Coda's Bankruptcy

Coda's Bankruptcy

Yahoo documents the bankruptcy of Coda, and makes a half-vast attempt to associate Tesla with it:

Teslation | 03. toukokuu 2013

Spell checker snafu: "half-vast", should be "half-*ssed". Please correct if wrong.

Teslation | 03. toukokuu 2013

I think I'd rather call that a "spell checker Auto-UNcorrection snafu". Not technically a real misspelling, more a machine made misspelling. {;•)

Brian H | 04. toukokuu 2013

Duh. It's a pun. A joke. It's clever because it works (is meaningful) with both spellings. It refers to a humourous adage: "Don't undertake vast projects with half-vast plans."

Teslation | 04. toukokuu 2013

Lol, never heard the adage; but learning. No doubt, you have fast-hind-nating, funbunpun, assessment & association abilities in aPUNdance ( alliteration ) .

I'd put that adage in the book of trite sayings like "Too many irons in the fire" ;" Those who fail to plan, plan to fail;" etc. An over-simplication that doesn't really say anything, clear up any confusion, or postulate an idea, ideal or principle. I mean it's obvious the companies that went bankrupt didn't plan well.

Though I will say its probably good pop psychology and mass culture for individuals. In the case of individuals, Keep It Short Sweet &Simple, Especially Simple.