Model 3s are everywhere in Silicon Valley!

Model 3s are everywhere in Silicon Valley!

I just need to post here to vent after my commute this morning. I regularly see a couple M3s per day from commuting through Silicon Valley, but today I took a few side streets in los altos, saw a Model X parked outside someone's house with a black Model 3 in front of it (argh, the jealousy!), then took a right turn at the next street and pulled up behind a red Model 3. I would say I'm now seeing 3-5 per day.

I'm a non-owner Dec-Feb estimate, and I think the proximity of a near-future delivery is making me insane with anticipation, and every M3 I see in the wild heightens my jealous and excitement!

badaman | 29/01/2018

That's my X parked on street and black M3 in the drive way :)

Carl Thompson | 29/01/2018

One of the reasons I got up early and waited in line on Mar 31, 2016 is so that I would be one of the first around to have a Model 3. Thanks to production delays and owner priority people will have seen the Model 3 around (and reviews too) for more than half a year before I actually get one. That's disappointing.

And I walked out of my office this morning and almost had a heart attack when I saw a Model 3 in our parking lot. Not because I was excited to see one but because I wanted to be the first in the office to have one! Fortunately I realized the Model 3 is parked in a visitor spot so it didn't count. (It is white and absolutely filthy which is apparently a bad combination; it looked terrible.) I'm actually surprised no at my office already has a 3 because there are many Tesla owners here. I would have thought at least one would have gotten the 3 by now.

edman98 | 29/01/2018

You think that is bad I recently got a email that M3 was avail to view at Fashion island tesla store, so I go to check it out but beforehand decided to get something to eat next to my house and as I was eating not 1 or 2 but "3" M3 drove out of the shopping center within a span of 10 min.. so I know the feeling :)

andy.connor.e | 29/01/2018

I will certainly be the first in my office building to have a Model 3. I'll let you know how the experience is. And how many forehead prints i find on my windows.

Carl Thompson | 29/01/2018

...And I just found out our visitor parking lot is filled by a new employee onboarding class so I definitely won't be the first in the company with a Model 3.

tom168 | 29/01/2018

We are picking up our M3 the coming Saturday (could have picking it up earlier). In the past 2 weeks, I have seen 2 to 3 M3 everyday - Black, Blue, Red, White. It seemed M3 is every where in SF bay area now.

Haggy | 29/01/2018

My wife was excited to be the first one at work with a Model 3. That was at the end of December. Now there are three in the parking lot.

The first week, it got lots of looks. I think I saw much fewer of the Model S when I got mine, and they had been in production for two years by then. I guess the difference is that although the number of Model S might have been 10 times as high, the Model 3 started off all in California, isolated to two delivery centers.

LostInTx | 29/01/2018

In Houston, I've seen exactly zero Model 3's. I see 12-15 Model S and X beauties every day but I'm pretty convinced that not a single existing owner in Houston has been invited to configure a 3. I'd love someone to prove me wrong.

rxlawdude | 29/01/2018

I saw a red M3 (same as my lovely bride's) and a white one in the wild here behind the Orange Curtain.

stephen.r.e.thomas | 29/01/2018

Reserved my Model 3 today from Memphis, I graduate from Grad school Spring '19 and hoping my M3 will be ready by then! Maybe a cross country drive from the factory?! CAN'T WAIT!

cornellio | 29/01/2018

Really? I wouldn't say everywhere at all. Still mostly ICE cars. I work in Silicon Valley and have only seen one model 3 driving around, but there are already 2 in my parking lot at work so it's kinda a lot.

alextrinh | 29/01/2018

@LostInTx. I saw a red M3 driving home from hobby going south in Dec. he exit fm 518.

carlk | 29/01/2018

It's a known fact (by wife and I) that downtown Los Altos has the highest concentration of Tesla in the world.

Shesmyne2 | 29/01/2018

I've seen more than a dozen San Mateo County.
More each day. Grey seems to be the average color.

Still Grinning ;-)

burdogg | 29/01/2018

Still seen zero - unless you count one of the test mules driving back from Michigan - just happened to pass it on our way to Utah, met him at the charger and talked for sometime - but it was covered, so really didn't get to "see" it other than on the road as we passed him.

Also, in my town - zero Model X or S. So unfortunately, everyone knows when I am out and about...

So I don't think it matters when I take delivery, will be the first in town. Getting a little lonely - although I do know people that are looking at the three in town, maybe one day my cars will have some friends...

cornellio | 29/01/2018

I actually wish I lived some place where Teslas were rare and noticed more. In the bay area people could care less when they see them.

ctmorell | 29/01/2018

@carlk Definelty. Los Altos is Tesla country for sure.

burdogg | 29/01/2018

Trade you cornellio :) I would rather not stand out...except when that one girl is looking...oh wait, that's my wife, never mind.

ctmorell | 29/01/2018

Now with definitely spelled correctly.

cornellio | 29/01/2018

burdogg, It's a deal. I like it when the girls look.

BonnyB | 29/01/2018

This may spark some hope. I came across a youtube video yesterday and the owner stated he never owned a Tesla, making the model 3 his first car. However, it wasn't clear if he had any direct family who owned a tesla. If he indeed has no ties with any family members with a model s/x, then he could be the first non-owner to take delivery! Take this news with a grain of salt.

bryan.whitton | 29/01/2018

I saw three on the way home from work this evening. Two Blue and one red. Two traveling north on Hwy 85 and one in front of me on Lark Ave. in Los Gatos.

noleaf4me | 29/01/2018

I AM VERY HAPPY to hear all of this. I live South of Atlanta and have not seen a Model 3 in the wild here yet....I do not get into town or north of the city where many of the owners would be. Several S and X owners around here so maybe soon!

wmiller126 | 29/01/2018

I have to say, OP is 100% right, all over the south bay. They've become pretty common.

moorelin | 29/01/2018


I am a 2013 owner and was almost front of the line at Houston North 3/31. Invited and configured last week, with 4 week delivery estimate. Tesla staff say several already in Houston, but I haven't seen one and expect that ours will be the first we lay eyes on when it actually arrives...

ng0 | 30/01/2018

I also thought I'd be the first in my company (or at least at my location) that would take delivery of a model 3. Was shocked to find another guy already got his. Turns out his brother that owns a Model S transferred the model 3 reservation to him. So not only is he not a Tesla employee or current owner... he wasn't even waiting in line on 3/31! I have absolutely no issues with current owners getting priority over people that waited in line (since they helped fund development of the Model 3), but I was really hoping Tesla would be more strict about allowing transfers for current owners.

Ross1 | 30/01/2018

You buy the most popular car in the world and expect to be unique? :)

SO | 30/01/2018

@G33kiJayFox - if it’s the same video I’m thinking of, I think he got his in September. So he probably had connections.

tsass | 30/01/2018

@noleafforme - They're coming! I just had my first sighting of an M3 "in the wild" in the Inman Park neighborhood of Atlanta last night. I was driving on the opposite side of the street and just got a quick glimpse, but there was no badging on the rear other than the Tesla T, so it must have been a 3. I live in Decatur, so frequently see Model 3s in the parking lot of the SC as well.

Carl Thompson | 30/01/2018

"You buy the most popular car in the world and expect to be unique?"

We're jumping ahead of ourselves there. They've sold maybe 3,000. I'd guess the Model 3 will be the most popular EV of all time but never the most popular car in the world.

carlk | 30/01/2018

liked, admired, or enjoyed by many people or by a particular person or group.

Earl and Nagin ... | 30/01/2018

@Carl Thompson (aka debbie downer),
Ours is over 3,000 and we got it 2 weeks ago. I'm sure they're well over 5,000 now.
No other car in history has had over 100,000 reserve it with real money down before they knew what it looked like.

Carl Thompson | 30/01/2018

@Earl and Nagin:
"Ours is over 3,000 and we got it 2 weeks ago."

Your _VIN_ is over 3,000. That doesn't mean there were 3,000 production Model 3s before yours.

Carl Thompson | 30/01/2018

But, yeah, I think there have likely (hopefully) been more than 3,000 delivered at this point. Maybe even 5,000.

jordanrichard | 30/01/2018

The last time a car produced such fervor/instant demand and thousands upon thousands of deposits was the Ford Mustang in 1964, when it was debut at the World's Fair.

MMHouston | 30/01/2018

@LostInTx - I’m a Houston 2014 Model S owner. I was invited to configure last Wednesday, but I can’t decide on color. I haven’t seen any Model 3s except 2 red ones at the North service center back in December.

Azred50 | 30/01/2018

When I get my 3 this week in AZ, it will be one of the first in AZ. I’ll probably carry some Windex to clean the nose prints from the side windows.

giskard | 30/01/2018

Shockingly I haven't seen a Model 3 running around Thief River Falls, MN yet ...

I will be down in the Minneapolis area in a couple of weeks. Though it probably isn't all that likely, I'm hoping the Eden Prairie delivery center gets a display Model 3 that week. I'd love to lay eyes on one of these in person. I have/will be checking Turo, too, to see if I can get lucky enough to rent one.

LostInTx | 30/01/2018

@MMHouston & @moorelin - wow, thanks for the update and I stand dutifully corrected. Congrats and I hope to see your cars on the road soon.

On that fateful March 31 morning, I was in my office, having just read about the reservation line forming in The Galleria. At the time, I knew virtually nothing about Tesla other than seeing them blow my Tundra away on every freeway. On a whim, I walked over, stood in line and plopped down my deposit at about 11:30. I've since been converted, especially after test driving an S in December.

I have a Dec-Feb delivery estimate and will happily grab the first configuration. I'm guessing April or May.

gwolnik | 30/01/2018

I've started seeing them in the Sunnyvale area, but this was the first parked one that I was able to go right up to. It was at the Sunnyvale Target garage, by the Superchargers that are not open yet:

bryan.whitton | 30/01/2018

I have seen Model 3's every night this week on Hwy 85. So cool.