CA to Gain EV Charging Stations.

CA to Gain EV Charging Stations.

FYI. In Saturday's LA Times (3/24/12), page one Business section, there is an article that California has reached a $120 million settlement with NRG Energy. Most of this settlement will be used to construct 200 public fast charging stations and install wiring for 10,000 plug in units in 1,000 locations . The NRG settlement stemmed from the accusation that NRG and Dynegy inflated costs on long term power contracts during CA’s 2000 power crisis.

The article further mentioned how this will help the sales of EVs, and of the 11,000 Nissan Leafs sold, 40% were in California.

BYT | 24. maaliskuu 2012

Enron to Chevron, let's shut them down... :)

Brian H | 24. maaliskuu 2012

10 units per location! Makes sense. Lots of capacity for future expansion.

prash.saka | 25. maaliskuu 2012

Wonder how many of these stations use renewable sources. Any hints?

Robert.Boston | 25. maaliskuu 2012

@prash.saka: Almost certainly these stations will simply use grid power. In CA, though, that means that 33% of the power will be from renewable sources by 2020. Corporately, though, NRG Energy is a major developer of renewable power, and it has recently set up a $300 million fund (with 2 partners) to help foster commercialization of novel renewable energy techs.

Note that NRG Energy runs the EVGo system in Texas; it's likely that the California chargers will be run under a similar business model.