Center Console

Center Console

Recently took delivery of my Model S. Love the driving. Perfect. BUT... the absence of reasonable storage space for small items like parking passes, sunglasses, meds, etc is a real problem. The glove box is small and hard to reach from the driver's side. There needs to be a center storage console. All cars I've owned for the last 20 years have had that. Generally with two compartments, a shallow covered tray on top for small items, and a deeper compartment for larger items like gloves, kleenex, etc.

The floor tray between the driver's and passenger's feet is silly. Putting things in it guarantees they'll fly about on sudden stops, and trashes the otherwise clean look of the interior.

Will Tesla or an aftermarket manufacturer please come out with a center console I can install with velcro? It will unfortunately be expensive because it will need to bring the power and USB adapters through the console to a new location. But I'll buy one as soon as it's out!

And yes, as others have commented, the rear seats need cup-holders. This is simply fact in America today. It's the way we travel.

scriptacus | 15. tammikuu 2013

There's an aftermarket center console insert going into production in February. Google "tesla cci" for more details.

sandman | 15. tammikuu 2013

There is a little cubby just below my screen that is perfect for my phone, glasses and small parking passes. I'm not saying I wouldn't appreciate some more cubbies for flash drives and whatnot. I don't expect to have folks in my car with coffee and drinks so I'm not upset by the missing rear cup holders but easy to understand why folks want it.

Achilz | 15. tammikuu 2013

Agreed. These features are necessary for the Model S to be a true replacement for my everyday family car. The interior is beautiful in its spartan design, and I personally like the extra space in the front because I can put my briefcase there. But, if this is going to be more than a cool trophy car and is actually a daily driver, I need a box to put my sunglasses, eye drops, pens and paper, supermarket rewards card, gum, change and other junk that I stuff into the center console. And, I agree that people in the back need to put cups somewhere. It's not a family car unless a kid can sit in the back.
I don't mean to overlook the many beautiful features of the interior but this type of stuff should be worked into second generation planning. Look at the difference between the early and late roadster interiors and hopefully the same thing will happen to the Model S.

Getting Amped Again | 15. tammikuu 2013

There is also a kangaroo pouch on the front of the driver's seat. Agree that it needs a center console though!

jat | 15. tammikuu 2013

@GAS - note the kangaroo pouch is only with leather seats

Brian H | 15. tammikuu 2013

Only on leather seats. Fabric is pouchless.

Getting Amped Again | 15. tammikuu 2013

Never seen a fabric kangaroo!

Seriously, thanks for the correction guys.

murraypetera | 19. tammikuu 2013
mkh1437 | 19. tammikuu 2013

Whaddya know?! I learned something new. I had never noticed the pouch on the front of the driver's seat before. Now I'll have to figure out what I want to store there!

DouglasR | 19. tammikuu 2013

@mkh1437, I keep the Blink, ChargePoint, and AeroVironment cards/fob there. Out of the way, always accessible.