Good news, bad news

Good news, bad news

Yesterday, I've got a phone call from my DS. The good new: I'll be picking up my P85D at the San Diego Tesla Service Center tomorrow, December 19. The bad news: instead of the ordered "new-generation" seats, the car will come with the old-style seats. The "new-generation" seats will become available in "January or February." At that time, Tesla will deliver a loner to my home and drive my car to the Tesla Service Center. When the seats are replaced, my car will be driven by Tesla back to my home. Convenient? Yes, but I am still disappointed.

valrud | 20. joulukuu 2014

To all of you expressing your “righteous indignation” aroused by my daring to feel disappointment because of getting the old-style seats in lieu of the ordered black leather “new-generation” seats. (This obviously excludes geekdad.604, the only one who has stated that I have “every right to feel disappointment.”)

The word “disappointment” means a range of emotions from a mild dissatisfaction, bordering on a surprise, to deep frustration and dismay. In my instance it’s the former.
Don’t defend Tesla from me, I am not attacking it. If given a choice – either wait for delivery of the car with the new seats until, say, February, or get one now with the old-style seats and have them replaced in February, I would have definitely chosen the latter. Moreover, if I were in place of Musk, I would have made the same decision, because it a) maximizes Tesla’s 2014 profits, b) unclogs their production facility from lots of cars sitting there and waiting for the new seats, c) minimizing customers’ disappointment for having to wait for months until the new seats arrive. BTW, January – February might as well end up as March – April.
I did pick up my car yesterday and drove it home (about 25 miles). First impression: everything I expected and more.

So, take a deep breath and slowly exhale. Everything is just fine.

Bighorn | 20. joulukuu 2014

I don't think anybody was indignant--that would be rather ironic, methinks, getting bothered by something so trivial. We were mocking you:) Glad you're over the hump. Enjoy in good health!

robcrane | 20. joulukuu 2014

I too just got the message that my D will arrive with the older seats. I bought my first S a little over two years ago and there were a number of things on "back order" then, including the rear seats (many months). I was disappointed, but Tesla was breaking new ground and I wanted to be supportive.

But now, maybe not so much. So when they called me a week before delivery to say "Shucks, we don't have the Next Gen seats, but don't worry, we'll get 'em to you soon." I said, "Shucks, that's too bad. Don't deliver the car until you have the seats." My calculus was that they wouldn't want a $130K car sitting in inventory.

Now a second call. If I don't take the car now, they'll sell it and rebuild mine when the seats come in -- in March or April, maybe later. I live in Ohio. The major reason for my purchase of the D is our wintry weather. My S is OK in snow, but I'm often driving kids around, so 4WD is substantially more reassuring.

As an earlier comment suggests, they do really seem to want these cars delivered in the 4th quarter. Even before the seat issue, when I said I'd be out of town the week after Christmas, and would pick the car up in January, they made the suggestion that they drop the car off at the house. "Is there anyone there who could receive it?" "Well, yes, my dog sitter." "OK." "Ah, no, I was being facetious."

So I'm on the horns of a dilemma. I don't like this bait and switch, but I'd really like the D now. Clearly this is a "first world problem" and I should just shut up and take the flippin' old seats. But this, and the delays on my wife's ordered X are unnerving. | 20. joulukuu 2014


Congrats on taking delivery and glad to hear you're a happy camper! Please continue to share your experiences with your new P85D! Now you have a little something extra to still look forward to, getting those next generation seats installed once they become available.

My D just entered production yesterday, but haven't yet received the call regarding the next gen seats not being available. If they aren't available, I will take the same option as you, which is to receive the car and bring it in later for the new seats install.

Captain_Zap | 20. joulukuu 2014

Another reason they want the cars delivered now because they will have their first time off in ages after the new year arrives. The factory shuts down 4 times a year for maintenance. It is the first week of every quarter.

geekdad.604 | 20. joulukuu 2014

@valrud, Enjoy! I'm waiting with bated breath for mine to arrive in a week or so.

I'm never surprised of the "halo" effect or darling sentiments people have towards Tesla. (Dare I compare a few of them to Apple Fanboi's). Good thing I suppose as a shareholder. I support Tesla fully and truly believe what they are doing is a whole new thing and that earns them some slack... But let's make sure we also hold them accountable just like any other business out there.

David_M @CA.US | 20. joulukuu 2014

After driving for a few days with the performance seats I'm not sure I want them changed out next year. Any input appreciated.

jbunn | 20. joulukuu 2014


They just did what you asked them to do. You want the car now, and they said they would get the seats to you when they are ready. Then you said you don't want the car now, but you want it when the seats are ready. They said OK, we can do that.

Just decide if you want the car now, or later. They can't make seats they don't have appear magically because you are trying to impale them on the horns of a dilemma.

geekdad.604 | 20. joulukuu 2014

@David_M, I'm sure you will find no shortage of owners on this forum willing to take them off your hands when Tesla calls you next year for the swap out; provided the mothership allows for such an arrangement.

Or an easier route would simply to ask for a refund on the next gen seat upgrade. If I'm not mistaken, I recall in my order there's a charge for that option.

Brian H | 21. joulukuu 2014

"bait and switch" borders on libelous. It is certainly ignorant. It requires and implies that it was known at the time of purchase that the new seats would not be ready. News: it's not all about you, much less cheating you.

sbeggs | 21. joulukuu 2014

congratulations, @valrud, luckily it's not raining, good weather ahead for the holiday to enjoy it.

Captain_Zap | 21. joulukuu 2014


I'm sure that Tesla will want the temporary seats back. Tesla is very concerned about the right seats going in the right cars. Airbag settings are different for different seats. Also the seats have sensors for starting the car and other complications.

Also, the the seats must match the origin of the car. For example, a Canadian seat cannot go in a US car.