50 years from now...which Tesla will be the most collectible ?

50 years from now...which Tesla will be the most collectible ?

I have no doubt that the Tesla name will be mentioned along with the word "Classic" 50 years from now. The question is, which of the early Tesla cars will be considered the most collectible? A Roadster? A Signature MS, an early Model X? Would a cream puff P85 with its original battery be seen as more collectible than one that had its battery swapped for a 110 size in 2019 ? Or, will the first production self-driving Model E released soon after Google bought Tesla in 2020 be considered the great classic?

Captain_Zap | 24. tammikuu 2014

Roadsters. They are the ones that will be rare.

Brian H | 25. tammikuu 2014

Are you planning to live long enough to profit from it?

Cattledog | 25. tammikuu 2014

Founder Series cars.

Timo | 25. tammikuu 2014

@Brian H, I don't know about you, but I plan to live forever :-)

DHrivnak | 25. tammikuu 2014

I have bet on the Roadster for two reasons. First it is THE car that started the new EV revolution and it is much rarer. There are already 12X the Model S's on the road.

L8MDL | 25. tammikuu 2014

None unless battery technology changes. I don't believe current cells will last 50 years under any normal use. Could be a new industry for some entrepreneur.

AmpedUP | 25. tammikuu 2014

Brian H...well, I'll be 98...but with my classic Model S retrofitted for self driving, I hope to die while on the road! When the car reaches its destination, they'll find a corpse with a Tesla grin on its face...

Car t man | 26. tammikuu 2014

If you froze cells, they likely would without issue. In fact, storing them at some 30% SOC at very low temps, would certainly get them to 50 years or longer.

As for my pick, yes, early roadsters, but my very own pick, would be the Tesla S delivered to a EU client with all four doors in the wrong color. Unfortunately he agreed to a door swap..

That one should have been put into an art and later on a technical or a car museum..

Brian H | 26. tammikuu 2014

Lots of people have had that plan, but...

SamO | 26. tammikuu 2014

The model S 40 will be most collectible.

Fewer than 600 made. V 2500 roadsters.

Frank.B.Smith | 26. tammikuu 2014

Here is a better question. 50 years from now will the first electric cars or the last ICE cars of this decade be more collectible?

I imagine one day ICE cars will be like Steam locomotives. People will admire them and take nostalgic rides in them but they will not be your daily driver.

Timo | 26. tammikuu 2014

I don't think last ICE cars will ever be collectibles. They are so boring. Some muscle cars from 70s will probably keep their status.

Captain_Zap | 28. tammikuu 2014

One of the Founder's cars was already put up for sale. I have a Signature but it wasn't for collectible reasons.

I'm hoping that my old ICE BMW flagship will be a hot collectible. That is only because it is still sitting in the garage... Kinda hard to let it go but I really don't feel like driving it either. It won't take too much to get me to sell it. Just a loving new owner.

But, my "muscle car" from high school that I sold years ago is probably the more likely candidate. I've looked for another one like it and it isn't out there!

Timo | 28. tammikuu 2014

Something like the Mustang from "gone in 60 seconds" (N. Cage version), Triumph Herald, the original Mini Cooper etc. keep their value just because they are so cool.

It takes a lot of time to lose that value.

Brian H | 28. tammikuu 2014

Here's a plan: get a good example of some collectible, then start buying up and junking others. If you do it quick enough, it could cause a big spike in valuation! ;)

Roadster22 | 21. maaliskuu 2014
negarholger | 22. maaliskuu 2014

In 50 years my Model S will be still in service with 66 kWh left.

Brian H | 22. maaliskuu 2014

Will you?

alcassfast | 24. maaliskuu 2014

Will you, "be"?

mark.perrin1 | 10. elokuu 2015

RHD Roadsters as under 50 were produced. There are less than 17 roadster sports in UK in 2015.

ragtopday | 10. elokuu 2015

“It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”

― Yogi Berra

ragtopday | 10. elokuu 2015

@ Timo
That statement could only be made by someone that knows nothing a bout collectable cars

Timo | 10. elokuu 2015

You mean that coolness have no factor in value. That can't be right.

Red Sage ca us | 12. elokuu 2015