Additional Four Years of Maintenance--Do You Have to Buy Upfront?

Additional Four Years of Maintenance--Do You Have to Buy Upfront?

I've read and re-read the George B post, and what I'm wondering is this: for the additional 4 years of maintenance, am I right to assume that you can buy the additional maintenance at the end of the first four years, but if you want the prepaid discount ($1900 rather than $2400), then you buy it now? Has this even been clarified by Tesla?

timdorr | 19. joulukuu 2012

Yes, you'll have to buy it up-front. It's either within 90 or 30 days of getting your car. It's supposed to be purchasable through the My Tesla section of the site, but they haven't released that feature yet.

riceuguy | 19. joulukuu 2012

I thought that was for the extended warranty (rather than extended maintenance)?

mkh1437 | 19. joulukuu 2012

When I emailed Tesla about this, they indicated that they haven't actually started selling them yet. Once they do, owners will be notified.

Klaus | 20. joulukuu 2012

The additional 4 years can be paid at the end of the original 4 years. Probably varies state to state. Florida allows 30 days AFTER the expiration of the original agreement. This from the Service reps in Tampa.

Klaus | 20. joulukuu 2012

Not sure about the extended warranty for $2500 though. Since it appears that the maintenance is required to honor the warranty but not the other way around, why pay for extended warranty.

jchangyy | 20. joulukuu 2012

Does the extended warranty cover everything, including brake pads, etc, just like the initial warranty?

TeslaOwnerBlog | 20. joulukuu 2012

One of the nice things about the electric cars is that you won't be wearing out your brake pads nearly as much. With my Roadster I rarely use the brakes at all. Just take the foot off the accelerator most of the time. In fact, occasionally they got a bit squeaky because they were used too infrequently.

riceuguy | 20. joulukuu 2012

A bit of clarification to my original post: I will buy and pre-pay for the extended warranty, if for no other reason than peace of mind and resale value (not of the warranty, but of the car...I for one would never buy an out of warranty used car!). I want to do the extended maintenance as well, but I don't want to pay for that now. It sounds like the responses so far have been a bit confused about maintenance versus warranty (and it seems like perhaps nobody knows the answer with any degree of certainty?).

BYT | 20. joulukuu 2012

I'm on the same page with you riceuguy and I don't think even Tesla has the answers yet with any degree of certainty.

prash.saka | 20. joulukuu 2012

There is an existing discussion on the same topic". However, even on that forum, there isn't much clarifying information.

~ Prash.