Passing a reservation to family member

Passing a reservation to family member

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My brother is passing his reservation to me (and it is ready to configure). Anything that I should be mindful about?

I am mainly concern about the ownership name, who is on the title/loan and the most obvious Tax credit.

Anyone been in this situation? What is the best approach?

He is a current S owner, thus having the priority.

Thank you all!

mark.ritter | 06/02/2018

My son passed his to me. I got my Model 3 about 6 weeks ago. They asked me who the title should be under. I believe that would dictate the tax credits go to you as the owner. You will also want them to move the car from his account to yours so that you see it in your app on your phone and he doesn't see it in his. The process for me was painless.

carlk | 06/02/2018

Put your name on the title, or at least as one of the co-owner if that's required. You will be the person who is responsible for everything from payment to claiming federal tax credit or any state rebates too. Both of you will need to be present at delivery though. The car will be under the reservation holder's Tesla account when the car is delivered. He will need to send an email to have it transferred to your account.

That being said this probably will not go too well with non-owners who are still waiting for theirs even this is all legal to do. You probably should just delete this thread after you read the post.

H271 | 06/02/2018

Isn't this above board for family members? I think selling them and such is where the problem is.

mark.ritter | 06/02/2018

My son did not have to be at delivery. Once everything was put in my name he had no involvement and didn't need to do anything else.

veronica913 | 10/02/2018

@mark.ritter - thank you for sharing your experience. Can you share what type of documents you had to show Tesla to prove the relationship to be that one of a "family member"? What was the process to do so? My brother is passing his reservation to me and I'm researching what steps I need to follow. Thank you, much appreciated!

burdogg | 10/02/2018

It is easy - talk to Tesla and work with Tesla on it - they can help you and walk you through what you need to do. :)

Ultimately, it is up to them to make it happen, not us - so working closely with them is your best bet :)

karenhenry21 | 10/02/2018

My brother passed one of his 2 onto me, I will be getting a red beauty with aero and EAP Tuesday. It was fairly painless, although the car stayed in his account until they gave me a vin, and we started the final plans for delivery. It also took a number of days after they started the transfer process for the car to show up in my account. They did not ask me for any proof that I was his sister, but I did not change my last name, so the last names are the same. My account representative for Tesla has been very responsive, and she knows the car is for me and not my brother.