The new Roadster do have a new graphene battery !

The new Roadster do have a new graphene battery !

A report from China’s Xinhua news agency claims that Tesla is working on a new graphene battery that could almost double the range of the Model S to some 500 miles.
This follows up on Musk’s assertion that Tesla could offer a 500-mile battery “soon”.

steven | 18/02/2018

Click bait! Have you looked at the date of the article?...

eric.zucker | 18/02/2018

We’re still wondering how they fit 200 kWh in that frame. If Tesla nailed a huge battery breakthrough, graphene based or otherwise, all the better!

FREE ENERGY | 18/02/2018

steven, have you seen the new Roadster, the acceleration ,live, the range they are indicating ? In that perspective, I wonder, I wonder, do Tesla have some new graph tech, up the sleeve ? Yes the date from the article, may indicate that the graph tech is ready :-) For the X, the S, the 3, and the Y :-) Its common sence to me :-)

steven | 19/02/2018

Yes, I've seen the new Roadster and I've even driven in it. And yes, I believe Tesla has found a new battery chemistry to make those claims. But Elon states on multiple occasions that graphene is good for fast charging, but not good for high power discharging. Ans the Roadster will definitely need that :-)

And given the fact that the article is over 3 years old and technology keeps improving at an exponential rate, I don't believe graphene will be the answer, but rather something we haven't heard of yet. Tesla is all about the batteries, not so much about the cars...

inconel | 23/02/2018

not so much about the cars? I think designing the safest car does count for something.

AlMc | 24/02/2018

SSB is my guess. Testing now. (again, opinion, no inside knowledge)

carlk | 25/02/2018

Whatever the battery is it has to be at least slightly more than evolutionary.

keillorkjstudio | 05/03/2018

Yes!, someone else knows about Graphene Batteries!, YES!