2018.6 sotware update, autopilot calibration messed up?

2018.6 sotware update, autopilot calibration messed up?

Updated to 2018.6 yesterday evening, today on freeway, auto-pilot was all messed up. It started braking randomly even when there were no cars in front. It tried to severe lanes when passing under couple of overhead passes on freeway, this I think happened because of the shadow cast by the overhead, although this didn't happen before.

Anyone else feeling that latest update has done something funky to the auto-pilot?

Vawlkus | 19/02/2018

Mine is still fine.

MXFan | 19/02/2018

Try rebooting your car with the scroll wheels and see if that helps.

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 21/02/2018

Here's part of the problem: Apparently this new firmware is finally using the side cameras (in shadow mode) to fine-tune EAP and prep for FSD features. Now that those cameras are finally being activated, it's unmasking calibration issues that people were unaware of. On TMC, reports of cameras never having been plugged in at the factory and other issues... If true, would be reassuring that they're finally moving forward.

Cuttin | 24/02/2018

I just got the update a few days ago.
Autopilot seems to be okay.

It fixed some random areas where it would previously swerve. I did get a weird swerve into an adjacent lane at some point but that used to happen here and there. Never had a car next to me, would be interesting to see if there was....

Teslapalooza | 28/02/2018

I too felt the new version is a bit more quirky than previous versions. I see more of those incidents of swerving into adjacent lanes. Also incidents of slowing down for no reason even though I was on AS. I had to cancel the AS and re-engage it to get the AS working again.