12V outlets?

12V outlets?

I've tried researching this, but find no info on the subjects. I want to know how many 12 volt outlets there are on the Model S and where they are. Especially interested in if there are one in the frunk. Can someone help?

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NKYTA | 23. heinäkuu 2013

AFAIK, there is one directly accessible 12V outlet below the front of the middle console, next to the two USB ports. There may others hidden behind carpeting that I don't know about.

TS | 23. heinäkuu 2013

Does any one know if its easy and in complience with the warranty to install new outlets in the trunk and the frunk?
How many Amps?

Spirous | 23. heinäkuu 2013

I find it VERY strange if there is only one 12V outlet in an electric car like this.... I would like to charge my RC stuff in the back and the frunk is perfect for cooling my food and drink on a longer trip. Is there really no electricity there?

Bob W | 23. heinäkuu 2013

There really is only one 12V outlet in the model S, with a 15A fuse (180W max). See this post.

However, there are large 12V battery terminals under the plastic nose cone, at the top right (as you face the car). You can probably connect a DC cable there, then route the wire into the frunk area somehow. But make sure to use an appropriately fused power cable like this one connected directly to those terminals.

Connecting an un-fused wire to any 12V battery can create a serious fire hazard due to the possibility of a short circuit, so always use a fuse if you're doing this. A fuse at the far end in the socket will not protect the 12V battery from a short that develops between the battery and the socket, hence the need to install the fuse right at the battery terminals.

Jschall | 13. marraskuu 2019

Hello, I’m brand new....Where are all 12 v cigarette style outlets located in a 2016 model p90d?
Thank you

murphyS90D | 14. marraskuu 2019

There is only one and it is below the driver's right arm rest