2nd Row Seats

2nd Row Seats

Has anyone discovered if the second row seats are going to allow for any storage, other than under them? We now now they are not going to lay flat, like the S, but there never is any mention of what they might do to allow for usable space in the back. | 01. lokakuu 2015

You can move them up to the back of the front seats (i.e no leg room), stow stuff in the seats, stow stuff under the seats.

johnse | 01. lokakuu 2015

And stow stuff vertically from the floor to the ceiling between the 2nd and 3rd row as seen in the Boxes photo that was floating around.

wnowlin | 01. lokakuu 2015

I'm going to be an optimist and hope that when my reservation gets close to my delivery date (my guess is mid-to-late 2016), they will have an option for the 2nd row seats that allows them to fold flat or to easily remove them.

madodel | 01. lokakuu 2015

Anyone see if there are cupholders anywhere for the second row? I asked about the console I saw between the 2 second row seats shown during the launch, but was told that was custom built for Elon's car and the 6 seat version just has carpet between seats.

gfb107 | 01. lokakuu 2015

Yes, there are cupsholder for the 2nd row seats:

vandacca | 02. lokakuu 2015

If Tesla sells a 2nd row console for the 6-seat configuration (as shown in one of the reveal Model-Xs), then there will be a total of 4 cup-holders for the 2nd row.

The front has 4 cupholders (2 console, 2 door)
The 2nd row has up to 4 cupholders (2 retracting from front console, 2 optional)
The 3rd row has 2 cupholders.

Total = 8 - 10 cupholders.