Ceramic coatings from Tesla

Ceramic coatings from Tesla

I assume the answer is no, although a "regular" car dealer certainly would... Does Tesla have any way to facilitate doing things such as a ceramic coating before pickup, even through a third party vendor? Would make it easier than getting the car and then parting ways with it!

lilbean | 30/01/2018

I requested that my detailer apply the coating before pickup of my X and was told that Tesla doesn’t allow third parties to work on the cars in their service centers before pickup.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 31/01/2018

H271: Wait... So, you actually prefer to be charged 10,000% the material cost of something like a can of ScotchGuard spray for the 'promise' that it will be applied professionally, if at all, by an 'independent franchised dealership' prior to Delivery upon request, and for your convenience? O... K...