40 KWH acceleration?

40 KWH acceleration?

Subjective question - I saw the differences between 0 to 60 ratings for the 40 and 65 KWH options. Has anyone driven both, and if so was there a vast or noticeable difference in acceleration between the two for normal driving? I'm about to finish configuration of my car and need to decide between the two. Range is not an issue for me in Hawaii, so acceleration would be the only factor. Thanks.

ChasF | 19. tammikuu 2013

You won't get much help from this crowd.
The 60kwh went into production a few weeks ago and only a few have been delivered, if any.
The 40kwh won't go into production until March, so no one has been able to compare the two.

rodf | 19. tammikuu 2013

Ok thanks. I have not been able to visit any of the locations or the factory and didn't know if the various models were available for test drives.

AaronX | 19. tammikuu 2013

Only the 85s are available for test drives.

Brian H | 19. tammikuu 2013

NOBODY has driven the 40kWh even once. None exist. A 60 or two may have been delivered, but I don't think so.

schoendp | 19. tammikuu 2013

Although no one has driven one, we can make some educated guesses. The torque between the two models is very similar. Therefore, they should get off the line nearly identically. And because the 40kWh should weigh a little less, it might actually do better. Due to much more hp in the 60kWh, the 60kWh should start to pull away fairly soon. If you are more concerned about the start, there probably won't be any difference, but if you are concerned about top speed or steadily pulling away from other cars, then the 60kWh would be better.

nickjhowe | 19. tammikuu 2013

TMC is reporting 60kWh deliveries. They are out there in the wild as of the last day or so.

Superliner | 19. tammikuu 2013

I'm wondering why so much emphasis on 0-60 performance? Maybe I'm old or something but I rarely hammer on my car at w/o throttle from a dead start, blast to 60 and then ?? I understand bragging rights I guess but sheer 0-60 strait line performance in NOT a staple of my daily commute no matter what I'm driving

Oaktowner | 19. tammikuu 2013

+1 Superliner

I'm always more concerned with passing acceleration (say, 60-80).

I do *that* several times a day.

lph | 19. tammikuu 2013

Brian H: NOBODY? I think that you mean that nobody outside of Tesla.
I will be very surprised if Tesla has no 40 kw cars out there being driven, under cover of course.

Superliner: Unfortunately the 0-60 is a de-facto "industry standard" benchmark. I agree that others like the 5-60, 30-50 and 50-70 (and 60-80) are more useful to gauge the real on the road performance of a car.

HansJ | 19. tammikuu 2013

I'm sure the acceleration will be great. I picked up my 60 kWh car today and it's super fast at 0-60 and 60-80. You hit the throttle at 60 and it's 95 before you have time to let up! Very easy to get tickets in these cars. I got back onto my BMW 540 today and it felt like a slug.

nickjhowe | 19. tammikuu 2013

@HansJ - congrats. Did you ever think your 540 would feel like a 'slug'? LOL

lph | 20. tammikuu 2013

My estimate for the S40 acceleration if Motor Trend had tested it which they have not. Indeed I used their test of the P85 and S85 as benchmarks. This is just an estimate based on the scant data available. Although this will likely be in the ball park (because I use a graphical fitting technique that has served me well in the past when estimating this sort of thing). It should be taken with a pinch of salt till the actual performance figures are in.

0-30 2.4sec
0-40 3.4
0-50 4.6
0-60 6.0
0-70 7.6
0-80 9.5
0-90 11.8
0-100 14.6
1/4mile 14.3 at 99

Figures assume a 1 foot rollout as is typically used these days by MT and most other testing agencies. I don't believe that Tesla does use this 1 foot rollout for their numbers so that is why the times are shorter than Tesla indicates.
Because this is an electric car, it has no lag measurable lag time at take up. So the 30-50 etc times can be estimated fairly well from this curve. 30-50 in this case would be 4.6-2.4=2.2 sec.