"0" Range

"0" Range

Has anyone driven the MS on 0 range? if so, how far did you get before charging? I know its not recommended and I read all the posts about anxiety when you get even close to 40 in range, but situations have had to come up with someone driving on 0 range by now. Just curious on what happened?

ajamison | 04. kesäkuu 2013

I have read reviews and heard from people that own one or know someone who does that the range on 0 is roughly 10-15 miles on average given that you use regen braking alot and do not have to climb a hill

pete2212 | 04. kesäkuu 2013

I ran out of juice 2-3 miles short of my destination (a KOA) and then had to park while the manager had me sign paperwork. Was a bit nervous, but started back up below 0 miles, reading please charge now, and let me get to the charger (a few hundred feet) without issue.

From what I've read, it's a bit of a roll of the dice.

info | 04. kesäkuu 2013

I tried to make a 21 mile trip with 19 miles showing. I thought I could milk 21 miles out. I went to 0 and stopped. I called Ownership and was told that he couldn't tell me when things would go dark, but there is a warning that says, "Pull Over NOW!!!!" I didn't see that warning and I'm not sure there is one, but it would be good to know if it does exist. Not that you'd want to test it, but it would keep your seat drier when you hit 0.

It took an hour before I got to 1. I waited until 4 and then set out for the supercharger 2.7 miles away. Because of a road closure, street fair and a detour, I hit 0 again. I made it, but I was pretty worried.

In reading the posts and Tesla material, I think it's very bad to go low. I won't do it again, except for planned charges on road trips.

EVTripPlanner | 04. kesäkuu 2013

I have *not* driven mine to zero, but did see the aftermath of someone who waited tooooo long. He was at the Barstow supercharger and couldn't even get his TMS60 to charge until jump-starting the 12V system. While the lights and door locks were working, it seemed there wasn't enough juice in the 12V to even run the computers required to manage supercharging...

lsborn | 04. kesäkuu 2013

I did and I was really sweating it. I was on a trip back from Vegas to the Barstow Charger with some very nasty wind the whole way. I called roadside assistance when the rated range was 20 miles and I has 19 miles to go. Tesla told be to bring the speed down to 40 miles and keep it on cruise control. They connected to my car and saw that the percentage remaining on my battery was 8%, and I had 6.3 miles to the charger.

At this point, the car had 0 rates miles. The guy from Tesla told me that each percent of battery remaining is approximately 1 mile (at optimal speed - 40 mph in my case), so he said I should be fine. I made it to the super charger and it was fully charged before we finished dinner. I would definitely recommend to call roadside assistance if you are running low so they can give you a more accurate reading instead of guessing your way and ending up on a tow truck. Roadside was great.

kidjay | 04. kesäkuu 2013

@Isborn, Are you in a 60 or 85? I plan to make that trip to Vegas from Temecula and back on a semi regular basis real soon. It seems those headwinds really play a major role on consumptions!

RanjitC | 04. kesäkuu 2013

@kidjay Yes they do. I have a P85 and hit a headwind LV to LA reached Barstow with 26 mi. Found the second SC free but felt sad for the third guy who reached there 5 min later and to wait for us to charge.
Be ready for delays esp on weekends. I'm going to use an ICE for future runs to Vegas, at least till we have more SC's at Barstow.

lsborn | 04. kesäkuu 2013


I do have a P85, but we did waste about 30 ish miles driving around the greater Las Vegas area. If you go from Temecula to Barstow, you will not have any issues. Please be sure not to speed once you reach state line - the highway patrol were stationed at every blind section all the way until we reached the strip.

On the way back, just be sure to top off on a max charge and you should be fine with a 85 (not sure about a 60 - I haven't done the math). Keep it on cruise control and that will help with your range. I haven't looked into the wind issue to see if it is more intense during the day or night, and the time of year, but we came back in April during the night.

On the way to Vegas, once I reached the top of the hill heading to state line, I actually gained about 12 miles of range. We also stayed at the Palazzo and it worked out perfectly. A charging station is near the below ground taxi stand at the Palazzo, and yes, they do have an adaptor for the MS. It's a roadster setup, but they do have an adaptor. If it's full, drive over to the Venetian, and they have two bays where I charged. Have a great time.

Brian H | 04. kesäkuu 2013

Did you enjoy sitting and watching the miles available pile up?

lsborn | 04. kesäkuu 2013

Actually, I had 3 margaritas at Chili's for dinner - My wife drove home from Barstow while I slept in the car. I had enough excitement for the night trying to get us to the super charger while trying to avoid a tow truck. Calling tow truck at 10PM at night from Barstow doesn't sound like a good time for me.

Mike C | 05. kesäkuu 2013

I left Vegas with 175 rated and got to the Barstow Supercharger 2 miles after hitting 0.

kidjay | 05. kesäkuu 2013

@Mike C, are you in a 60 or 85 and more importantly how fast were you driving?

Mike C | 05. kesäkuu 2013

I was in an 85 but the charging situation in Vegas isn't ideal and I had to go home the same day I got there.

So I had 175 rated to go about 150 miles. I started at 65 mph, but there was a headwind and two big hills on the way. I slowed down as I realized it was going to be closer than I thought - I was down to 45 mph for the last ~10 miles.

Would have been nice to have some kind of wind sensor or something to give me an idea what I was up against.

kidjay | 05. kesäkuu 2013

@Mike C, Wow, so you were going 45 mph on the 15 freeway trying to get to Barstow? Thats a little dangerous on the highway at that slow speed! And you never went over 65mph. Vegas to Barstow only shows 151 miles. At 65 mph and 45 mph for the last 10+ miles....Those headwinds and 2 hills lost you 25 miles in range. That seems like alot of loss and you weren't even speeding like most do (including myself) on the 15 Freeway.

Mike C | 05. kesäkuu 2013

It was 1 AM, but yeah I had my hazards on and a couple big rigs passed me. I'll admit I sped up to 70 for a little while after the first hill when I still had a 20 mile buffer, but I also did some semi-drafting behind some big rigs to offset that. I definitely won't be leaving Vegas with less than 200 rated again.

c.bussert67 | 06. kesäkuu 2013

Its the elevation that's a killer... Barstow happens to be higher than vegas or temecula. I do the trip from Temecula. You climb about 1300 ft overall from Temecula to barstow, then drop 300 to vegas. Coming back home you climb the 300 to barstow, then drop 1300 coming home. So it's a bit more efficient coming home than going there, overall, due to the elevation.
I have hit serious headwinds before, leaving Vegas previous to getting our S, and our little Matrix which usually pulls in around 38 mpg, got 27mpg on that trip!

kidjay | 07. kesäkuu 2013

Winter 2013 can't come soon enough for the Supercharger at the state line (California & Nevada). With that Supercharger at the state line, theoretically you will not need to charge in Las Vegas (Unless you drive around town)