240v install in North Jersey

240v install in North Jersey

Anyone recommend an electrician who did an install for them. Its not overly complicated but I wanted to find what other people paid so I can get an idea of a price. I was thinking $500 max to get it done. Going to install it right in my garage.

Bubba2000 | 09. heinäkuu 2013

I priced the installation of 240V/Amp circuit in my garage:
1. My main breaker is 200A. However, I do not have any empty slots, so I am going to get 2 twin breakers at $20/e. It will create 2 empty slots where a 100A breaker costing $50 will be installed. They are Siemens so they are a little expensive. Total breaker cost=90
2. I am going to need Number 2 wire cable with 3 or 4 wires. HPWC needs 2 hot and one ground. Cost is about $7/ft. It is one heavy gauge wire. In my case, I am going to need 35 ft. Cost of wire= $245.
3. The part of the wire that is exposed will need some conduit. Cost about $25.
Total material cost = $360.
4. Labor cost - The guy I use charges $35/hour. and I figure 2 hours of labor=$70. Your cost may be higher with unions, etc.

So my installation cost is going to be around $450 + HPWC. In reality, I do not need the 240V/100A HPWC that costs $1,200. I could do with a 240V/50A circuit and a simple washer/drier connection. I figure it will be 2/3 of the cost at $300 approximately. Instead of $350+1,200. In most cases I would charge at 30-40Amp to protect the battery.

I do prefer the dual chargers in the car. They help when charging at RV sites, with 50+Amp feed.

Brian H | 09. heinäkuu 2013

I thought the RV sites delivered 40A continuous. Which 1 charger can handle.