What would you do?

What would you do?

After getting my M3 home and looking at it in daylight rather than the lighting in the Tesla Delivery Center, I noticed that the passenger door has a vertical crease in the panel that is quite visible in the reflection off the door. Tesla has offered to fix it, but of course this would likely mean pulling the crease from the inside, filling, painting and blending into adjacent panel(s). Pretty upsetting for a brand new car. Would you allow the repair?

lilbean | 10/02/2018


SCCRENDO | 10/02/2018


Xerogas | 10/02/2018


stevea137 | 10/02/2018

No. I like creases in my doors. /s

RadOne | 11/02/2018

Body shops do not blend the paint, they paint the entire door panel. I would not want a repair on a new vehicle, insist on a replacement. If you are asking the question then you will not be happy knowing there was a repair already.

lilbean | 11/02/2018

Replace the entire vehicle? Nope. Not going to happen. You can insist, but you may look silly.

SamO | 11/02/2018

Replace the door. It costs $750 don’t ask how I know. ;-)

Bluesday Afternoon | 11/02/2018

I’d get it fixed. Tesla will repair it to your satisfaction. Just had the front passenger door repainted to repair scratches and Tesla had the entire door repainted.

cquail | 11/02/2018

Ask for Model S 100D loaner and tell Tesla that they have all the time they need to fix yours. Of course, the 100D will come with free supercharging.