CalBattery promises 3x range & 70% lower cost in 3-2 years

CalBattery promises 3x range & 70% lower cost in 3-2 years

Passed peer review and production ready as a drop-in replacement in 2-3 years. If this actually happens, the game is changed forever.

up north | 16. marraskuu 2012

just in time for tesla gen 111.

Brian H | 16. marraskuu 2012

Looks interesting, but don't be too impressed with peer review. It's basically an editor's check that he won't be too immediately and severely embarrassed for publishing it. Real validation only occurs when others reproduce or field-test it, and compare reality to claims.

Timo | 17. marraskuu 2012

I don't doubt the battery, test is that is it feasible to mass-production. Batteries like that have been made in extremely small scale in labs for few years now. If they can turn the lab experiment in mass-produced product then this is a real breakthrough.

I wonder if this is the one with graphite "coating" for silicon anode.

Brian H | 17. marraskuu 2012

Well, they claim the anode is "drop-in" compatible with existing designs. So that's about as good as it gets. Assuming the "drop-in" part itself is not a problem.

mats.westerholm | 05. joulukuu 2015

Anyone heard anything more from CalBattery? Would be really cool if they delivered batteries for Tesla to reach 600 miles range finally for Tesla Model S ? I would buy then for sure!

Jcollins | 05. joulukuu 2015

I went to their web site but see nothing newer than September 2014. IMHO, a startup with no announcement of activity for over a year doesn't look good.

mats.westerholm | 10. kesäkuu 2018

According to their website they are producing since late 2016:

California Lithium Battery, Inc. (“CalBattery”) is pleased to announce that the Company has now successfully scaled-up its new fluidized bed chemical vapor deposition process and is producing commercial quality and quantities of its breakthrough very high capacity silicon composite anode material for use in lithium ion batteries (“LIB”).

Over the past 5 years CalBattery’s Dr. Junbing Yang (President/CTO) and Phillip Roberts (CEO) have worked diligently with over thirty engineering groups to develop, build, and optimize a new type of fluidized bed chemical vapor deposition reactor capable of producing novel industry leading silicon composite lithium battery anode materials that can be specially engineered to incorporate between 10% -50% silicon with limited swelling and good cycle life compared to other LIB silicon anode materials used today.

The Company is now working closely with major chemical and battery manufacturers to optimize the CalBattery silicon anode materials to enhance battery performance in combination with various new complimentary advanced cathode, electrolyte, and binder materials.

SO | 10. kesäkuu 2018

If it has longevity and is robust, great!

Should_I | 10. kesäkuu 2018

If you are going to necropost like this at least admit your connection to the company.

mats.westerholm | 10. kesäkuu 2018

I'm just a small investor in the company for many years.
Would be cool to see the team succeed and could be beneficial for Tesla I believe.

David N | 10. kesäkuu 2018

JB publicly stated on the stockholder call that Tesla constantly searches worldwide for the best battery technology and they have not found anything better than what Tesla has.
If JB said it, that’s good enough for me.

mats.westerholm | 11. kesäkuu 2018

David N: I agree. But Elon also said during the shareholder meeting that the key to be able to offer SpaceX option pack to the Tesla Roadster is a new anode material. For it to reach performance to outperform Bugatti Chiron and Koenigsegg's cars to get rid of the "halo effect surrounding gasoline cars". Would just be cool if it was CalBattery's anode material where lithium-ion is integrated into graphene.

David N | 11. kesäkuu 2018

The original post is from 2012, it mentioned production in 2-3yrs.
It’s been nearly 6 years and nothing new to report.
I too, hope that improvements continue in battery development. Doesn’t really matter where or who it comes from, but my guess is that it will come from the Tesla battery development team. When Tesla’s battery pack was broken down and examined, it was described as “ years ahead of anything else out there”.
I’m sure advancements will continue to be made, and my money is on Tesla will continue to lead the way for the next 5 years (minimum).

dmm1240 | 11. kesäkuu 2018

Big claims of breakthroughs are made all the time. Tesla investigates every one and has yet to find the magic bullet. In the meantime, they continue to work on improving the batteries they make and are making steady progress.

These guys are looking for funding so the claims are huge. One day someone will announce the breakthrough that really is one, but until then... here's a truckload of salt to tide you over. | 11. kesäkuu 2018

Great if a new battery tech happens, but seems like another hopeful that hasn't made or proven viability for EVs. I wrote this article a while back on why 99.9% of these battery announcments will never work for EVs:

reed_lewis | 12. kesäkuu 2018

I find it funny that this company in 2012 was 2-3 years from a major breakthrough that was going to revolutionize the whole battery world.

And here is it 6 years later, and they still have nothing...

Uncle Paul | 12. kesäkuu 2018

Lots of people are working hard on new battery technology. Tons of money is being invested.

Improvements are being made incrementally all the time, and everyone is waiting for the breakthrough that will add additioal capabilities in storage, release, price, manufacturability and size.

Unfortunately, more claims have been released than real products. If a new technology is seeing additonal funding, they need to publish claims and specifications that will entice those investors.

Everyone feels that a breakthrough is just around the corner, but so far it has been elusive.

Tesla also has improvements in the works, but they tend to not discuss those until they are about to be placed into their cars.

jerryk | 12. kesäkuu 2018

Reminds me of my daughter's skepticism in her field, Molecular Biology. When she reads something like this she always tells me "You know we have cured cancer hundreds of times, in the lab".

Yodrak. | 12. kesäkuu 2018

"I find it funny that this company in 2012 was 2-3 years from a major breakthrough that was going to revolutionize the whole battery world.

And here is it 6 years later, and they still have nothing..."

Makes Elon's forecasts look like they happen right on schedule.

mats.westerholm | 06. joulukuu 2018

Building great companies takes time and work. Tesla Model 3 was not build overnight!.
CalBattery is actually expanding their technology to China/Hong Kong as we speak.

up north | 06. joulukuu 2018

The new production line at gigifactory one in sparks should be done this month or next to alow the new materials or the silicon anode material if used to be drop in compatible with the 2170 cell. This new 2170 cell is lighter better faster and has more range. It will be in the model 3 base when it comes out in 3 to 6 mounths from now.

Yodrak. | 06. joulukuu 2018 is nothing more than a web site where anyone can put out 'press releases' that say anything they want. Doesn't mean that any of it is accurate.

spuzzz123 | 07. joulukuu 2018

Imagine if true how fast our cars will depreciate. I guess for that matter won't ICE cars also depreciate as well?

mats.westerholm | 14. huhtikuu 2019

@up north I could not agree more, would be so cool! Better for everyone on the planet.

David N | 15. huhtikuu 2019

There’s so much more to a battery than simply available power and charging speed. There is a very complex safety issue. Pack/cell cooling, discharge rates, charging rates, what happens when something goes wrong internally. Cars have specific issues that will challenge a lot of so called “new breakthroughs”.
I sincerely hope the best for our future. | 15. huhtikuu 2019

Unfortunately, a lot of new batteries end up failing the longevity test. You can make a battery today that can charge in a minute or two - but only lasts for 5 cycles. Obviously not too suitable for most applications. Usually fixing one issue creates other issues. Getting the right balance is really hard. Testing for longevity is also really hard.

Then there are limits to accelerated testing, so that it often takes quite some time to evaluate if the battery tech is really reliable and doesn't suffer longevity issues. There will be improvements and breakthroughs, but it usually takes years to confirm something is better than what is available today, at least for automotive applications. For phones, if it lasts 2 years, no big deal - so more risks can be taken. Then again, as Samsung found out, rushing a design to market can be catastrophic.

Yodrak. | 15. huhtikuu 2019

"If this actually happens, the game is changed forever."

It did not actually happen. Play on ...

samuelgeorge3443 | 17. huhtikuu 2019

after some time battery cells become weaken, so the performance of the car would also differ, get it checked after every year.

macmaster | 19. huhtikuu 2019

Regardless, new thermal heating design is needed for cooler climates to save range. Tesla cars and energy should be investing in research beyond heat pumps, how about the termo-magic cooling in reverse?