3 Week Old Model S Hit and Run in SF

3 Week Old Model S Hit and Run in SF

Sad day today; after coming out of dinner for our anniversary we found my wifes 3 week old Model S [85s with Autopilot] with the front end destroyed. A complete hit and run with no witness around when I got there and I am still searching if there any of the camera on the building would have caught it. Let me know if anyone hears of a Tesla Hit and Run in SF, I would like to have the person responsible for this to be held accountable.

Location -- San Francisco at the corner of Jackson St and Sansome St between 6pm and 8pm on Nov 1st 2014

DJung | 02. marraskuu 2014

I'm sorry, that's a real bummer. Hopefully it can be repaired and will be back on the road in no time at all. The car must have been hit quite hard for the entire front face to come off like that. Please keep us posted

And happy anniversary to you sir.

Benz | 02. marraskuu 2014

Sad indeed.

The person responsible for this should be held accountable.

dennycrane888 | 02. marraskuu 2014

Hit and run is a crime. I hope the cretin gets caught.

Red Sage ca us | 02. marraskuu 2014

Hmmm... Why does it look as if someone hit you on purpose? I didn't know there were any coal rollers in San Francisco...

You have my most sincere condolences. This is really, really bad. | 02. marraskuu 2014

Plea to Tesla Motors Forum users:

Please keep this thread up high to spread the word...

we want the person -- responsible for this crime -- caught.

S H O W C O M M U N I T Y | 02. marraskuu 2014

Google Maps:

Establishments at/near intersection of Jackson St and Sansome St in SF:

- U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
- U.S. Border Patrol
- The North Point Gallery (
- The Montgomery Gallery (
- Hatch Design (
- Primitive Design (

On Google Street View, I counted at least 7 CC TV Cameras within a few steps of the intersection.

jguyette --- please keep this forum up to date with your information on the search.

Bikezion | 02. marraskuu 2014

What is with people? Does anybody take responsibility, or show accountability for their actions anymore? Even worse it's possible someone meant to do that! If it was an "accident" they certainly felt it, and it was obviously their fault! Leave a note, "hey I'm really not a great driver and I smashed the hell out of your beautiful car! My name number.....address ....and insurance info.... I'm really sorry for the inconvenience I've caused you, hopefully my insurance will make it as good as new!"

So sorry, I hope you find the perp!

Anthony J. Parisio | 02. marraskuu 2014

I'm very sorry to see this. I wish you a quick good solution.

DTW_Tom | 02. marraskuu 2014

Find the pigs!! We can help by keeping this thread alive!

jordanrichard | 02. marraskuu 2014

Most likely they didn't have insurance and figured the OP has insurance.

That had to be a hard hit. What is real interesting is the hood doesn't looked disturbed. If it was someone that backed into your car, surely the hood would have been bent up since rear bumpers sit higher than the fronts.

draconious_z | 02. marraskuu 2014

Looks like they came in from the side, behind the front fender... so hopefully that is all that is damaged is front bumper/grill/nose parts. Easy to fix.

Likely a teen texting while driving...

draconious_z | 02. marraskuu 2014

__behind the front bumper__ that is...

Jacqueline.gerhart | 02. marraskuu 2014

That's some pretty extensive damage for a bit and run on a parked car. Real bummer. Hopefully they catch the perp.

Jacqueline.gerhart | 02. marraskuu 2014

That's some pretty extensive damage for a hit and run on a parked car. Real bummer. Hopefully they catch the perp.

genedr @ny-us | 02. marraskuu 2014

Ouch. We feel for you!
A friend hit a deer with his 4 week old Model S a while back, and the $21K repair was fully covered by insurance and the car was good as new!
The deer didn't do so well. :(

logicalthinker | 02. marraskuu 2014

You need to contact those establishments listed above immediately, because their CCTV cameras cycle the video recording space.

Give the time you were there, and go through the videos. You can probably catch the criminal.

jguyette | 02. marraskuu 2014

Thanks everyone, really appreciate the support of the Tesla community.. Thanks for the names of the business around there.
I will keep this open and post as I get any more news.

It did appear that they hit it from the side trying to get around my car. They did it with some serious force as they broke one of cast metal parts of the bumper into three pieces, with a smaller piece about 4 ft away where it was hit. | 02. marraskuu 2014

There are 2 (two) CC television cameras right at the intersection in which you described the accident.

These cameras -- appear to -- belong to US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

You should contact them immediately.

San Francisco Field Office:
Field Office Director: Robin Barrett

San Francisco District Office:
District Director: John Kramar

sundoc | 02. marraskuu 2014

I feel your pain my friend.
Something similar happened to my current car, right in front if my house. Sucks! But hopefully yours will be back to new before you know it.

As mentioned above by TDurden get a request in for that cc footage ASAP.

logicalthinker | 02. marraskuu 2014

For the govt CCTVs, you need to urgently submit a FOIA I think. Those cameras cycle every 36 or 48 his.

logicalthinker | 02. marraskuu 2014


Napoleonblownapart | 02. marraskuu 2014

Somebody backed into my friend's Tesla while stopped and told the police my friend did it. After reading a couple of similar hit-and-run posts here, I went and bought a front-and-rear dashcam. It records any movement to the front and back of the car while parked and responds to bumps or jolts by recording as well. Hope you get your beautiful blue Tesla back to normal in no time! Happy anniversary!

babstude | 02. marraskuu 2014

Oh man this would make me sick to my stomach, it can be fixed but still.....

Best of luck getting vid footage of this

johncrab | 02. marraskuu 2014

I literally thought I would lose my breakfast when I saw this. I'm really sorry for the insult added to injury. It's just sad that there is no personal honor or responsibility left. I hope you can get everything put back together perfectly and quickly.

nbrianjohnston | 02. marraskuu 2014

I've had that happen to other vehicles and it really sucks. Hope they catch them. Good luck with getting your car fixed up.

jguyette | 02. marraskuu 2014

Thanks again for the contacts. I was able to call all of the offices and leave them messages and I will be going over to Citizen and Immigration office today to leave them a note and go back on Monday if possible. Off to Police station to file the report.
I was thinking my tesla could come back reincarnated with a new front bumper, but i dont think it is compatible yet with the autopilot sensors; i will check.

Either way the car will be back to life soon and we will be back to enjoying it.

SeattleSid | 02. marraskuu 2014

Deeply sad, and troubling, and creating a sense of deja vu.

Living in SF at the time, my wife and I were celebrating the purchase of our first car together, a shiny new 71 BMW 1600. In the restaurant we heard a series of crashes, ever closer, as a car sideswiped a bunch of cars, ending in ours, right in front of the restaurant. It was a stolen car, of course, and the driver bugged out, never to be caught.

jguyette | 02. marraskuu 2014

SeattleSid; I am sorry to bring up old memories like that. THe BMW 1600 was a great car and I feel your pain. I hope you got it all fixed up and if your lucky still have it running today. I still miss my '78 320i, but it was too expensive to maintain here in CA.

SCCRENDO | 02. marraskuu 2014

Sorry about that. It sucks. Been there, done it. I was 6 weeks without my car. Important things are to file a police report and call Tesla to find out who are Tesla recommended body shops. Don't go elsewhere. In California insurance companies have to let you go where you want. If you ever find the perpetrator suggest you go after him/her for diminished value and loss of use. Can provide you with info when the time comes

Brian H | 02. marraskuu 2014

Was the deer uninsured?

swakyaby | 02. marraskuu 2014

It's disheartening and infuriating at the lack of morals in people these days. I've had 3 hit-and-runs in my driving lifetime. One in a grocery store parking lot with no witnesses. Another in a grocery store parking lot with a witness who paged us in the grocery store, and a police officer tracked down the low-life who was insured, initially denied the incident, then confessed when confronted with the witness who ID'd his car license. The 3rd was an elderly driver who T-boned my 7 month old Lexus while I was driving then . . . unbelievably kept driving! I did an hasty U-turn and chased the turd down the highway until he finally stopped.

@ genedr

Too funny!

dennycrane888 | 02. marraskuu 2014

It may have been a delivery truck that hit you. That area is a commercial district and some of these trucks haec a hard time maneuvering.

EVino | 02. marraskuu 2014

I'm sorry to see this. I have the same color and as new as yours.

Call 311 to find out if there are city cameras there. At the least they may be able to redirect to other agencies. Make contact asap, as the others have suggested, since cameras loop over history.

Look into getting Blackvues.

jguyette | 02. marraskuu 2014

Thanks everyone
Police report filed and spoke to security at the immigration office. Might get lucky and get an image of the car that did this; I will know more once the police go through the video; security confirmed they keep the video footage for 7 days.

Will keep the forum up to date. Again thanks for all the support.

genedr @ny-us | 02. marraskuu 2014

@ Brian H The deer is guaranteed no protection under the US Constitution. Insurance requirements are a matter left to the States. (Gentle Needle --> see White House Petition forum thread)

@ Thanks for the lesson learned: Avoid grocery stores in CA . They are responsible for 66% of all accidents.

jbunn | 02. marraskuu 2014

S__t! That's a block from my apartment. I wonder if the valets for 5A5 or Roka Akor saw anything. You were close to both.

You have the same color I do by the way. I'll help you if I can, and you can contact me

Do you have paint transfer on your car? I helped a friend track down a hit-n-spilt in his neighborhood. We found the other car a block away. We had his paint and spare parts, and he had our paint and missing parts. Cops got him.

For the non SF folks, this area in the FIDI was a zoo this weekend. Friday we had a huge parade a few blocks away for the world series. And this weekend was Halloween. Chances are it was some bridge and tunnel idiot drunk way too early on a Saturday night.

The city is unfortunately hard on cars. My first week moving here with my car saw it keyed in a public parking garage in a few minuites. A few months later, I got egged, which cracked the paint on the hood, leaving a permanent mark. Then a rock chip on the 101 leading to a 900 dollar windshield. And that's all in the span of about a year.

Anyway, I'll help if I can. Let me know.

Captain_Zap | 02. marraskuu 2014

How were you able to identify all the cameras and who controlled them? | 02. marraskuu 2014

Zap -

you're asking Tyler Durden this question? Don't you know the first rule of fight club? It's the same as the second rule of fight club. ;)

jguyette | 02. marraskuu 2014

TDurden - I have voicemails out to the shops with the camera, Sunday so no response yet.

JBunn - thanks for the offer; I hate to hear your car got keyed that bugs me more than anything. I did not see visible paint on the car, however it was at night so the most likely was that it was black paint that transferred to me car. I will know more tomorrow if I can see it in the light. It was busy over the Friday and Saturday in the area and I was surprised just how many Halloween parties there were still on Saturday night. If it was some drunk person it was early as it was before 8:30pm. I wish I was closer to the restaurants and valets. I was at kokari for dinner and I avoided the valet, maybe next time I need to reconsider.

jbunn | 02. marraskuu 2014


Not keyed per se Looked like they were using a metal object to pry at the door handles and the drivers door. Sad part is, I saw the guys before it happened. I pulled in to the garage by City Target (Mission Parking Garage, I think). They have some chargers on the main floor adjacent to the alley. I plugged in and was walking away, and I saw two guys looking at the car. This was not unusual, as at the time very few had been delivered. I was used to the car being looked at. I suppose I should have watched.

Anyway, don't worry. It's not that noticeable, but I was really mad at the time because I had just gotten here. fortunately, the rest of the time has been much easier for the car.

On Friday, they were starting well before noon. And we're really close to North Beach, and that's always a zoo on the weekends. My brother-in-law has been bumped so many times by people parking all the paint wore off his bumper. Then it fell off the car. So he had it replaced, and most of the paint is already being wore off. That's in the span of less than 5 years, which is why it's very rare that I'll park on street.

Kokari is even closer to my house. Good food, but dammit I hate that place. I can never get squeezed in on short notice. Very popular, and rightly deserved. Congratulations on both your anniversary and your reservations. And hopefully, you get this bugger.

dbh | 02. marraskuu 2014

Ouch, that sucks, especially after just a few weeks.

@jbunn, "bridge and tunnel people", and that based on zero evidence? I know it's a common (perjorative) term, but it's such a provincial SF thing to say. As if living in Berkeley or Oakland would be *so* beneath anybody of means. Stay classy.

dbh | 02. marraskuu 2014

@jbunn, also, I am sorry to hear you had such a hard time with your car in SF though with keying and eggs. I've had no such problems just the other side of the far ;) Hope that doesn't to happen to me when I go into the city proper.

EVino | 02. marraskuu 2014

@dbh, in defense of jbunn, he didn't say bridge and tunnel people, as you quoted him as having said. What he wrote was bridge and tunnel "idiot"--semantic parsing I know but that nuance doesn't carry that general contempt that you're implying he has. I know what you're saying, though. | 03. marraskuu 2014

@Captain_Zap | November 2, 2014

I wasn't able to identify "all the cameras."

However, from Google Street View, you can easily see two substantial CC TV cameras --- directly at the intersection --- attached to the building occupied by the government agency I noted.

I hope the person(s) responsible are identified / caught.


Suturecabre | 03. marraskuu 2014

"Bridge and tunnelers" is something you might also hear from those that think there is no life outside Manhattan (considering more than half the tolls in the entire country are collected from the NY/NJ crossings, I think I disagree! Although it seems they usually refer to Queens and Brooklyn when they say this).

I'm nearing the one year anniversary of when my 5-day old P85 was hit and run while parked at my house. It was out of commission for 10 weeks. Ironically, it would have been in my driveway had I not been working on the brakes of my S550 at the time, which was only the case because of the lowball trade-in offers from the third-party sources Tesla uses. If the trade-in process had been easy as a dealer's and with a more reasonable offer, it might have turned out different. It's a bad feeling for sure. We're pretty confident we figured out who it was, but as it was weeks later with no proof, there was really nothing we could do. I was out the deductible, but with no frame damage and only some suspension parts and a quarter panel by one of the country's top shops, I hope diminished value wasn't a big loss in spite of the $20,000 repair bill....the low offers for trading up to the P85D makes for waters I've yet to test. Sincerely hoping the source is tracked down somehow, either from a witness after the fact or hopefully a camera somewhere (mine happened in a residential area in the suburbs so no luck there :\) .

AmpedRealtor | 03. marraskuu 2014

There's an entire contingent of angry, disenfranchised "renters" in San Francisco who advocate for the vandalism of cars belonging to those they perceive as "elitist" and "wealthy". They believe their actions will deter successful and wealthy individuals (especially from Silicon Valley) from buying property in or moving to San Francisco. Their goal is to keep values from rising, and to keep buildings from being sold, in order to maintain rent control and a lower cost of living.

I'm saddened by the turn that SF has taken in the last 15 years.

mike_f | 03. marraskuu 2014

AmpedRealtor may be onto something. First time I saw the photo of the damage it looked as if it was caused by a downward going force applied by a blunt instrument since (at least from the photo) there was no apparent damage in those areas (intact headlight) that one would expect from a moving vehicle. It looks as if force was applied to the top of the front bumper.

Pungoteague_Dave | 03. marraskuu 2014

That'll buff right out.

mbirnie51 | 03. marraskuu 2014

@jguyette....I was backing out of my carport (1 to 2 mph) and turned too soon, catching the front driver side bumper on carport post. It ripped the bumper off completely...$4.5k later we drove out of the repair shop. Tesla had changed the bumper attachment bracket which necessitated going deeper into repair than first expected, and an additional $1.3K in costs. Moral of story is sit down when your authorized repair shop gives you the estimate. I can forward you the first estimate of $2.5k before it was determined the newer bracket was needed and then the final ransom to get back into the drivers seat (if you are interested). MHB

hpjtv | 03. marraskuu 2014

That really sucks. Hope you are able to find the culprit. I also hope your insurance is good to deal with. It's stuff like this that I will be installing front and rear cameras on my MS when it arrives. I'll have it on 24/7 and only record when there is motion.