Why do you still come here?

Why do you still come here?

I know i'm not the only one..

You came here at first a long while back before you owned the car to learn and dream about owning one. But then you finally got one and yet... you still come here like clockwork. When with any other car that you've owned you probably didn't. Why? :-D

sbeggs | 16/02/2018

My appreciation for the people who welcomed me, helped me, answered my questions back in 2013 has only deepened, and I feel as if I know them, although I couldn't pick most out of a lineup. I have met four or five in person.

I use Ndili's App for Tesla daily, and have bookmarked threads I find interesting, want to keep updated, like @WhityWhiteman's Model S VIN tracking thread. I also am watching technical matters that could impact our 2014 Model S, particularly the drive unit replacement thread and the 12V battery failures.

It's fun to read about other people who like to go on long driving trips, especially cross country. Likewise, I love to write the saga of our long trips for everyone's enjoyment.

That's why I stay.

sbeggs | 16/02/2018

How about you?

jerrykham | 16/02/2018

I still learn things about my car. I enjoy some of the conversations. And two or three times a week I get to laugh at some troll with their latest post about perpetual motion (at least I hope it is just one guy who is trolling with multiple accounts)...

reed_lewis | 16/02/2018

I go here, and to a Subaru Tribeca forum. Subaru Drivers are much like Tesla drivers in that they really enjoy their cars.

kerryglittle | 16/02/2018

I come here for the funny, witty stories and friends that I have never met. There is also a wealth of information from more experienced owners.

Ohmster | 16/02/2018

I am coming here less frequently now. Not because I don't enjoy the posts, the learning, and the witty comments, but because the forum UI is abysmal.

So many of the same questions in multiple threads because of no built in search or categorization of topics.
So many unanswered questions because of no notifications.
And no real way to moderate those who need to be moderated....(as he runs from his computer).

'17 S75 & X75D: Uncorked AP2.5 17.50.3. Grin on!

murphyS90D | 16/02/2018

I am a moderator on the forum for my other car.

RedJ | 16/02/2018

The biggest reason I still come here is that my car is still changing and being improved through firmware updates. So, I come here to get information (including rumors) on what’s next for my car. No other car I’ve had has been like this.

lilbean | 16/02/2018

I suppose I enjoy seeing people with entitlement issues whine on the Model 3 forum.
I also like to help people who are asking for advice, I like to learn from other owners and to communicate with my Tesla family. :)

lilbean | 16/02/2018

Actually, it’s because I’m addicted and I’m pretty certain I’m on here more than anyone else.

redacted | 16/02/2018

It's set as my home page and I can't figure out how to change it.

djlott | 16/02/2018

I have a love hate relationship with this forum (and many other forums) honestly. I come here for cool news, feature updates, owner feedback, etc. What I often observe is pompous attitude of long time members, a LOT of "I've had my car for 4 years and never had a problem with x", Mclary "Idiot", forum grammar police nonsense, hypocrisy, arguing AND ... every now and then, some good advice and news.

I keep coming back for that 1 In 20 forum post that I'm actually interested in. In the meantime, I wish that the Internet would just grow up.

PhillyGal | 16/02/2018

Because members of this very forum helped me to decide to join the Tesla family and if I can be even a fraction as helpful to a potential owner, it's time well spent.

bill | 16/02/2018

I primarily come here to see if something new is coming particularly for Auto Pilot or FSD which is the reason I bought the car.

I also like to vent when I see some one who thinks Tesla can do no wrong and we should feel privileged to own a Tesla and be thankful even if it does not do the things we were told it would do or in most cases things that we expected top get along time ago.

I am using the forum less and less though because the amount of useful information has been lessening and watching the people make fun and call names of the people they cannot argue with by stating their case and providing prof for what they are saying.

I am thinking of switching to another Tesla forum (Telsarati) in hopes it won't be as frustrating to use as this one with its lack of features.

Shesmyne2 | 16/02/2018

Shared experience.

Still Grinning ;-)

NKYTA | 16/02/2018


I got saddled with something that helps answers newbie questions. Can’t blame the horse.
Feel free to critique. I know who to blame. Me.

Other contributors have been very helpful over all these years.

Sorry @bill, I’m no moderator, no one is.

The name calling seems to come when it is philosophical or politically motivated. Rethink your philosophy and politics. Drive your car.

However, this informative post is in a pro-tesla zone, and just that. pro Tesla.

Find another Forum??

Bighorn | 16/02/2018

All the booty calls

avesraggiana | 16/02/2018

@Bighorn. Hahaha! You too!

avesraggiana | 17/02/2018


Anthony J. Parisio | 17/02/2018

All of the above and for the nice stories like the guy who helped his friend who was dying meat Elon. Also just general news that this group seems to uncover quickly.
Finial to give Tesla a helping hand and keep them aware of what we think.

trixiew | 17/02/2018

I still come here to see what people are saying about me.

kerryglittle | 17/02/2018

@ lilbean "Actually, it’s because I’m addicted and I’m pretty certain I’m on here more than anyone else."
It could be a competition. My excuse is that all my summer hobbies, cars, motorcycles, golf are away and its been a long winter. Plus I took early retirement ( my choice) years ago so have a lot of spare time on my hands. LOL.

lilbean | 17/02/2018

@kerryglittle - LOL! I wish I had excuses! I will say that my car and the forum cured my shopping habit. :)

sner66 | 17/02/2018

because we're like mice in a cage who keep pushing the lever for another sugar pill :-)

Boonedocks | 17/02/2018

To see if Mclary has posted so I can help flag him to infinity :):):)

J.T. | 17/02/2018

This is the place where the very best minds come to share their perpetual motion ideas. I have a good feeling that pretty soon one of these geniuses will crack it and I want to be here when they do.

renwo S alset | 17/02/2018

Who am I and why am I here?

thranx | 17/02/2018

@Bighorn; you are of course referring to problems with the trunk endured by British owners.

WattsThatGrin | 17/02/2018

To get an update on the ´rivets’ issue.

kerryglittle | 17/02/2018

Enjoying the funny replies. See what a great group we have here? Thats why we come here. Have a great weekend folks. :-)

lilbean | 17/02/2018

I totallly agree, @kerryglittle! These responses are hilarious. Have a great weekend. :)

Haggy | 17/02/2018

I came back because once I got the car, there was one more thing. I expected a software update would take care of that. Plus, there was this strange hardware and Tesla wouldn't even admit that it existed. I sort of figured out that it would be used for ACC, blind spot detection, lane keeping, and AEB but couldn't figure out why when I looked askew at the side view mirrors, I couldn't figure out where the light for the blind spot warning was. So I had to stay around long enough to figure that part out, and even though I guessed most of it, I completely failed to anticipate the steering parts.

Once autopilot was announced, it was simply a matter of checking here to see when it would come out. That took over a year of checking.

Then occasionally I saw a question and realized that I knew the answer so I might as well say something.

If anything did go wrong, I wanted to know if others had the same experience.

Even with all the software updates, there are still a handful of things that were promised that aren't there yet.

I think I'm almost done here, but now I have a Model 3 too, and it's still lacking many things that I expect to see soon. Some of them overlap with the newer Model S, so I might as well check here anyway.

With other cars I've owned, it was easier. I merely searched for the identical problem I had, found a solution, bought parts, and fixed it. There was no need to hang out in a forum. Besides, it's only a car.

A side effect of being here is that by spending less time getting distracted elsewhere, I no longer spend as much time on other worthless distractions. So I might as well come here instead of paying my bills or crawling through the attic, the latter of which I need to do today but that's getting off topic. Plus, my bills are on autopilot these days.

I also figured that if I complain enough, somebody from Tesla might read it and do something about it. I have to wonder if they do read any of this, but I figure that since I started writing about shadow mode and describing it at least a year before Tesla said anything about it, somebody might have been reading what I wrote and decidied that it was cheaper to read my comments then to pay me. Or it might have been a coincidence. I'll never know.

In any event, I can't really think of a good reason, but I'm inclined to go with "rivets." I know it's not original, but what good is a thread if it doesn't have the same answer to something from five different people?

J.T. | 17/02/2018

@Haggy >>>>> but what good is a thread if it doesn't have the same answer to something from five different people?

Hilarious! (Sorry to use just one word when you would have used 5 paragraphs.) :-)

sentabo | 17/02/2018

I come here when I get thirsty. I enjoy the Kool-Aid, the camaraderie, and the laughs.

Silver2K | 17/02/2018

I come here looking for a post from @burdogg when I can't fall asleep.

burdogg | 17/02/2018

@silver, they won't understand that unless they go to the x or 3 forum

I am here to get my minutely crack fix, lilbean I think I am in the running for the most here competition

lilbean | 17/02/2018

Yep! Anyone can contact me through the forum. :)

drew | 17/02/2018

Mostly because I love my P90D and enjoy reading all the funny posts and being a small part of the community.
Oh and I enjoy seeing you all bust on the trolls.

However my biggest complaints are the ejector seat malfunctioned after exploding in a ball of fire and the stupid car wont wash itself.

CEYA GAS | 17/02/2018

To see the same question answered over and over and over...

Bighorn | 17/02/2018

The redundant responses

maiorino | 17/02/2018

Hi. My name is (insert name here) and I'm a Teslaholic. I haven't had a Tesla since forever but I'm going to have my first one the end of March. I come here for support and to learn from those who have come before me. Put my order in for a 75D February 1st and got my VIN just 9 days later! I'm here all the time...I don't know what I would do without all of you. SO EXCITED!

NKYTA | 17/02/2018

Somebody is very Patient. /-)

GHammer | 17/02/2018

To see what tires I should buy.

lolachampcar | 18/02/2018

Like the/my peeps!!!!!

Mathew98 | 18/02/2018

I'm trolling for leftovers booty calls after @Bighorn. Clean up work ain't pretty but someone's gotta do it...

Silver2K | 18/02/2018

I look for "gaps" in conversations

renwo S alset | 18/02/2018

I come here to pick up chicks.

Pungoteague_Dave | 18/02/2018

To spread FUD. Just ask rxlaw and carlk. 8-)

Actually I've got much less time these days and the forum's value has diminished, while extraneous and repetitive stuff has expanded. It had most value when the company and cars were young, we were all learning, and the OTA updates were frequent and meaningful. Not so much anymore.

NKYTA | 18/02/2018

I disagree with PDs first somewhat.

I’m not surprised that I agree with his second.

blacktape242 | 19/02/2018

ive actually learned a lot by coming on here frequently, I'm a rather new tesla owner and like to see what others are up to, so yah im kinda a stalker, but not the creepy type.