlation between people who use north up and those who post videos made with their phone in portrait orientation? :-). I agree with @Should_I that it is nice to be able to switch between several different orientations in the Tesla nav system.

Rocky_H | 12/01/2018

Heh, that is almost as strong as the iPhone/Android fight in our house. My wife wants the forward up orientation, and I like North up. I think there are a couple of things. One, is that North up is just more information. I already have forward up in the left panel of the front console display behind the steering wheel. So I can look there for the forward up view or look at the center screen for seeing position within the city in a map type of familiarity.

The other is mainly geographical familiarity that @reed_lewis mentioned. I'm mainly familiar with my area, so when I see a route plotted on the map, and I see where it goes, I know about where that area is so that I'm not just dumbly following arrows. I know the preferred way I like to go to that area of town. I don't live in a big enough city that has traffic jams ever, so I can always go whatever way I feel like, and if the directions suggest some irritating turns I don't want to do, I already generally know where I'm heading, so I'll do my own thing for a couple of minutes until it catches up.

DonS | 12/01/2018

Heading up people really need navigation. This view works turn-by-turn to go from A to B, but does not help you understand locations in relation to past or possible future destinations.
North up people like to have a picture in their head of where they are going, and can usually find their destination even without the car's navigation.
Mapping in the car is nice, but I prefer north up and do not want to become so dependent on navigation that I must have it to go anywhere.

stevenmaifert | 12/01/2018

The problem with Heading Up for some folks (me included) is my peripheral vision picks up this huge map that is almost in constant turning motion and it's really annoying.

NKYTA | 13/01/2018

North up for me 99% of the time.

Jeff Hudson | 13/01/2018

What's the big deal? How difficult is it to select the map (1st press) and then select the orientation (2nd press)?

NKYTA | 13/01/2018

It isn’t.

T35LA | 14/01/2018

It does not matter in "the big deal" how to manage map orientation. The point is in the habits of drivers and why.

elvnga | 15/01/2018

I like north up because it does not rotate. It gives me a good view of what is around me. If I switch to heading up, I have a hard time following the moving map for things several blocks away. Heading up orientation is only good for following route guidance in my opinion. In the MX I don't need that, because it is displayed on the dash automatically. That way I have heading up to the left of the speedometer much like a traditional GPS device and North up on the big screen map. I am not sure if I could get lost if I tried.

SCCRENDO | 15/01/2018

I much prefer heading up so I know which way to turn

lilbean | 15/01/2018

I used to set mine heading up. Then I remembered my delivery specialist saying that he loves it North up. I gave it a try and I actually prefer it now because it doesn't rotate like @elvnga mentioned. It also helps me understand the location better like looking at a map. I can see where to turn on the instrument screen.

SCCRENDO | 15/01/2018

Those of us who drive Model 3s don’t have an instrument panel

T35LA | 16/01/2018


elvnga | 16/01/2018

SCCRENDO, I briefly thought about commenting on the lack of the dash view in the 3. But I was half asleep and forgot I was on the general board, thinking I was still on the X forum. I agree that if i was driving the 3 I would likely change orientation while using route guidance.

Rocky_H | 16/01/2018

@SCCRENDO, Quote: "Those of us who drive Model 3s don’t have an instrument panel"

Yeah...I didn't necessarily want to mention that.

lilbean | 16/01/2018

Oops sorry. :)

SCCRENDO | 16/01/2018

@lilbean. I have 500 miles on my Model 3 and I am truly enjoying it. I love the simplicity. It’s a golf cart with a steering wheel and an ipad. But the ipad has everything you need

lilbean | 16/01/2018

@SCCRENDO That is so awesome! Congrats! It sounds like the perfect car for me. I’m glad you’re loving it. :)

SCCRENDO | 16/01/2018

My classic Model S was too early for autopilot. I use it to the office and back as it is all freeway. I love it but am still learning.

Brian10 | 27/06/2018

Regardless of which orientation you prefer, is there a way to have a default orientation? I prefer Heading Up orientation but when I complete a trip, the map always defaults back to North up orientation and I have to change it back. Am I missing some hidden setting?

EVRider | 27/06/2018

@Brian10: Does your map reset only after using navigation? I'm running 2018.21.9 on my S85 (MCU1) and my map always stays in Heading Up orientation (which is my preference), but it's possible I haven't used navigation since upgrading to 21.9.

ggendel | 27/06/2018

My wife likes heading up but I greatly prefer North up. I totally agree with @reed_lewis in his assessment. Knowing the general direction is much easier to navigate and more practical. Many times I'll disagree with the chosen routes. For example, on a recent trip, it desperately wanted me to go on the NJ Turnpike when I knew I could save 20 miles by taking PA route 95. This was the difference between needing a charger or making it round trip without charging, plus I would save $$$ on tolls. Getting to 95 from both ends is via a few back-roads It is a bit hard to find 95 since the GPS refuses to route it. If I know that 95 is to the North-East of me then I can use the North up map to make sure I'll run into it.

Brian10 | 27/06/2018

@EVRider, yes, it only resets to North Up once I have ended a navigation trip. Have to reset it to Heading UP

Brian10 | 27/06/2018

By the way, this is the same behavior on a Model S or a Model 3.

SUN 2 DRV | 27/06/2018

As you probably noticed the map on the cluster is always Heading Up which is useful for near term turning guidance and the large map defaults to North Up for consistent orientation and situational awareness. In many ways once you get used to it that gives you the best of both worlds.

EVRider | 10/07/2018

I installed 2018.42.1 recently and I haven't been able to reproduce the map orientation problem -- it stays in "heading up" orientation whether or not I use navigation (as it always did for me before). Are people still seeing the issue in 42.1?

Pinewold | 03/02/2019

Nope, it’s 2019 and maps still reverts to The squiggling line instead of heading up! Please make map mode a setting in Navigation menu !