I live in the Palo Alto, CA area and I'm looking for an electrician to install my charger outlet. I got one estimate that will cost between $1000 to $1600. The distance from our electric box to the garage is almost the entire length of the house.

If you have a good electrician please let send me their info. Also do people think the above amount is reasonable for the installation.


gianni.terragni | 06. toukokuu 2012

how long is the house?

stevenmaifert | 06. toukokuu 2012

dpann - That's in the ballpark, but I'm surprised at the $600 range on the estimate. Does your house have 200 Amp service and did the electrician mention if permitting would be required?

Soflauthor | 06. toukokuu 2012

In SoFla, a NEMA 14-50 receptacle costs about $50.00 (all prices, ball park), and 100 ft of #6/4 power cable costs about $600 to $800. Assuming you're going for 40 - 50 amp line and that you have existing 200 amp service and open breaker slots (breaker cost is about $30.00), the installation time should be about 3 hours (or less) at, say $150 per hour. Seems to me that even for a long power cable run (hence the need for #6), the cost should in the neighborhood of $1,000. YMMV.

stephen.kamichik | 06. toukokuu 2012

Electricians get the parts at wholesale. Therefore, $1000 may be a bit high.