21" on performance not included?!?

21" on performance not included?!?

I feel robbed!

I'm usually a silent reader, but this is just making me furious!!

The ridiculous discount of 1700€ is nothing, when steal 22250NOK (German 3650€) that used to be included.
And hey, while you are at it, I still need to buy 19" winter tires...

19" all year tires might be useful somewhere, but not in Scandinavia.

GB, please clear this up!
The info says "Inkluderer oppgradert interiør, fjæring og hjul" which translates to something like "Includes upgraded interior, suspension and wheels".
But there is still a 22250NOK (German 3650€) option for 21" like the S60 and S85.

Oreo | 20. joulukuu 2012

Several of pre 2013 reservations holders aiming for a P85 are slightly confused here.
Some communications has been that specs will stay the same, but prizes adjusted, hence the EUR 1700,- compensation for pre 2013 reservations.
That is all good if the specs of the car would still be the same.
So to clarify this, are the 21" wheels included or not for customers that did their reservations before 2013.
Or do I get a EUR 1700,- compensation for having to buy wheels worth EUR 3650,- to get the car equipped the way it was communicated earlier in 2012???
And then on top of that I do need a set of 19" for my winter tires. How much is all this going to cost me?

while you are at it updating information on the Tesla website. Please also correct the embarrassing translation error on the Norwegian website regarding the volume of luggage space from cubic centimeters to liters instead.
Cubic centimeters are the equivalent to milliliter, so the frunk has luggage capacity of a teaspoon.

HPMellerud | 20. joulukuu 2012

Feeling robbed and disappointed here to.

simenteigen | 20. joulukuu 2012

So, placement holdes before get a lower base price than announced today?

Fred O | 20. joulukuu 2012
Correct, everyone having a reservation before end of 2012 gets a 1700 euro (before taxes) discount on the published price.