Five or Six Seats

Five or Six Seats

I already own an S. I’m going to order an X. Do you all recommend the five or six seat configuration

lilbean | 14/01/2018


burdogg | 14/01/2018

What are you looking for :)

If you want all the seats to lay flat for cargo space, the 6 seat will NOT do this, only the 5 or 7.

If you don't care about the second row folding flat - to me, the 6 seater looks nicer with the pedestal, and gives you 1 extra seat.

There has been lots of discussion on here about the seats - search for various formations - 5 vs 6 vs 7, or 6 or 7 seater, etc... to find the threads on them, lots of various view points and good ones on all sides. But comes down a lot to what do you need it for or expect from it.

Model_D | 14/01/2018

Since you own an S that can carry long things and can haul 5.... what Lilbean said.

rohitgarewal | 14/01/2018

To me the six seater is the nicest looking configuration, but for most, the most impractical. The reason is that if you are carrying any cargo you have essentially a four seater.

Tropopause | 14/01/2018

5 has most cargo space.
6 is most adult friendly.
7 is a compromise between the two.

avesraggiana | 15/01/2018

What @Tropopause said. Further the Model S sedan with five seats also has more cargo space than the Model X with six seats.

You already have a five-seater and a very efficiently packaged cargo hauler in your Model S, why don’t you go for six seats in your Model X, and make that your people hauler?

Dan_CH | 15/01/2018

Depents on your priorities. I need the cargo space, but I don't need to seat more than 4. Hence I choose the 5-seater. YMMV. Granted, the 6-seater layout looks really cool, but at the end I had to make the decision based on usability.

Vawlkus | 15/01/2018

I liked the 6 seater, and I’m not planning on shifting a huge amount of cargo in my car. I have the tow package to haul a trailer if I need to. ;)

Uncle Paul | 15/01/2018

Your usage will determine your configuration.

If you carry lots of people, the 6 or 7 seater with pedestal seats is a good choice.
Best looking and comfortable for people.

If you carry stuff or dogs, the fold flat 2nd row seat is a must.
Not as good looking, but much more practicle.

Triggerplz | 15/01/2018

What the 7 will do for you will make you wish you had the 5 or 6, I have the 6

Starlifter | 15/01/2018

unless you have a bunch of kids, friends or cargo - go with the 6. I don't think there's ever been a time where i needed to haul more than 3 couples and the 6 is really helpful with the extra legroom for any adults that sit in the last row.

Roamer@AZ USA | 16/01/2018

JMR, Warning, the five seat does not have dual AC. Dual AC is needed in the Model X. With out the dual AC the airflow in the second row is very weak.

We currently own every configuration but the flat fold seven seats. As soon as Tesla bumps up the battery size I will be trading my five seats flat fold for a seven. I don't need a seven but do need the dual AC. I don't mind giving up a small amount of storage to get the dual AC.

Model X Guy | 17/01/2018

We have a 5 seater and have no rear AC problems I had all the glass in the car tinted. The windshield has very light tint on the bottom and darker tint on the top half. Save your self some money and tint the car to the max allowed in your state.

Rocky_H | 17/01/2018

@Tropopause, Quote:
"5 has most cargo space.
6 is most adult friendly.
7 is a compromise between the two."

I'm curious why you would say the 6 is most adult friendly. I tried to get into the back row seats of a Model X at a store, and it was really rough. If I didn't have a head, I could sit back there, but since I do, it's a no-go. Back row is for children. So since the front and middle row are the ones that adults can use, it would seem that the 5 configuration has 5 seats for adults, and the 6 configuration only has 4 seats for adults.

burdogg | 17/01/2018

I am 6' and I can fit in the back seats and have actually sat back there on a drive :)

So if you do need to carry adults, they can fit back there and thus most adult friendly - the 7 seater, that to me is a no go for adults, no way to fit your legs.

burdogg | 17/01/2018

Oh and with the electric seat, it is actually really easy to get back into those third row seats - That is just me though :)

packpike | 17/01/2018

Agree with burdogg. I use my MX as a people mover, not a stuff hauler, so the six seater is the way to go. I have easily carried six adults, including tall people in the very back. I don’t see how that is possible in the seven seater unless the adult in the back puts their feet in the other seat and you have to have three people sitting shoulder to shoulder in the middle row.

packpike | 17/01/2018

But see my other posts previously addressing this question. If your use of the MX is different, then the five or seven seat option may be the right way to go.

Coldfire73 | 17/01/2018

The 6 seater configuration also means that adults (or taller kids) in the 3rd row can put their legs between the 2nd row seats. Assuming you don’t also go for the 6seater with the centre console obviously.

The headroom in the rear isn’t much of a problem unless you’re over 6feet. So just shove your more vertically challenged friends (like me) in that row! Lol

Rocky_H | 17/01/2018

@burdogg, I get the idea, and I really liked how the 6 seat gives that space for people to put their legs out. But people carry height _very_differently. You said you are 6 foot and had room to sit. I am just 6 foot 1 inch, but I carry a lot of my height in my torso, so I am still very tall when sitting down and had no possible headroom in the back of the Model X.

burdogg | 17/01/2018

Thanks for clarification Rocky_H :) Very true, but I guess my point was we can't discount that adults don't fit back there - some do and some don't :)
Just lean forward by the way and you will be alright - don't worry, we will take you to the chiropractor after the trip :)

roaryw | 18/01/2018

i had a 7 seater navigator -- it was beautiful to look at with all seats up but overkill at the end of the day. The model x 6-seater is gorgeous to look when inside the cabin ... looks very futuristic and makes the model x look in a class of its own. It's not practical if you ever want to comfortably haul stuff or have a lot of luggage or anything as the second row cant fold down. Thats why i chose the 5 seater before placing my order. I know i'll need cargo space for luggage before another oooh-aaah. As others said -- it's about your personal lifestyle and preference

bodhipooh | 18/01/2018

Placed the X order two weeks ago and chose the 5-seater config for a variety of reasons: we own a large dog (a Weimaraner) that I love to bring along on trips and having the extra space in the back is nice to haul all the extra stuff one needs in outdoor trips. From personal history/experience, I once owned a Ford Explorer and I had the third row option. We used it maybe twice (or, three times?) in 5+ years of ownership. Nowadays, it is rare for me to drive with someone else in the car with me beyond a front seat passenger, which itself is rare. Heck, I considered getting an Alfa Romeo 4C partly because I rather not have additional seats. With a cool car, the more seats you have, the more people that want to ride with you. No thanks! ;)

Tropopause | 18/01/2018

Rocky- Burdogg covered my thoughts about the adult friendly statement. I’m 6’1”, like you, but I seem to fit in the third row of the 6- seater surprising well and can embark/disembark easily with the electric monopost seats. OTOH, I do not fit in the middle seat, middle row of the 5 or 7 seaters due to the FWD hinges reducing head height. Thus I find myself fitting in all six seats of the six-seater but realize people come in all shapes and sizes.

Uncle Paul | 18/01/2018

Large dogs simply love the 5 seater. There is something about that deep well for them that makes them relax and feel comfortable.

You can teather your dog behind the 2nd row of seats and it makes a nice barrier to keep them from attempting to get up and bother you. The top cover for the back flat area junts up at a nice angle that keeps them from making their way forward.

Enjoy your new Tesla.

jpcollins9 | 19/01/2018

We went back and forth on the seat configuration as well. Finally decided on the five since our dog (25 lb. Boston) is willing to sleep in a seat as long as someone sits with her. In the front, she's in someone's lap. In the back, she sleeps beside whoever sits with her. Trust me, after a couple of hours, 25 lbs feels like 250!

zxed | 19/01/2018

Apart from what all have said - Do make sure you like the 3 seat bench style seating. It looks and feels different than the 6 style that has captain style for 2nd row and 2 seat bench for 3rd row.

2015P90DI | 19/01/2018

I really want the 6 seat setup. Like the space in between the 2nd row, but also really need the cargo space on occasion and need them to fold flat. The Model X originally started with the 2nd row having the seats that didn't fold flat. Funny, I remember Musk saying the rear seats were one of the biggest reasons the Model X production was delayed for so long. Took so much time to perfect them, then ditched them a year later for the new fold flat seats.

Makes sense too. Just wish the 6 seat configuration would fold flat too. Also, struggle with paying $6,000 for 6 seats and only $3,000 for 7 seats, especially when the seats in the 6 seat configuration are not the seats I want, as much as I do love that configuration.

I'm on the fence, but leaning toward just going with the 5 seat configuration. However, am assuming, since the original seats have been ditched in the other two configurations, that means people weren't happy with them. At twice the cost, clearly they're much more expensive to produce, assuming they'll be ditched on the 6 seat configuration too. Probably just clearing out existing inventory. Once they're gone, the option will be removed. Appears to be Tesla's history when they make a change. Fold flat seats in all configurations will likely appeal to most.

Tropopause | 19/01/2018

How can you fold flat on a six seater? The passage between the theoretical fold-flat seats would act as a hole.

burdogg | 19/01/2018

2015P90DI - Interesting thoughts - but I find many really like those seats and have no desire to fold flat. So I think Tesla is trying to appease both crowds. There are people really upset over the bench seat for the 7 config now and really want the monoposts. I think Tesla is really just rolling their eyes at us all and saying - make up your mind people :)

So I really thing they are keeping it the way it is not because of using up parts, but more giving options. But my guess is as good as yours - I just really hope they don't get rid of the monopost - granted I already have mine, but if ever had to upgrade (ie they come out with a super long range battery) I want the monopost again. :)

LTO2 | 19/01/2018

@burdogg: Amen, Brother!!

Tropopause | 19/01/2018

That's a big gap!

lilbean | 20/01/2018

Haha! That is a big gap!

Tropopause | 20/01/2018

If we're talking about gaps, we just woke up from our naps.

lilbean | 20/01/2018

When will the OP visit his thread and thank us for all our wonderful advice?

Tropopause | 20/01/2018

Good question. I guess we’ve determined another difference between the 5 and 6 seater is the gap. It really pays to read all of burdogg’s posts.

burdogg | 21/01/2018

It always comes down to the gap :)

johnse | 22/01/2018

I was waffling between 5 and 7 seat configurations, too. I also really like the 6-seat configuration, but I do need the fold-flat feature. I was willing to do without it originally when there was no fold flat option, but this is better for me.

Finally decided on the 5-seat as I have almost never used the third row in the minivans I've had. And the extra storage where the third row would be will also be useful.

davidmarmolejo | 23/01/2018


agarwal13 | 24/01/2018

six. neither 5 nor 7..

burdogg | 24/01/2018

ok, I think it is time to move this over to the argument thread - bash it out, so we can finally come back here and report back who the real winner is so everyone will know which one they are supposed to get :)
(right? I mean, one size should fit all :)

rodomodena | 29/10/2019

7 seater
the 3rd row seat is plenty roomy for adults

jimglas | 29/10/2019

6 is comfortable for all 3 rows