Vehicle opening monitoring device

Vehicle opening monitoring device

There is a newly patented technology available for licensing. WOWS™ is a monitoring system that notifies the driver of a vehicle if doors or windows are not completely closed. Locking a vehicle only includes the windows, sunroofs or any such openings are not completely closed. As an added safety feature, WOWS™ can help provide complete protection of the inside of the vehicle from damage caused by vandals, weather, flying debris or burglars.

Many times, when using a remote to lock a car, people forget to check the windows. This happens when people are in a hurry, are late for an appointment or have an emergency. This may also happen when cars are left in a parking spot for an extended time, such as at airport terminals. WOWS™ will notify the driver of the potential risk by leaving a window open. If an open window is preferred, for letting heat out, an override switch can be enabled. This system will provide extra protection for vehicles and peace of mind for the vehicle owners.

abpatel | 13/03/2018

Very good idea, I still remember finding my car seat wet by rain, just because I left the window open accidentally.

I had my friend lost laptop, just because he went into bank and forgot to roll up the window for 15 minutes and in rush he locked by doors by remote key. Insurance paid for his laptop, but this option in car should give some discount to car owners on their insurance.

The feature allows keeping crack open window is good for people in south who wants to keep it in driveway and no garage for few hours.

can we wish for in Tesla model 3

rxlawdude | 13/03/2018

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