Tax credit update? How many cars has Tesla delivered?

Tax credit update? How many cars has Tesla delivered?

I'm sure this information is somewhere in the forum, but I haven't found it: Do we know how close Tesla is to delivering a total of 200K cars and the current production rate of all models? Obviously, I am trying to get a sense of when the full tax credit will end. Given the swap in the delivery schedule of the dual motor and the standard motor, how likely will it be that anyone ordering a Model 3 with a standard motor will get that tax credit?


KP in NPT | 09/02/2018

This forum really needs a search function.

andy.connor.e | 09/02/2018

No people need to stop going to the forums for answers that dont exist.

Frank99 | 09/02/2018
bobostwald | 09/02/2018

That link was most helpful. Thanks!

EVRider | 09/02/2018

Keep in mind that the 200,000 cap is for cars sold in the US only.

bp | 10/02/2018

And... the tax credit doesn't go away immediately after the 200,000 car sold. What happens.

Once the 200,000 US car is sold, the $7500 tax credit will remain through the current quarter AND the NEXT quarter. This means if Tesla hits 200,000 in May, the $7500 tax credit will be there for cars delivered through September (4 months later).

Then the following 6 months, the credit is reduced to $3750 (which would be through next March). And for the subsequent 6 months, it goes down to $1875 (through next September).

While this means that not everyone on the reservation list will get the full $7500 - it is likely that almost everyone on the list will get something.

Unless congress changes the program - which is possible.