2018 - State of Model X Build Quality?

2018 - State of Model X Build Quality?

I'm considering purchasing a Model X but there are a ton of build quality issues reported online. I understand that build quality has improved since initial release but was wondering if there is anyone who has taken delivery within the past couple of months and what their experience has been.

Thanks in advance.

sbeggs | 02/03/2018

Seems pretty damn good. We have loaner P100D Model X VIN 81103 built in October 2017. Fit and finish are great, falcon doors move like silk, interior very nice, handles well. Only a somewhat hollow sound coming from passenger front door seemed unusual, we are used to Model S. Autopilot features seemed to work well. Wonderful headroom for tall people and easier entry. Very solid and planted when accelerating. We do not like the petite rear view mirror, the huge piece of front windshield glass nor the heavy tint on rear windshield.

Redmiata98 | 02/03/2018

There were initial teething problems and a few exceptions that still squeek through quality assuranvce inspections at the end of the line.
The ones coming off the line now are great and the few exceptions, as well as the earlier problems have and will continue to be fixed. Look at the “satisfaction” and “would you buy againl responses and they are all high. The bottom line is that the latest ones have fewer flaws and the flaws are quickly fixed once discovered.
Remember that you seldom read about the folks with no problems, only those who do have problems (and trolls).

Ohmster | 02/03/2018

Picked ours up on 12/24/17. Had about a half dozen nit picky things and two nuisance items. Nothing that would stop us from taking it home (having had experience with how well Tesla took care of all similar issues on our S). Two service visits later, car runs like a dream. No quality issues to report at this time.

'17 S75 & X75D: Uncorked AP2.5 18.6.1. Grin on!

HammoJ | 03/03/2018

Two months and 2,000+ miles and my Model X still simply works. Fabulous car.

alanduxbury | 04/03/2018

Got my MX100D 3 days ago and so far it seems perfect.

rohit | 05/03/2018

500 miles and 1 month. I have been driving Lexus ES350 for last 7 years.


I don't feel the ride quality is that smooth on roads here in Minneapolis. (Recently moved from SF). I have low profile 22inch tires. You can feel the road and potholes.
Seat cushion and leather quality should be improved when you compare with other Luxury brands
The battery in low temperatures gives a lower driving range

HadoukenZR | 05/03/2018

@ Rohit. Model X is comparable to high performance SUVs like BMW X5M, Porsche Cayenne, etc... You cant compare the ride quality compared to a Lexus ES350. If you wanted a Lexus ride quality might as well get another Lexus sedan, RX350, or something. Its simply Apple vs Orange comparison.

On top of that, 22" low profile tiles is a harsher ride. Switch to 20" OEM wheels if you want something softer.

jerryk | 05/03/2018

@rohit. The person giving us a Test drive suggested we not get the 22 inch wheels. Said they are rough ride and will flat spot from hitting potholes.

chelsey.hansen | 06/03/2018

Took Delivery of mine in January. I've put over 4k miles on it, MX75D 90 miles round trip for work daily. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I did not get the leather, I preferred the textile seats, plus my goal was to get into a car that could handle my daily commute and was not ICE due to my dislike for CA gas tax costs, among other things. I have noticed a bit more in cabin road noise than I would have expected, but other than that, nothing so huge it would have me returning my car. Some software glitches, but I just figure I am beta testing for Tesla!

seniorchip | 06/03/2018

I took possession of my Model X 100D December 20, 2017. Fit and finish are fine. So far no rattles. My 2017 Toyota Highlander XLE has two minor rattles, which are mostly eclipsed by the ICE noise. Easy to ignore. After experiencing the Model X and it's advantages, the Highlander is likely my last ICE vehicle.

smrdoc | 06/03/2018

My 100d is absolutely awesome. I have had a couple small issues but nothing big. Every other car I get into feels like a POS. I will never be able to drive anything else.

peterlethbridge | 07/03/2018

I took delivery of my X P100D in September last year. There were a few minor issues (alignment of FWD's) that the service centre fixed. This week the front passenger suspension failed, the car it sitting at an angle. It looks like this is going to take a while for them to fix due to high workload at the service centre. I can't say I'm happy that the suspension failed within 5 months of ownership. I also wasn't very happy with the way the service centre handled the issue. The warning light came on a week or so before it actually failed. In my mind, they should have brought the car in when the warning came on. Probably caused unnecessary tire wear. So in summary, looks like there are still some growing pains in the quality area.

avesraggiana | 07/03/2018

We've had our X100D for four months and it's been in the shop since Monday this week.

The driver's side middle row passenger seat (captain chair), failed. A replacement was ordered and after a wait of two months it finally arrived last week. While at the service centre having the entire seat replaced, the left falcon wing door will be realigned, and the charge port will be inspected and adjusted since at some SC locations, I've had trouble getting the car to accept charging - the appearance of the dreaded flashing orange ring while on a road trip.

Relatively minor but time consuming repairs, and yes, the Model X with 20" rims is about as noisy as my previous 2016 Honda Odyssey Elite.

In spite of all that, I still can't imagine driving anything else now. While my mum's Model X is in the shop, guess what we've been given to drive. Wait for it, a Dodge Durango! Ugh...

dmm1240 | 08/03/2018

Took delivery in September. I've had two problems: 1) the driver side front window developed a "thump" when raising the window; and 2) the scroll wheel broke on the steering wheel. Took the car into the service center near my house and they repaired the window problem overnight; also did a nice job washing/waxing and detailing the car. They sent the mobile van to my house to replace the scroll wheel, took about 15 minutes. They also checked the tire pressure, updated my software on the spot and filled the window washer well.

I've had nothing but positive experience with Tesla service on those small issues.

As far as the paint quality, etc goes, mine arrived in fine shape. The blue really shines in sunlight.

rk3782 | 09/03/2018

I got X 75D at the end of December and in two months drove 6000+ miles. I pointed out one small misalignment after thorough visual checkup on delivery day! Not a single issue after that and drives like the day one. My average Wh/mil is 325 even after 3000 miles of highway travel, which I found very impressive ( I think due to FL warm weather). Overall very satisfied and never regretted for a single moment!

peterlethbridge | 10/03/2018

Update on previous post. The service centre fixed the suspension issue, but now want to replace the air pump that operates the suspension. So a couple of weeks before the part arrives from the US. The SC gave me a S P90D as a loaner, which was nice of them. I must say I really miss my X though. Can't wait to get it back. In response to the OP, yes, there are cars out there that are having issues and yes, its frustrating to have them. But I can honestly say, I'd never go back to driving an ICE cars after driving my X. My Lexus 450h hardly ever gets used now.

TeslaFred | 10/03/2018

We have a 2017 Model X. There was a sensor issue with a falcon wing door, and we had debris in the windshield washer fluid nozzle (can't blame Tesla for that). I am now tempting fate, but the Model X has been very reliable.

My only complaint would be that it is difficult to find decent winter tires in the 20' size (not a fan of the Pirellis).

As an aside, my wife has become very attached to the Model X and refuses to drive anything other than a Tesla.

poloX | 11/03/2018

a lot of changes had been corrected. Front brake rotor redesigned, no more ghosting on the windshield, front seat shape blades that used to cut flesh, finger, legs, foot...are no longer there, latches to open/close the FWDs are now push buttons (I like latches better). That's all I know of.

carlk | 11/03/2018

Some people may confuse fit and finish to reliabity but these are two totally different matters. Reliability wise I believe it's very good now, As for fit and finish I never thought it was an issue.

poloX | 12/03/2018

@ Carlk, for fit and finish, it might not be an issue for some but compared to MB or BMW or Lexus, Tesla is definitely not on par. The cup holder for instance is not economical at all. One almost must turn the body side way and push the elbow way back to reach the cup.

AxeBro | 13/03/2018

I'm picking mine up in two days, weather permitting. Adding to what others have said, I think the first few off the line had a lot of issues, the Model X required a lot of egineering and designing. What's great about Tesla that's different from the other guys is that they make modifications to the line frequently, Most other manufacturers wait to make improvements over the next model year.

Also, the people that had issues were either taken care of by the SC, or eventually lemoned the car or settled on a buy back. And even then, most say their next car will still be a Tesla.

Negative news spreads faster than anything else, and anytime the stock rallies, you'll see the guys that short it come online and start ranting - without ever owning the car.

I too got somewhat fearful after seeing all the negativity - but I know that as long as Tesla as company is around, they will take care of my concerns. So far, the buying process has been nothing but smooth. Their customer service is excellent.

glhine | 27/11/2018

Had mine less than 24 hours, and a suspension rod broke driving over a small bump. I'm currently terrified. If that had happened at speed rather than in my driveway... I don't even. Currently waiting to hear from Service what they're going to do about it.

davidahn | 29/11/2018

I picked up my MX 100D 08.30.2018, only needed driver's door hinge adjustments. We were in a motor vehicle accident and the front crumple zone did an amazing job of protecting the main passenger compartment. We're set to pick up a replacement 100D in 2 wks. We'll keep you posted on its quality.

bp | 30/11/2018

We've had our 2018 X 100D since late June, with almost 7K miles, and other than a small squeak in the middle row seats when they are pushed all the way back, we haven't had any issues. And the squeak really isn't an issue for us, it's relatively minor and easy to avoid by moving the seats slight forward (the squeak may be caused by the hard mats we've installed).

All manufacturers will have a fraction of their delivered vehicles with issues that weren't detected at the factory or by the dealership. Compared to previous ICE's, our Tesla vehicles (we've purchased 3) have had fewer issues, especially with our later purchases (S 100D in 2017 and the new X this year).

If there was widespread issues, the forums would be covered with complaints about product quality. There are a postings with issues, and those tend to be disproportionate and not representative (which is always true on forums).

dgulick | 30/11/2018

Took delivery a few weeks ago. There was a large grommet in the rear hatch that needed put back on but otherwise we haven't found any issues. Fit and finish wise it's not at the same level as our other cars (most recently a Range Rover Sport and a BMW M5). Granted, the MX isn't as expensive as the BMW but it's right on par with the RR. Little things like chrome trim pieces have sharp/jagged edges or pieces of extra material hanging down is the best example. I just remind myself that the money is not in the quality of the interior but in the advancement of the technology. That whole greater good thing. If only Tesla customer service would improve I wouldn't feel as much #TeslaRegret as I do buying the MX.

chefshoey | 03/12/2018

MX 100 about 3500 hundred miles in couple of issues, squeaky rear seat and sound proofing front fender well both easy fixes and service guy didn't seem surprised and knew what it was right away.

Bigger issues when I first washed car at the 750 mile mark I noticed light scratches all over windows side front and back can only see when in direct sunlight, like surface marks. So they agreed to replace one of the falcon door ones saying it was caused by door or install at factory but not the other 3. Service guy said looks like a tree did that. So they definitely have some issues, or at least in Richmond I really think whomever washed car on lot before I picked it up ruined windows and for 118k I expected car to be pristine. I have moved issue onto regional service person so lets see what happens.

scotteeboy71 | 07/12/2018

I've had a few problems with my 75D delivered Aug 24, 2018. So far, I've had my MCU replaced, my Cluster replaced, and some seals on the doors fixed. I'm now having some strange noises coming from the driver's side window and frame, kinda like a rattle. So I want to get that taken care of. So yeah, ithere's been some challanges. That said, my service dept has been great - always wanting to fix my issues and for that I'm grateful.

phonglai_2000 | 17/12/2018

I have my Model X now for about 6 months. Very disappointed with the quality for a car with the price tag of 120K. Falcon didn’t fit nicely and I had to get it fix 3 times at Tesla Service Center ended up repaint the door. Due to several adjustments of the Falcon door, the noise level very obvious loud when driving on the highway. I just experienced that the tail light housing leaking and had to be replaced. Not counting software issues that shutting down both screens while driving. Calling service center also required extreme patience because you have to wait for a long time. | 19/12/2018

Model X 100D delivered a few weeks ago. It's too early to tell about "reliability. "Fit & Finish" however leaves a lot to be desired. Body panel gaps are extremely inconsistent. Exterior trim pieces are seemingly half installed properly, obviously misaligned. Windows making weird popping noises randomly. Frunk latch requires way too much effort to latch. Door seals look like they were lasso'd into place rather than pressed neatly into their location. The middle seats (did not go for the bench) made grinding noises like gears weren't aligned properly a couple times when sliding them forward. The fit and finish stuff is easy to overlook on initial glance. All that said the car is still a nice car.. but I really wish Tesla would try and get this resolved. I had countless problems with my S85D... yacht flooring replaced 4 or so times... roof replaced (pano roof), Then the roof started leaking literally the day I was turning it in (leased vehicle).. window motors replaced.. i can't even remember all the issues but it was in the service center a lot. My biggest gripe was it just decided to stop supercharging at anything faster than 60-90kwh(rarely 90). I'm not an excessive fast-charger either. Mobile cable at home(only charge to 80% at home), and only fast charge on longer trips - maybe 3-5 trips a year out of town. I've learned since then that the cars will limit themselves permanently to slower supercharging speeds after fast charging a certain number of times. So this 120kwh charging speed is only a short lived charge speed. For those keeping their cars long term, expect to be well below this. Mine limited itself after 2 years. For the last year I complained to Tesla, opened numerous tickets, and finally they wanted me to bring the car in and do an engineering analysis but my turn-in date was around the corner so I didn't bother with the headache of going to the service center. Sorry - Long winded - End result which should be telling: I have a Model X(Along with a couple german cars that are both lightyears ahead in fit&finish).

jim | 19/12/2018

Just bought a 2018 Model X and I have to say that I'm really surprised at some of the build quality issues. I figured they'd have most of the issues worked out by now but I guess not. I've been a huge Tesla fan for years and was extremely excited about our new car but some of the issues with our X would have been embarrassing on our Kia minivan. The spoiler is coming apart, the taillights fill with water, the middle console won't stay closed, and the plastic is coming off the wheel well. It's super fun to drive but I'm starting to regret not buying a 3 and keeping our van. I'll update my post after service gets a look at the issues.

davidahn | 19/12/2018

@looping, if you didn't get a bench, what middle seats? They only make 5- and 7-seaters with benches and a 6-seater with no middle seats.

As far as German cars being light years ahead, my 2014 $90K Mercedes GL causes constant head-bobbling on the freeway, head jarring over bumps, and ALL the car's doors creak going over bumps. And it has flat rigid seats - I guess MB expects MY rear to accommodate their flat cushions.

Picked up my second 2018 MX 100D yesterday (the first 2018 MX we picked up 08/30 was totaled in a MVA). This time the right passenger FWD required adjusting as its glass was touching the rear window as it opened and closed. They fixed it right away while we went to lunch. But everything else seems perfect so far, and the seats are SOOOOO much more comfortable than the GL's, it's like night and day.

On a weird note, our August 2018 MX 100D came with a beautiful black box containing our MX key fobs with nice key ring attachments. Yesterday's 2018 MX 100D came with two key fobs in a pink bubble wrap envelope with factory laser-printed labels on top and bottom, and no key rings. WTH?!?

Tesla obviously has some work to do to get to the upper echelons of build quality, but they're certainly doing a fabulous job considering the MX is their 3rd EVER production vehicle. OTOH, hearing from Rich Rebuilds about the inconsistency with which Teslas are built is concerning. It's scary to think they could be rushing or mickey-mousing things on vehicles we rely on to protect us in case of accident.

mikethelender | 20/12/2018

Consider this: 1. Nowhere to hang clothes. 2. No hand-hold 3. No storage for back seat (only cupholders) 4. No AM radio 5. No spare tire(and does not come with run-flat tires). 6. No key ring.(had to buy aftermarket) That being said, I loved my MX until today when the 12/19 system update bricked my car. Can't go anywhere. Have only 2004 miles.

manderson | 22/12/2018

My X is new (took delivery at Thanksgiving). 500 miles on the car. Now in the shop. Yesterday: "just a firmware update, we will give it right back you." Then last evening: "technician is checking on it." Today: "maybe back to you end of next week."

Elon are you listening? My second Tesla. First was a 2015 S, which had few to no issues. Nervous about my new $100k purchase. Customer service was overwhelmed today. Wasn't answering the phone, but hey, there were 25 people out there selling model 3s.

peterjun | 22/12/2018

Got my 100D today. Build quality has a lot to be desired. Misaligned body panels. The right front quarter panel is depressed inward by about 5 mm. Left side is flush. Not sure if this is 'within tolerance' or what, but I did file a request to get it repaired. Also, lots of ripples in the fake leather seats...

sschaem | 23/12/2018

I drove just over 400 miles on my new X, and here is what need to be done ;

- Glove box do not open
- EAP / Cruise control took over 300 miles to fully calibrate and still does not work. (in scary dramatic fashions)
- Charge port does not fully close any more
- Still have not received my missing emblems that where not installed at factory
- Half the time the doors cannot be opened manually
- The panel gap are driving me nuts...

Late November build.

This level of quality if total BULLSHIT for a $172,000 car....

jolov | 27/12/2018

For a different note: we just got my wife's X 100D ten days ago and just put 700 miles on it over Christmas. Our X is an early November build. So far we've had zero issues with it. Build quality seems perfect: no misaligned body panels, paint looks great, interior looks perfect, everything working as it should. We are very happy.

This is our second Tesla - I've had S 75D for 18 months during which I've had 7 (minor) warranty repairs. Thus, I'm well acquainted with possible quality issues.

My only complaint with the X is that, like @davidahn above, it didn't come with attachments for the fobs with key rings. I had to buy those online.

Enzodriver | 27/12/2018

I've had my MX 4 months now, no issues and just feels great to drive. Enjoying driving again. :-)

avesraggiana | 01/01/2019

The main difference between our 2018 Model X and our 2017 Model X is that the 2018 does NOT come with "MODEL X" beautifully engraved on the centre beam between the falcon wing doors. Didn't think I would miss it, but I do.

I'm a lifelong Tesla devotee but let me join the bashing party for just a moment - the build quality of our second Model X is perceptibly a few notches lower than our first. Little, little things too tedious to enumerate once again, but definitely a reduction in the care and meticulousness with which this car was put together.

I do have to consider the timing of the assembly and delivery of our second Model X - it was built in the summer of 2018, when Tesla were throwing every available hand on deck, and almost all its resources in the ramp up of the Model 3 production. In its efforts to do so, I believe the other car lines suffered.

lilbean | 01/01/2019

I agree, @avesraggiana. I always compare mine with the ones in the stores and I’m always grateful for our 2016 Model.

avesraggiana | 01/01/2019

Edit. "Lifelong" should be "lifetime." Ergo "I'm a lifetime devotee but let me..."

Buckerine | 02/01/2019

Picked up ours and have misaligned trim and rubber sealing on the falcon doors. Just looks sloppy and is terrible for a car of this price. Love the car otherwise and it’s rock solid, weird aesthetic misalignments aside.

epheuscher | 03/01/2019

Build is excellent with very minor fit issues. Have over 20,000 miles on my 75D.

nando | 28/03/2019

Just picked up mine and it has a myriad of issues. Most glaring is the passenger middle row seat is missing a safety shield on the floor. That seat's cushion was also not attached properly and there is a huge chip in the paint in that side's door jam. The passenger FWD is also misaligned as well as the trunk. I have a service appointment to take care of these issues and some more minor ones but it's crazy that the car left the factory this way.

dgbtmx100D | 28/03/2019

Hey gang, had my MX100D since late December 2018 with 20" tires. Great ride, build quality is good but same themes with some other users on some gripes around fit and finish, software and user interface are awesome. My main thing is wind noise which I'm maybe more sensitive to than others. Curious if anyone has experienced the airflow sounds at highway speeds bumping off the driver glass. I don't hear a whistling noise like it's a leak, but trying to figure out if there are any solutions/fixes which would better deflect airflow or address the wind noise.

peter | 29/03/2019

Had the same wind noise problem with my model s. took technician out for quick spin down motorway decided window was slightly misaligned fixed next day no more problems