FISKER good buy?

FISKER good buy?

Wife loves her MS60. I'm thinking of parting ways with my Mercedes SL v-12
I was looking at the Fisker and wondering thoughts from others. It might be the best used car on the market as you can get them for 50k!
No doubt it's the sexiest 4 door car on the road.

Anyone with experience with one?

Chuck Lusin | 18. maaliskuu 2014

Can you get replacement parts or service?

EJH | 18. maaliskuu 2014

It is extremely likely that there is some doubt that the Fisker is the sexiest 4 door car on the road.
Post might be better titled "Fisker Good-bye. | 18. maaliskuu 2014

Prob not the place to come for an unbiased opinion. :) @Chuck makes a good point. At the very least, I'd wait to see how Wanxiang's plan play out.

O | 18. maaliskuu 2014

It might be a good deal if you can get Bob Lutz to stick a V-8 in it:

Otherwise, do a lot of research, since the reviews of the hybrid Fisker weren't exactly on a par with the Model S.

jbunn | 18. maaliskuu 2014

It's slow, small, overcomplicated, and expensive to buy and maintain.

If you can get a new one for about 15K, it might be worth it. Otherwise, it's an expensive way to dig a money pit.

TeslaLandShark | 18. maaliskuu 2014

April fools is still two weeks away... | 18. maaliskuu 2014

No warranty, no support, no bug fixes, no future enhancements, no parts, but could be a good lifelong project car. On the positive, there will not be any recalls, since there is no one to design a fix or honor them.

Electricfun | 18. maaliskuu 2014

Like I said we have a MS60 in the house already.
Not sure on parts but service is limited to independent techs

@EJH I would say 90% of non Tesla owners and the majority of ice owners would agree it's the most beautiful car to look at with 4 doors. I've seen crowds of people around them every time I see one Parker in the valet.

Captain_Zap | 18. maaliskuu 2014

I'm a risk taker, early adopter and a gambler when when the odds look decent.

Most of the time I just walk past the table. But, I put my chips on Fisker's "DON'T PASS" line a long time ago.

It was an EV with too many compromises.

MassX1317 | 18. maaliskuu 2014

I honestly prefer the look of the Model S. (Nice side by side here -

Fisker is just way too over the top with the drastic features. I think the Sky has similar lines but Saturn pulled it off better.

Electricfun | 18. maaliskuu 2014

That's like saying the Kia Optima which many have said looks like the Tesla have done it better.
Sorry on looks alone park the MS next to Fisker and see which one people gather around.
I really didn't expect this question to get so off topic. I just thought at 50 k for pretty much a brand new car it might be an option based on value. Thanks for the clarification on the components of the car but like I said I was drawn in by the exterior of the car alone not knowing the gremlins of the overall car.

Brian H | 18. maaliskuu 2014

Did CR ever get their Fisker to stop stopping?

Roamer@AZ USA | 18. maaliskuu 2014

You might have to pay someone to take it off your hands. I test drove one. The interior is pure kit car quality. The interior space is also horrible.

I had one on deposit and did a test drive event. Cancelled my deposit and luckily got a full refund before the company went bankrupt. Then I found Tesla and life has been perfect ever since.

Someone would have to pay me to take a Fisker off their hands. 50 K is hilarious.

lvaneveld | 18. maaliskuu 2014

I would take a new volt or Ford Fusion Energi over a Fisker any day even at the same price. Even better when you save money on the better car.

P85D | 18. maaliskuu 2014

Id rather drive a Fiat POP than a Fisker....ok maybe not a POP but a Prius LOL.

Vall | 18. maaliskuu 2014

It looks striking, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is "the sexiest 4 door car on the road". It may attract people, but it's like the supermodel girlfriend, nice to look at, but not much else (or so they say). And 90% of pepole on the planet will prefer the aston martin rapide to the fisker.

Mathew98 | 18. maaliskuu 2014

You'd be disappointed with this hybrid's performance. You'll sorely miss beating anything with 4 tires on the road. Why would you downgrade from your SL V12?

Why don't you want a year or two until a used P85 drops to the $60K range?

michael1800 | 18. maaliskuu 2014

Fisker sounds like a money sink and more money than the inconvenience is worth imho. It looks great on the outside, but everything else looks like trouble.

Electricfun | 18. maaliskuu 2014

Thx for the replies. Think I'm just gonna stay Benz V-12 and get an 09 CL600 or CL65
in the 55-60k range. It'll make my neighbor/buddy happy with P85 if I trade in the SL as he's tired of losing our safe 1/4 mile drags on Sunday mornings.

Roamer@AZ USA | 18. maaliskuu 2014

Electric fun. I've got a BMW 760i V 12 rotting on a battery tender in the garage. The P85+ ruined it for me. Can't stand to drive old tech cars now.

Every time I looked at Mercedes I just could not buy one. Gas mileage across the entire product line is pretty weak. I can afford the gas but I can't be happy wasting all that gas. They have so many tiny buttons I keep needing to put on my reading glasses to find the button then take them off to drive. I find it hard to imagine driving a car that has that many small buttons and knobs that I can't read. Absolutely love the clean simple Tesla touch screen. I go nuts when I have to drive a car with a cell phone sized GPS screen. Feels like I am using flip phone technology.

Just get a Tesla and be happy.

bradslee | 19. maaliskuu 2014


Caveat emptor! Since Fisker is now owned by a Chinese auto part company called Wanxiang Group after a $149M bid at Fisker's bankruptcy auction (Wanxiang also owns the bankrupted EV battery maker A123 Systems that supplied EV power units to Fisker), if you bought a used Fisker Karma and need a service on your Karma, don't be surprised that your Karma may turn into an EV Lamborghini like this one:

Mark K | 19. maaliskuu 2014

@electricfun - can't imagine spending another nickel on a gasoline car ever again.

My MB SL sits in the driveway, with the same tank of gas I put in last fall, after we got our second Model S.

Mathew98 | 19. maaliskuu 2014

Time to change your handle back to dinofun... ;)

Plugged In | 19. maaliskuu 2014

Let's see if I can put a positive spin on this.

Well.... let's see... The Fisker Karma is a very rare car. Not many were made before the company went broke. Some of the cars they made were damaged permanently by Superstorm Sandy. The rest of the cars they made were not made very well (in reference to quality control). As such, if the owner has among the few remaining Fisker Karma's left, it might be worth something -- perhaps more than the last owner of a 1975 AMC Pacer could ever imagine.

Beyond that, eh? Whatever for?

carlk | 19. maaliskuu 2014

Keep your SL. Or find a BETTER replacement if you must.

Mark22 | 19. maaliskuu 2014

The Karma was built by a designer who gave minimal influence to the engineers.
As long as it is sitting still, it looks pretty (as long as you don't view it from the front with its cartoon looking mustache). If you are buying a car to show at rare car shows and don't mind limited to no warrantee or parts, go for it.
If you want performance, forget it.
If you want reliability, forget it.
If you want a great drive experience and good UI, forget it.

I do hear the handling is exceptional.

PaceyWhitter | 19. maaliskuu 2014

Yeah, the Karma could be an excellent collectors car. Think Tucker, but it would not be the car to buy if you actually plan on driving it.

LMB | 19. maaliskuu 2014

(LMB spouse)

Lots of information and some Tesla bashing on the Fisker forum

I like the look of the Fisker except for the silly mustache on the front. Once you see it, you can't unsee it.

Plugged In | 19. maaliskuu 2014

Sue Callaway (CNN Money's) comments about the Fisker are helpful as well. There's a youtube clip of it where she tests that at the same time as a Tesla Signature from 2012. In it, she says that the Fisker components, rather than working together like they're married, are more like what you would find on a first date. In addition to which, the thermostat wasn't working properly so either she roasted or froze in the car.

Beyond that, it's cramped inside, and the designers seem to have put the glove compartment where the trunk was supposed to be (given the lack of size of the trunk).

But hey, Justin Bieber loves it. Whoever he is.

AmpedRealtor | 19. maaliskuu 2014

I don't like my car to sport a mustache, but that's just me.

Mathew98 | 19. maaliskuu 2014

@AR - Not even the Mexican edition with the sombrero?

thranx | 19. maaliskuu 2014

Collector car (maybe). Not for daily or weekly driving.

George with SacEV | 19. maaliskuu 2014

Looking AT Paris Hilton can be quite rewarding, but LIVING WITH her daily would not be so easy.

Just saying....

MassX1317 | 19. maaliskuu 2014

I'd live with her

MassX1317 | 19. maaliskuu 2014

And by her I meant Paris Hilton, not the Fisker

Mathew98 | 19. maaliskuu 2014

Are you sure you don't mean her dog?

david.baird | 19. maaliskuu 2014

I have a friend who traded his Panamera to get a Fisker. While he has had a few issues with it, he's doing a LOT of miles daily and loves it. It's a completely different niche from Model S anyway - looks and feels much more like a performance car, despite Tesla being way faster...

Paris Hilton is fugly IMO...

Ralph_G | 20. maaliskuu 2014

If you hate cars and a stellar driving experience,,,,,,,then a Fisker is for you.

THEKING | 24. maaliskuu 2014

For $50,000 it's probably a good buy considering it was $110,000 just 2 years ago (lol). I know a couple guys at cars & coffee who have them that really like them. They are Lambo/Ferrari owners who have weekend toys to curb their need for performance on a daily basis to commute to the office in style.
They look exotic both interior/exterior. The fact Fisker is reopening soon(2015) might help with any warranty/service concerns going forward. I had a chance to drive one during an extended test drive and came away with a "on the fence" take from a 2 hour trip behind the wheel. Take some of the other responses with a grain of salt as i'm sure most have never driven the car. You already have an MS60 and as others have said, why not just keep the SL V-12 as it's one of the fastest cars around.

ERon2 | 24. maaliskuu 2014

AmpedRealtor +1

Karma's styling is way over the top. Looks like a Cheshire shark, pretty funny looking IMO.

Tiebreaker | 24. maaliskuu 2014

Owning a Fisker Karma in 20-30 years will be like owning an Edsel.

Thomas N. | 24. maaliskuu 2014

I've seen a couple in person and they look really sharp. I wouldn't call the Karma ugly by any means.

NomoDinos | 24. maaliskuu 2014

It's like a pretty girl wearing way too much make-up.

NKYTA | 24. maaliskuu 2014

+1 NoMo

NomoDinos | 24. maaliskuu 2014

Oh, and I feel I've given Rheumboy, Jamon and Mat sufficient time to consider them derelict in their pun duties:

"Yes, Fisker Good-bye!"

NKYTA | 24. maaliskuu 2014

Done, and, done. :-)

cerjor | 24. maaliskuu 2014

F-40 Motorsports has one for sale at $75,500. Original price $110K.

Brian H | 24. maaliskuu 2014

I'll open the bidding with $1.

Roamer@AZ USA | 24. maaliskuu 2014

Brian, is the $1.00 what they would have to pay you to take the car.

Brian H | 25. maaliskuu 2014

No, I figger I can find a sucker on another forum to buy it from me at a small profit.