Excited and Disappointed

Excited and Disappointed

Got my email that model X will start production soon. But very disappointed to see that 3rd row is optional and not standard. Comeon Elon - don't short change your loyal followers...

Red Sage ca us | 17. kesäkuu 2014

Though I rather agree with you, it seems quite a few around here do not... Apparently they just wanted a bigger, SUV shaped, five seat wagon instead...

From my point of view, there is no reason to have the Falcon Wing Doors without a third row seat. Similarly of course, I see no reason to have a third row seat, without Falcon Wing Doors. ;-)

In terms of options, I might have gone with removable bench seats for the second row... Or removable captains chairs in the second row.

Roamer@AZ USA | 17. kesäkuu 2014

I am glad it's an option. No need to haul around third row seats for 100,000 miles you don't use. We ordered X's for the increased room and four wheel drive. I like the falcon doors because they eliminate the door ballet when loading things in from the side. So nice to open the front door then have immediate access to the second door without needing to squeeze around another door in a tight parking lot. Years ago we had a little Nissan wagon, I think it was called a Stanza, it had sliding second row doors on both sides that slid back. It was wonderful when loading and unloading people and things in the back.

If you want third row check the box on the order, if you don't want it don't check the box. Problem solved.

Roamer@AZ USA | 17. kesäkuu 2014

@ajay, How is it a short change ? If it is standard every buyer will just pay a higher price. If it's an option you will pay the same higher price when you select the option. Making it standard does not make it free. It just makes the cars cost more for everyone.

This is like saying I need and want third row seats so every other buyer should be forced to have them because I need them.

NumberOne | 17. kesäkuu 2014

I was also disappointed for a fraction of a second. By the time I started writing my first post about it I had already realized the potential savings for Tesla. I said this in other posts, but again will reword it.

It would be wasteful for Tesla to have the 3rd row as standard. Tesla may even provide the third row at minimal cost, because overall, it will significantly reduce the cost and waste. Why produce seats that will never be used. All else aside, this car is built to be as environmentally friendly as possible, so having unneeded parts manufactured for it is not only going to cost more, but will not be good for the environment. Many people do not need or want the third row, so they will not get it. Others, who really want it will be able to get it very easily.

holidayday | 17. kesäkuu 2014

I hope the third row will be unrecognizable as an option. They should have the same safety features as all the other seats as well as a common look.

I hope they do not look like an afterthought.

Plus, I hope to see an option for captain's chairs in the second row.

Red Sage ca us | 18. kesäkuu 2014

Also reposting: SUV, crossover, van, wagon... I tend to think of those as different vehicles, different configurations. Ultimately, I guess it is fine that Tesla Motors will allow Customers to 'roll their own combo' with the Model X.
2nd Row Bench Seats/Stowable
2nd Row Captains Chairs/Removable
3rd Row Included/Fold Flat/Removable
3rd Row Optional
I think I have finally gotten over my initial shock at this, and I'm good with it now. ;-) | 18. kesäkuu 2014

The Real Model X is slowly being revealed to us, the expectant future owners.
I guess we need to take each revelation in stride and have faith in the pronouncements of Elon the Great that the ultimate rendition in all its manifestations will better than what we think.
I'm guessing that it will be well worth the wait, whatever the options, the final price, the EPA rating and the actual date of delivery. I'm thinking Pearl White.

Iowa92x | 18. kesäkuu 2014

Choice is better than no choice. Rejoice rather than fight it.

jjs | 18. kesäkuu 2014

Pearl White, yes, Pearl White.

jdb | 25. kesäkuu 2014

As general production res. #677, I agree with Roamer, very glad that third row seats optional. I do not need and will not order. In fact, it was the one vehicle design issue which may have caused me to cancel order, now looking forward to vehicle delivery in 2015 to share garage HPWC with Sig MS. Thanks Tesla Motors.