Time sensitive shudder under acceleration question

Time sensitive shudder under acceleration question

So I know there has been a long long thread on this but no good answers

My mx is in shop now for unrelated minor things. Lots of them but all minor.

I did ask them to look into the shudder but only fix if it was something minor as I'm nervous doing big things will cause more problems.

I'm okay with the shudder as I don't gun it all the time and when I do its there but whatever.

Does anyone have experience or read anywhere where there was a shudder and a specific part was fixed and it resolved. Something about struts or quarter rods or something like that?

Vawlkus | 26/04/2018

Front half-shafts.

Stankfish | 26/04/2018

Time wise it’s an easy fix, less than 2 hours so I don’t imagine it is likely to cause more problems. Had mine replaced recently and is back to normal working great

Cuttin | 26/04/2018

Hawkeye. Are you saying replacement of front half shafts takes 2 hours? And it worked, no shudder?

Vawlkus. Did you have shudder before and now you do not?

Triggerplz | 26/04/2018

I had the shudder on my 2016 MX P90DL which I got in May 2016 they replaced the shafts around October 2016 and the shudder is gone and so far has not returned

Tdreamer | 26/04/2018

Concur - front half-shafts. MX 100D. Had mine done at two months and 3900 miles. Seven months in, now have 11000 miles and so far, mostly good (I think a mild case of it may be returning). After the first repair, I changed the default suspension setting from standard/auto-lower @ 55 to low full time. I've mellowed (only slightly) after seven months of intense smiles, so the combination of low suspension and fewer launches may be the reason.

Stankfish | 26/04/2018

Yes I was very curious as to how involved it was given it seems to be a fairly common problem. They said roughly 1 1/2 hours to replace. Trying to get an idea of what I will be looking at if there is not a fix for it and I have to replace them out of warranty. My service center has not done any out of warranty yet so they could not tell me cost. Only requiring 2 hrs labor and making it to almost 30k miles before 1st issue I feel pretty good about it now though.

Cuttin | 26/04/2018

Thank you all for the prompt responses and useful info.

A testament to the usefulness of this forum indeed!

I just asked the sc to replace my front half shafts. Let's hope they can do it and it fixes it.

Triggerplz | 26/04/2018

I don't know how long it actually took for them to replace mine, I dropped it off in the morning got a MS loaner and I picked it up the next day

Vawlkus | 27/04/2018

I believe I have the shudder, and I have an appointment to get them looked at/replaced next month. The reason it so far off is because of my schedule.

interbay | 29/04/2018

Early on the shudder only happened when our suspension was in the high setting, and only when accelerating from low speeds. Recently, however, the shudder is felt in the low suspension setting, and even when accelerating from freeway speeds (for routine passing, etc).

I had the car in the service center last week and asked about this . . . the service rep said, "it's normal" and that these cars just have "too much power." No suggestion that they could fix it with half shafts, etc., but just left me thinking I should just get used to it. Later, it occurred to me that if this was 'normal' in a 100D, I wonder what its like in a performance model?

Is this just a service rep that doesn't know this can be fixed, or has the company changed their willingness to repair this issue?

Tdreamer | 29/04/2018

"normal" = known issue / design flaw. My opinion - live with it as long as you feel comfortable and under warranty, and have the service center repair when you're ready. I also think that since this is a common recurring issue, there would be a strong case for having Tesla continue to fix it post warranty as well. It does seem like the response to this issue and willingness to repair quickly varies by service center. It's possible that with Elon's mandate to move the company to become more cost conscious, they may evolve they're stance on this as well (read: may push back on repairs more). Although we have no way of knowing for sure..

Cuttin | 30/04/2018

So SC. Just called me saying car almost ready. They said the fixed the shafts! Pretty excited to see if that helps.

Interbay, my sc actually said it is a known issue. And that has been said on these forums earlier. I would search for it but for some reason there is no search option.

Don't get me started on tesla website issues. No way to pay for my lease online, no forum search feature, geez! It's like basics. I just don't get it. It's funny actually, but how can you make a car that practicalally drives itself but can't set up basic web things.

Tropopause | 30/04/2018

I’m coming up on 12,500 miles and plan to have the half-shafts replaced at the first annual and, if necessary, every annual thereafter.

Cuttin | 01/05/2018

I'm happy to report that shudder is gone. They replaced the half shafts and Jack's haft assembly. See below.

oncern: Customer: Shudder on acceleration.
Corrections: Jackshaft Assembly - Front
Verified concern. Replaced front axles and jack shafts under warranty. Verified repair and proper operation. No further repairs required at this time.
Parts Replaced or Added
Part Quantity
HALF SHAFT - FRONT LEFT (1027111-00-B) 1
HALF SHAFT - FRONT RIGHT (1027115-00- 1 B)
JACKSHAFT ASSY, FR (1030632-00-A) 1
WASHER SAFETY M24x39 (1020296-00-B) 2
NUT HF M24x1.5 [8.8] ZnFl-W (1020297-00- 2 A)
Pay Type: Warranty

Tdreamer | 01/05/2018

@Cuttin - identity part list and part numbers to my shudder repair 11/27/2017. No new part numbers = no improvement in solution (ie. it will return at some point given similar circumstances that created the problem to begin with). As long as they keep replacing parts when the issue returns, I guess it's fine. It's the uncertainty about future continuation of such repairs post-warranty that floats around in the back of the head.

Cuttin | 01/05/2018

Tdreamer. I disagree. Maybe they changed the actual part that goes with that part number. Not sure how we can tell.

Either way, my suspension is on low anyway. Oh, and I'm not going to stop gunning it. It's a fun car. They will keep fixing it I guess. Warranty not an issue with me as I lease, but I hear you. A genuine company would continue to fix known problems.

Tdreamer | 01/05/2018

If Tesla re engineered the half-shafts, they would revise the part number to allow them to identify old vs. new versions.

I think we are all hopeful that they will eventually design a hardware solution to this. I think in the back of my mind I fear they will concede it's too expense to fix the hardware, and they'll issue a software fix that alters acceleration or ride height to compensate for the hardware flaw, resulting in a little less fun. But until then the smiles continue.