Apple electric car

Apple electric car

There are rumors that Apple is working on an electric car. Is this believable? They have an enormous amount of money, but absolutely no experience with building cars.

AA_4_Tesla | 13. helmikuu 2015

I would guess they aren't building a car, but the control systems for an established manufacturer.

But honestly, Apple could probably do whatever they want and folks would trip over themselves to use it.

vperl | 13. helmikuu 2015

If I apple gets involved, in manufacturing.... iApple could build 1000 Supercharger locations that would integrate with Tesla. iApple would sell cars and so would Tesla and everyone would be very happy that had these vehicles. iApple is filthy rich, if they get involved Tesla Superchargers and Apple clone superchargers would instantly rule the EV market.

Elon and iApple could arrange dual use programs for charging.

TaoJones | 13. helmikuu 2015

Look for Apple technology *in* EVs of the future, and perhaps even a concept car or two, but that's it.

No more, no less.

There's a lot of the pie that hasn't even been baked yet, let alone sliced.

3seeker | 14. helmikuu 2015

I wouldn't be surprised if Apple were to make a car and partner with Tesla with regards to powertrain & supercharging. Actually, I'd be rather excited! Such a move would greatly accelerate the EV revolution. Plus I'm sure Apple would make gorgeous cars.

cliffmccormick | 14. helmikuu 2015

Fun, great; seeing markets telling tales yet?

Do I spy a rising tide?
What ever shall become of my ship?


Go Tesla!

Boukman | 14. helmikuu 2015

An Apple car? Bring it... the more the merrier! But if Apple does make a car, if you think the MS is expensive,l considering the way Apple prices its products, this car is going to be require some serious dough...the funny thing is that people would wait on line to buy one...or would they? We are not talking about a $600 phone or a $5000 computer...In any case this would be really interesting...

Jcollins | 14. helmikuu 2015

I'm a huge fan of both companies. Making computers and making cars are very different. However, making computers that drive you and cars that can be upgraded with a download blurs the line between two different products. My wish is that Apple and Tesla join forces, either through a partnership or a merger, to accelerate the growth of electric cars with acceptable range for the astute masses (well off or middle income.) Go Tesla and Go Apple!

Brian H | 14. helmikuu 2015

"Apple clone superchargers would instantly rule the EV market". Instantly my rosy red rear. There's a long ramp to getting good at making cars, and throwing lots of cash at it is as likely to produce a frankencar as not. It was perhaps fortunate that Elon & co. had to make every penny count.

EmperorTytus | 14. helmikuu 2015

As the largest consumer of lithium batteries in the world, I had hoped Apple might invest in and benefit from the gigafacfory. The hope is still alive... but it is a long shot. Apple building an EV... an even longer shot.

carlgo | 14. helmikuu 2015

Remember that Apple does not build much themselves, being a design and software company. They can hire talented designers and sub out the work to an existing car company, all of whom can build any car they want these days.

And there is no reason to think it would be any less than extremely competitive with any segment of the market they choose to compete in (assuming they made good decisions on the style, utility, etc.)

I think that if Apple and Tesla really did partner up in a significant way the existing car companies would be terrified. However, I doubt Apple would do that. They go into a market to dominate it, not share. But they do buy parts and components from competitors, so they could choose Tesla batteries or motors.

StantonCruse | 15. helmikuu 2015

I am not convinced that Apple is working on an iCar to sell to the public. I have read that the prototype is a type of van. It is my guess that with the recent announcements by both Google and Über on their ambitions to evolve Rideshare to be fully autonomous, Apple want in. I think the 2014 Southpark episode is a warning that should be heeded. If automated Rideshare takes off, wouldn't the automotive sales models that exist today risk becoming obsolete, even Tesla's innovative direct sales model? People are already closing Rideshare over purchasing cars in cities like LA.

DonS | 16. helmikuu 2015

Apple is scared to death of being left out of the consumer auto. There are far more cars than iPhones, so Apple wants everyone to speak to Siri in their car.
The autonomous car is another area they want a piece. Today, every manufacturer has their own autonomous design, but the future will see a lot of technology sharing so that cars work better together. Plus, if a non-automotive company like Apple could get a "certified safe" autonomous solution, auto manufacturers could just buy it.

carlgo2 | 16. helmikuu 2015

Something that is interesting is that it seems Apple tried to get caught. All that stuff on the roof could have been hidden. I think it is for some sort response or fake-out, but what could that be? The roof is not where you would put sensors for close maneuvering, parking, etc. Look where the lenses are pointing. Charting high-rises or planets or what?

And what indeed would this have to do with an actual car?

It is just to scare Google. Apple hates Google.

grega | 16. helmikuu 2015

I wouldn't be surprised if Apple has many "wild cards", and this is one of them. "Mac on Intel" was kept running for 5 or 6 years before they decided it was something worth doing, it was there just in case they needed it.

All that aside, the Apple articles are talking about Apple outsourcing manufacturing:
"Apple executives have reportedly flown to Austria to meet with contract manufacturers of high-end cars, like Magna Steyr, who would presumably work with Apple on creating the cars if the project proceeds. " ( )

I'm just wondering, if Apple is doing something novel, then contract manufacturers might not be in a position to help much. If contract manufacturers CAN help, is there a reason Tesla doesn't use them.

I suspect the answer will be that any high volume manufacturer doesn't outsource, but does anyone know a little about the ins and outs of outsourced manufacturing?

Red Sage ca us | 16. helmikuu 2015

Hmmm... Now that is something I could probably approve of... If Apple™ were to have another manufacturer build their electric cars, as an ultra high end marque, it would be one less thing for Tesla Motors to tackle. No need for a Tesla Model L...

I have imagined in times past how nice it would be for Bentley, Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, or Rolls-Royce to release a fully electric car. When I considered the notion, I figured that the six passenger pullman limousine configuration would work well for such an application.

Such cars typically are very long, about 20-22 feet overall. So they have an extended wheelbase as well. Plenty of room for a Tesla style skateboard. They are luxury vehicles, so they can certainly bear the additional cost of a huge battery pack. Since such cars are usually very heavy anyway, right around three tons (6,000 lbs), the additional weight of an oversized battery pack would not be out of place.

I figure it would be dual motor AWD with boatloads of torque and horsepower. The battery pack would probably be in the range of 170 kWh to 220 kWh capacity. Such a platform would make for a very smooth, quiet ride, offering the highest level of comfort. It would positively redefine the experience of how 'luxury' was defined forevermore. With the usual configuration of such a vehicle, you would end up with a cavernous frunk, in addition to the gigantic trunk.

Initially, such an ultra high end vehicle would only be sold in very limited quantities, perhaps three hundred per year. But eventually you could ramp up to around one thousand annually. That would make for a very profitable, extremely exclusive, absolutely high value vehicle that would make for a lot of good press.

Guy2095 | 16. helmikuu 2015

An Apple EV would have a non-replaceable battery that would die in 3 years but that wouldn't matter because no Apple owner would EVER want one THREE versions old!

grega | 16. helmikuu 2015

When I read the rumour that Apple would buy Tesla (which I think is crazy, not happening), one thought was - they should buy Tesla batteries.

And the second thought was - perhaps in a few years Tesla will split into 2 companies. One the battery business (and perhaps motor). The other the car business. Apple might want to get in on the car business.

Grinnin'.VA | 17. helmikuu 2015

@ Red Sage ca us | February 16, 2015

If Apple™ were to have another manufacturer build their electric cars, as an ultra high end marque, it would be one less thing for Tesla Motors to tackle.

I'm surprised. The last time I noticed, Apple seemed to be focused on making mass market products.

grega | 17. helmikuu 2015

Yes I don't think Apple would be paying $250k signing bonuses to poach hundreds of Tesla employees, and investing as much as implied, or trying to make an auto drive technology - just for highest end cars.

bigd | 19. helmikuu 2015

Apple Inc. To Buy Tesla For $75 Billion In 18 Months: Calacanis

THRΞΞ | 19. helmikuu 2015

With Apple's cash and Tesla's open patents, what's there to stop them from building awesome cars? Seeing how the rest of the auto industry has been reluctant to adopt this new technology, Apple could have taken this as a golden opportunity.

I really hope to see an Apple Motors alongside Tesla Motors in the near future, maybe with Apple catering to the premium luxury market.

jf_dou | 19. helmikuu 2015

The van we see might be just a mule (test platform). It has more room to load instruments, devices and couple engineers. The real design of iCar must be the top secret only few people know.

Brian H | 19. helmikuu 2015

Would Apple dare not advertise, like Tesla?

Guy2095 | 19. helmikuu 2015

Maybe they are working on a new postal delivery vehicle. Then make an i version to show in all their Apple stores. Fan boys would be begging to own one.

carlgo | 21. helmikuu 2015

There have been mentions that the Apple vehicle would be a small van. A minivan would be interesting as it could be sold both to families and to local delivery companies, together a large market.

Perhaps Apple and Tesla agreed to not compete in this segment, to not step on each other's toes.

A van can contain a lot of electronics, Apple's of course. A van would not have to compete in the expensive high performance realm, but Apple would not sell it cheap either. That we know!

Remnant | 21. helmikuu 2015

@ bigd (February 19, 2015)

<< Apple Inc. To Buy Tesla For $75 Billion In 18 Months: Calacanis >>

A hostile purchase?

Apple's poaching Tesla's employees by hundreds doesn't sound like a friendly action.

chrispga | 22. helmikuu 2015

I think Apple is making a high end car that sells for north of $100,000. It would use the the batteries produced by Tesla at the new gigafactory. Apple will have high margins thanks to the 30% reduction in battery cost thanks to Tesla. Apple will have there own superchargers. The car will run iOS.

Apple has a lot of pull with the U.S. government so direct sales ban in all 50 states will be lifted. At least one Apple car will be in each Apple Store since new desktop computers now require less room. All other Apple products will be up against the wall in the stores.

I know it seems weird to think of a car inside an Apple store but remember this car has no oil, antifreeze or other fluids to leak on the floor.

The main think to keep in mind is that Apple doesn't do cheap. The car will start at $100,000 and go up from there. Tim Cook is a supply chain man and he will secure the best deals netting Apple high margins for each car sold.

Don't worry, this is what Elon wanted. More competition in this space and no, the Bolt is not competition. If the Bolts body was more like the Volt, or the Cruze or a 4 door sedan, then you would have reason to worry about GM eating into Tesla Model III sales. Here again, Apple doesn't do cheap. The Apple car would compete against the Tesla Model S P85D and Mercedes, BMW, and Lexus flagship vehicles. This is not about oil or clean energy. It's about making the best car possible. Apple and Tesla make the best cars period.

gabriel_babin | 22. helmikuu 2015


Not sure about the "It would use the the batteries produced by Tesla at the new gigafactory."

Do you remember the "Apple’s latest project is too exciting to pass up. I think it will change the landscape and give Tesla a run for its money." ?

Apple seems to be in real competition against Tesla because they are losing too many employees.

Elon said that the Model ≡ is going to be directly in competition with BMW 3 series. So remember that it will be a luxury car.

natelachlan | 23. helmikuu 2015

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robingrantjacob | 23. helmikuu 2015

The biggest problem is that it wont have windows...

Brian H | 24. helmikuu 2015

Who need windows when you've got iPads?