Daylight saving time reset

Daylight saving time reset

I have a diffiiclut time to reset the clock on my Model S today even with the helpmof Roadside assistance. After at least 5 attempts to reboot the touch screen, twice on the instrument panel, four time Power off the car and restart, the clock still would not reset! I was then told to wait 24 hrs for the system to adjust the clock... ??? I'm surprised that Tesla did not have even a manual clock adjustment. I know some people have successfully reset the clock after rebooting, but I don't know why my car has not been able to do so. I'm disaapointed that for that much money, and a simple clock adjustment ability was overlooked or the automatic reset was not configured in like in a cell phone.

Roamer@AZ USA | 03. marraskuu 2013

After twenty years of looking at flashing dots on our VCR's because no one could figure out how to set the clock we have come full circle.

Sure glad Arizona doesn't do daylight savings time.

On my BMW if I don't manually set the time the GPS won't work.

Give it a day or to and see if it resets.

David70 | 03. marraskuu 2013

It's strange. My car didn't set to standard time until this afternoon. According to the car's clock I went to dinner about 5:00 p.m. and came back to the car at 4:40 p.m.

SVOrchid | 03. marraskuu 2013

I checked it at 17:00 San Diego new time, and it didn't reset. Just checked again, and it finally did some time from 17:00 - 20:00 hr. Geez!

Timo | 03. marraskuu 2013

It probably doesn't have the intelligence in itself to do that, it just relies on some internet time server to do that and if that site is busy/down or it makes connection to it only once /day or so it could take time to get the right time. Feels weird since phones can do that adjustment just fine in near-real time. UI improvement is in order.