Request for mud guards

Request for mud guards

I would really like to see Tesla add wheel well mud guards. After a week of driving, the bottom of the doors are pretty dirty, and it's been dry. Even small, inconspicuous one would be of huge help.

Anyone offer custom after-market mud guards?

jordanrichard | 26/04/2018

The thing that gets the bottom of the doors dirty the most is indeed the front wheels, but not from when they are straight, but when you turn. Mud flaps won’t help.

sroh | 26/04/2018

I don't know the science behind it, and there are certainly differences between two different cars. But I have small OEM mud guards behind the front tires on my Infiniti G37, and the absolutely help guard against dirt getting thrown onto the bottom of the doors.

cowdesigner | 20/07/2018

I have pretty consistently installed mud guards for my cars. The few cars where I didn't have them, I definitely saw more dirt and tar at the bottom of the front doors. While they don't protect in every case, they do help protect in most cases. I wish Tesla can have well-designed mud guards for the Model 3 too.

sroh | 20/07/2018

Oh wow, a blast from the past!

Ya, our Model 3 is definitely picking up more dirt behind the tires. Even with a ceramic coating on the car, it gets noticeably dirtier than my previous car with mud flaps. Maybe Abstract Ocean, RPM Tesla, Evvanex, etc., will offer some.

dgstan | 12/08/2018

Let's resurrect this thread again. Maybe some aftermarket options have popped up recently? I haven't seen them, if they have. My Pearl White gets a lot of splashback and starts looking bad in a very short amount of time.

*Before you folks start telling us about the aerodynamic tradeoffs associated with splash guards, I'm willing to take the range hit. I charge at work where we draw 100% of our electrical power from solar. I also have solar at home for any weekend top-offs. Losing a few miles per charge is not a big issue for me or the environment.

sroh | 12/08/2018

I'm with you @dgstan.

I have yet to see any aftermarket options.

JEREMYW067 | 17/09/2018

let make them already

therestrom | 21/09/2018

This is a must have on Scandinavia roads, we have the worst winter where a lot of roads are sprayed with small gravel as slip prevention. Or they use salt mixture. Whole side of the car are covered with a small film of sand and dried salt otherwise.
Please someone make them...

jamespompi | 21/09/2018

I'm on a private dirt road, that is well maintained, however some mud guards would be beneficial for sure. Unfortunately aftermarket part sellers are so few right now. Wonder if it could be 3D printed!

Red Raven | 25/09/2018

Yes, need mud flaps. Anyone find an after market solution?

TORQU3 | 25/09/2018

I've used these universal fit ones in the past, link below. You can cut and fit them as desired. I usually use the oem wheel well liner mounts. I ordered two pairs for the 3, the car hasn't arrived yet so I can't say if they fit well or not. They aren't expensive so it might be worth a try for you.

Jon | 10/11/2018


Sparc | 17/11/2018
sbeggs | 17/11/2018

Mud Flood. It's a thing on You Tube.

jamespompi | 21/11/2018

Those are not very sexy, but thanks for sharing.

verboten | 31/12/2018

Any pics?

wiboater4 | 01/01/2019

Won't mud flaps cause wind resistance and cut your mileage?

thedrisin | 01/01/2019

@wiboater. Trade offs. A theoretical small decrease in mileage vs. mud all over the sides of the vehicle. I chose to install Rally Armor mud flaps with red logo on my car. Look great and keeps car cleaner. (I don't know how to add pics).

rkalbiarEV | 01/01/2019

Yeah, those mud guards need a little more refinement, improvements in looks but definitely on the right track!

thedrisin | 01/01/2019

Here are pics of mud flaps I made from Rally Armor universal flaps. Similar in design to @Sparc.

dmfennelly | 01/01/2019

Need them here in Vermont. More miles of dirt than pavement in my town including the road I live on.

jordanrichard | 01/01/2019

Mud flaps may help in a straight line, but once your turns the wheels, it’s all over. It would be nice if they could design a “flap” or shield that comes out as the wheel is turned. I am picturing something that is connected in a way, to the outer tie-rod, and would consist of 2-3 pieces of plastic that over lap when the wheel is straight, but fans out wheel the back half of the wheel extends beyond the fender. That would keep everything off the side of your car.

syung61 | 23/03/2019

These are much better looking. I bought a set and installed already.

jamespompi | 25/03/2019

Wish there was something low profile and molded like these available..

glide2lena | 12/12/2019

I am seriously considering ordering these White Splash Guards, but with only 2 reviews little hesitant.
Here is the Amazon link
Have been looking at several aftermarket options, but most are black. Not the best for Pearl White Model 3. Mainly looking to cut down on road splash, as well as, rocks thrown up from driving in rainy/wet Oregon roads. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

donharvey2323 | 12/12/2019

I just got these ones I ordered the blue ones at first but they didn't match at all. They were easy to install and look fine. The car stays much cleaner. I was afraid they would increase wind noise but they don't.

donharvey2323 | 12/12/2019

You could get the white ones from the link I put. If you don't like them, send them back. I was worried about them scratching the paint over time so I got some clear 3M film to put under them where they touch the paint.

glide2lena | 12/12/2019

The tip about using 3m film is Very helpful!

tjringle23 | 12/12/2019

For what it's worth, I asked Tesla chat if I could buy mudflaps direct from them (they are putting mudflaps on new Canada Model 3's) and they said not at this time but a Winter Package would be available in the shop eventually. They didn't have any estimated date when I asked a few days ago.

FactDoc | 12/12/2019

I called them 4 times and they have no mudflaps available for old Model 3

Only for new ones

gparrot | 12/12/2019

I thought the mudflaps would become available to all in Canada in the new year. :-o

FISHEV | 13/12/2019

"I have pretty consistently installed mud guards for my cars."

Me too. Huge help on our harsh winters where we use gravel vs. salt on mountain roads which I'm on all Winter for about 5,000 miles of skiing. After reading the article about Tesla putting splash guards on all new Model 3's in Canada and why (the paint and delamination issues of the rocker covers), I'm having the clear protective film applied to the rocker covers and adding the splash guards from

gparrot | 13/12/2019

Made a call to the local SC in Montreal: they won’t be available for another 6 to 8 weeks and they can’t tell me whether they will be colour matched or simply black.