Blue with Black vs Tan and Obeche Matte or Gloss

Blue with Black vs Tan and Obeche Matte or Gloss

Hi all, love this forum.

I´m in Europe and will have configure soon. I have made up my mind about all options other than black or tan interior and obeche wood matte or gloss.

If you have links to or could put in pictures with those configurations to help me decide those last details i would really be thankful. I´m leaning more to tan but it has to be the right color (not to orange).


markapeterman | 18. tammikuu 2013

I have blue with tan - it is not orange at all. I think it looks great - there is already a lot of black in the interior and I like the contrast. The tan is light and will soil easier than black but also won't get as hot. I have obeche matte and prefer the non-shiny look, but that is more personal preference. I have seen the gloss and it looks nice too.

EK | 18. tammikuu 2013

Do you have any online pics that I could see?
I really don´t trust the design studio.

stephen.kamichik | 18. tammikuu 2013

Check out TM's photo gallery page. They have photos of the MS in each color.

EK | 18. tammikuu 2013

They lack inside pics, after looking at hundreds of paint photos I finally decided to go with blue. Now I am looking for real life interior pics, this

looks nice, but I would like to see how matte goes with black. And if I possibly could tan and gloss vs tan and mette

Onamort | 18. tammikuu 2013

The gloss goes better with the tan, because the gloss brings out more of the brown colors rather than the grey tones in the matte finish.
Will be receiving Blue /Tan /Gloss in the next two weeks

Cattledog | 18. tammikuu 2013

I Have Blue with tan and obeche matte and love it. You almost can't configure wrong. There are some photos on my blog if you want to head there:

DocDog | 18. tammikuu 2013

I am a few weeks away from my Blue on Black and Obeche matte. For me, the small additional touches in the decor helped push me to select the performance model. Good luck.

Brian H | 18. tammikuu 2013

Yes, I posted a challenge once, to come up with a bad/ugly combo. No takers. A true measure of the genius of the TM design team.

RedShift | 18. tammikuu 2013

"Yes, I posted a challenge once, to come up with a bad/ugly combo. No takers. A true measure of the genius of the TM design team."

Either that, or you guys are too nice.

Here: red/bronze with grey, not my favorite combination.
Sorry for pissing anyone off in advance.

debuntx | 18. tammikuu 2013

Ordered Blue with Black and Obeche Matte.

jbunn | 18. tammikuu 2013

Blue/tan w obeche gloss. I can tell you in about a week how it looks

Velo1 | 18. tammikuu 2013

My Model S, named Joules, was delivered today. Blue metallic with grey leather interior and gloss obeche wood. I can honestly say this combination blew me away, and looked much better than the samples I analyzed at the Tesla store. This car is simply bluetiful.

Brian H | 18. tammikuu 2013

"bluetiful" -- cute!

bronze? Where dat? Tan interior?

EK | 19. tammikuu 2013

Thanks for the response, I´m hoping for more pics because we all have different tastes.

As things stand now I´m leaning more to gloss over matte. I also think I like tan more. BUT I don´t like the tan in dash making it a 3 color combo. Since I don´t think it´s possible to get tan seats and black dash, my selection is now black and gloss.

Still hope to see more pics until I have to lock down options.

mcallaghan | 19. tammikuu 2013

If you haven't seen the production tan interior, I can assure you that it is way nicer, more plush and more "tan" than some of the betas. When I saw the beta, the tan on the seats was a different color than the you essentially had three colors in the interior (black, tan seats, different tan for the headliner). A few months ago, I saw a true production car with a tan was amazing. The two " tans" were the same, which really makes the black accents pop, and makes the rest of the interior look much more elegant. Blue with tan will be awesome.....

RedShift | 19. tammikuu 2013

Brian, I meant brown, not bronze.

Brian H | 19. tammikuu 2013

Well, they both start with b, and have an r, o, and n. I should guessed. (??)

Robert22 | 19. tammikuu 2013


It looks pretty darn spiffy. Just about everyone that sits in the car comments on it. I think you'll be very pleased.