East Coast Superchargers

East Coast Superchargers

It was mentioned in the NYC event that Tesla hoped to have some stations opened in the Boston to Washington DC corridor by the end of the month (November). I haven't heard anything since then but I was hoping Tesla might be ready to make some kind of public announcement by now. Has anyone heard anything? There are quite a few of us in the East Coast and this would sure help us wander further from home.

TonyF | 06. joulukuu 2012

A tesla rep told me that they are awaiting local isnspections and final approvals. Sounded like they were all constructed already.

Babyrocket | 06. joulukuu 2012

I was told yesterday by a Tesla rep that the first East Coast chargers will connect the corridor between Boston and Washington DC. That doesn't help me but it's a start!

KeithE | 06. joulukuu 2012

I live in NJ and my longest drive is in the summer to the Jersey Shore from Essex County, about 100 miles. Do we know where and when the superchargers for NJ are planned?? I read a post about Woodbridge, NJ, but havent heard a confirm. This is crucial to my decision to finalze my order with or without the supercharger. Appreciate any feedback on timing and locations. I am leaning against it, given I will likely not use it much if its not in south jersey. Thanks!

john.m.hennessey | 06. joulukuu 2012

I visited one in Milford CT. It is the newly renovated rest stop. I plugged in, but it has not been turned on yet. There was no signage or solar panels directly over the charging stations, but I believe they are over the gas pumps.

drhsami | 06. joulukuu 2012

Hi John

Can you email me location of Milford supercharger. I just got my model S last week and I live in Fairfield CT?

Dr Sami

mrspaghetti | 07. joulukuu 2012


Are you getting the HPWC? If you are and you need a good electrician to install it for you let me know.

ylyubarsky | 15. joulukuu 2012

Over a week no news with East Coast supercharge stations. It's bad

dtesla | 15. joulukuu 2012

Recargo (an iPhone app) shows a Supercharger at 103800 Overseas Highway, Key Lorgo, FL 33037.. is this correct?

ylyubarsky | 15. joulukuu 2012

Thanks for the application. RECARGO shows so many stations to charge but not all of them are supercharge. But the program is good and should be downloaded by all TESLA car owners.

Davidinkl | 15. joulukuu 2012

Ok, I live a couple hundred yards from 103800 overseas hwy, so you can imagine my excitement.

However, I checked it out and I'm fairly certain there is nothing there, not even a regular charger.
I checked local permit records also and there is nothing.

@dtesla.....Though all the info for the property is correct, I'm afraid there is no supercharger. : (

callmesam | 19. joulukuu 2012

Ken Edwards writes that the New London CT has the first East-Coast Supercharger

And (for the first time confirms) that the Superchargers consist of a 500kWh battery backup.

Brian H | 20. joulukuu 2012

But he gets the charging rate wrong. 150 mi/½ hr does not equal 300 mi/hr. The charging rate slows at high SOC levels.

Jolinar | 20. joulukuu 2012

That 500kWh was my initial guess when SC was revealed. Nice to see it confirmed (not from Tesla but still better than nothing).

vinspin | 20. joulukuu 2012

P7395 in west chester, ny coming just after the new year. NonPerf 85, black on black, everything but kid seats.

@calismesam - the east coast charger is actually in Milford, CT on I-95 (the author's road trip was to New London). If you go to Google Maps, copy/paste the following coordinates in the search box to see exact location: