GM Replacing 9,500 Volt Chargers!

GM Replacing 9,500 Volt Chargers!

FYI. Just saw this news update. This and the Consumer Report’s Karma reinforce the necessity of doing it right – the first time.
The general public is not so I smitten with EV technology as TM enthusiasts and other early adapters. Not getting right will hurt everyone.

BYT | 23. maaliskuu 2012

Will this line pissed me off, "worries and the first national incentives on the Volt of a zero-percent loan for up to five years."

They better offer every Tesla Model S reservation holder a national incentive for a loan at the same zero-percent loan for up to five years or I for one will cry foul. Of course this all depends who "they" are, I assume it's the feds?

Crow | 23. maaliskuu 2012

No, it's a GM loan to purchase the car.

BYT | 23. maaliskuu 2012

The way the article was worded it appeared to me as it would be from another source other then GM, thanks for clarifying it for me Kroneal.

mikeadams | 23. maaliskuu 2012

The picture shows that they had it plugged into an orange three way splitter. Really? I don't think you would want anything drawing power from anywhere at all on the same circuit, not to mention on the same outlet. It draws quite a bit more current than christmas tree lights.

Sudre_ | 23. maaliskuu 2012

I think this is going to continue to be a big problem for EVs until the general public realizes they just can't plug a car into the nearest outlet or x-mas tree light cord collection.

My wife saw the picture and said, "Even I know not to do that but I bet my mom would do it."

Car dealers are going to have to be very clear on explaining how to charge EVs.

People used to smoke while they filled their cars with gas. That changed after a few gas stations blew up.

I also can't believe they used a 16 gauge cord! That cord is only good for 13 amps for less than 3 hours at a time. Continuous load is 3 hours or longer according to NEC article 100. Do you really think people are going to charge for less than 3 hours on a 120 volt source? I am sure Tesla is smarter than this.
Charging for over 3 hours would require taking the current draw and multiply it by 1.25%. That would mean the charger would have to draw less than 10.5amps for the 16 gauge cord to be the correct size. From what I have read the Volt's 120 volt charger draws 12 amps. This should be a recall issue.

Brian H | 24. maaliskuu 2012

IMO, the "0%" financing is a load. There is no escape from the true ROI of up-front money. Try this: go into a dealer offering O% for X years, then say, "Well, I have the cash available right now. How much can I get off if I pay cash up front?" If the 0% were honest, he'd have to say "nothing", in which case you, of course, invest the total, make the payments, and keep the interest.

Money now is worth more than money later, unless deflation is happening.

Brian H | 24. maaliskuu 2012

P.S. If you can talk the above dealer down for cash, that price is the real price of the car. I.e., the 0% financed total actually has the PV of future market-rate interest payments rolled into it.