A workaround for one display and no HUD

A workaround for one display and no HUD

I saw this from Teslanomics and thought it might provide a work-around for those that really miss a display behind the steering wheel or want a HUD. Not an integrated solution by any means, and not going to make everyone 100% happy, but thought this to be a good comprimise for those that would still like some information in their forward view.


I know it won’t allevuate some forum members’ concerns, but hopefully provides a thread for brainstorming and a constructive alternative to endlessly pontificating about model 3 facts that aren’t likely to change.

SCCRENDO | 08/02/2018

After 3000 miles in 3 1/2 weeks I find the display to be excellent and less distracting than the Model S display. Forget about HUD. Drive the car and enjoy.

lilbean | 08/02/2018


eeb9 | 08/02/2018

@sccrendo, i gotcha. You don’t find it needfulnfor you and your experience. I respect that.

I still want a HUD, and i’ll Keep looking until I find a good AM version or Tesla adds one.

I got utterly spoiled having one. It's a feature that makes sense to me (and others) even if not to you. I suspect the even EM might chang his mind if he drove a car with a good HUD for more than about ten minutes.

But that’s just me - your mileage will undoubtedly vary... ;-)

eeb9 | 08/02/2018

...needful for you...

D@mned iPhone keyboard! :-D

rxlawdude | 08/02/2018

@eeb9, I had a HUD in my '14 Plug-in-Prius Advanced, and it's okay. I don't miss it at all.

Obviously, your mileage varies from mine. :-)

dgstan | 08/02/2018

RX - I have the same Prius and to this day, I still look at the regular speedometer and not the HUD. I've tried and tried to train myself, but it just doesn't work for me.

I thought it would be revolutionary, but it's not for me.

eeb9 | 09/02/2018

My current ride is HUD-less, and it’s frustrating.

I still look for the HUD first - I was truly spoiled! I made the mistake of stepping back a few model years when I traded my HUD-equipped 2015 MINi hatch for a HUD-less 2013 MINI Coupe. The Coupe is a blast to drive, but my eyes still look first for that HUD display. It’s frustrating.

Sure, it has a huge center-mounted speedo that works passably well, and makes it easier for them to build both right and left-hand drive versions... AND a HUD is a $500 option available on every model they make... but the original owner of my Coupe didn’t purchase that option, and I regret it.

The MINI has a secondary configurable binacle display, but it’s not nearly as useful as the HUD for speed info. Good spot for the Tach; less so for other info.

I’ve seen the secondary display on the Model S, and it would be nice to have that same info provided via HUD on the Model 3, plus the next-turn info from the NAV system.

But it seems that their design focus is on FSD and sharing - which is a real pity as all the reviews seem to point to the Model 3 being a great drivers car. I somehow don’t see FSD ever shaving the apex on a fast curve in the mountains... ;-)

andy.connor.e | 09/02/2018

Honestly after you drive it you may grow to realize you dont need it. You may want it, and feel you need it based on your current situation and current car, but after you get in a M3 and drive it for a while, you may feel differently.

mark.ritter | 09/02/2018

A HUD might be a nice thing to have. I have never had a car with one. After driving the Model 3 for about 7 weeks now I can tell you that you don't need one and you don't need to add any display that sits in front of the steering wheel. Just drive it and you will get used to it and not miss the old displays at all.

andy.connor.e | 09/02/2018

At minimum, have an open mind about the experience you'll have.

SCCRENDO | 09/02/2018

It is all about habit. Model 3 driving is a different concept to me. I do not have AP in my Model S. I love the simplicity of the Model 3. I push my seat further back and have clear unobstructed road visibility above the steering wheel. The screen is well positioned in front of me and the passenger. In my my Model S my eyes jump between the 2 screens and I spend less time watching the road. This way the “dash” is the left side of the screen. Most of my driving is with AP so watching a speedometer is less critical as the car is driving according to your settings. The map and and directions on the right are easy to see and the music and other controls slide up easily when needed. I now get the concept that Elon was talking about at the reveal. It is like riding ina spaceship where the central controls are all in front of you on the center screen. The screen is more accessible that the 17 inch screen on the Model S

Beagle | 09/02/2018

The BMW HUD not only displays speed, but displays driving directions and shows complex intersections too.

eeb9 | 09/02/2018

For me (and as always, your mileage will undoubtedly vary) I don't want to have to look at the dash/screen at all, for anything, unless I'm stopped.

I want everything I *need* to see - which isn't much at all - to be projected in front of me at a visual distance of about 30 feet. What do I *need*? Speed, Sensor warnings, next turn info when I'm using NAV. I really don't care about anything else when I'm actually driving. They can put other info/displays anywhere they want - hang it from the ceiling, put it on the floor, fold it under the seat - I truly don't care. And if a passenger reaches for the display to adjust anything but their side of the HVAC setting they are risking broken fingers... ;-)

As I said - I have a perfectly functional center-mounted speedo in the MINI. It works just fine. I can see the info I need with a quick glance. I understand the rationale for putting it there, and it's not *that* distracting.

Hate it.

I got utterly spoiled with the HUD in my last car and I - still - keep looking for it, and grit my teeth a bit every time I remember that its not there.

For all of you asking me to keep an open mind - I'm doing my best. Really.

Thing is, that lovely center display sits exactly where the center display is on the MINI. Hate it on the MINI. Hate it on every other car I've driven since I discovered the HUD. Chances are that no matter how purely functional it is on the Model 3, I'll still grit my teeth a bit every time I have to look. Because - for me - it's just wrong. Its a manufacturing tradeoff that puts me as the driver second.

And sure, I understand EM when he says that automation will eventually ("soon"?) make driver-facing info redundant. But I'm not buying a Taxi. I'm not buying EAP or FSD. I'm buying a "performance sedan" that promises to be a true blast to drive - control location notwithstanding.

Yeah - I'm a demographic oddball in the Tesla worldview. I know it. You know it. I'm sure that - by now - even EM knows it. I still think it's a pity that they are so focused on the dream of "transport as a service" that they are ignoring those of us for whom the act of *driving* is one of the great joys in life.

That's all.

And I keep hoping that someone will come up with a decent add-on HUD, since I doubt that Tesla will provide one themselves. Which really sucks.

For me.

andy.connor.e | 09/02/2018

Having an open mind means that you are accepting that you may like it or that you may hate it. Go into taking delivery and driving the M3 without automatically hating the no-hud before you even sit in the drivers seat. Do not have a biased hatred before even trying it. Be open to the fact that you dont know what you'll think until you try it. Thats having an open mind.

And thank you for trying. Not many people can get to that step.

carlk | 09/02/2018

SCCRENDO Good point. I always got the feeling it's a better design from the practical point of view. Even that 15" is smaller than 17" but it's located closer to the driver. That makes it appears bigger and easier to reach and operate.