How a Tesla Model S Engineer pours a beer.

How a Tesla Model S Engineer pours a beer.

I found this today and am not sure IF it's been previously posted. I didn't see it on

It's a great example of American ingenuity!! ;)

David M. | 19. joulukuu 2012

I want one immediately! Is he taking deposits?
Better yet, Tesla should gift one to each new Model S customer.

These guys are awesome!

Jolinar | 19. joulukuu 2012

well, you can find more interesting stuff on that server...
hmm, like this :-)

BYT | 19. joulukuu 2012

The Model G bothers me, but somehow the Model J doesn't! :D

skymaster | 19. joulukuu 2012

I really want the model B for my business, but the model J looks like it would be a BLAST to drive...but needs wings.

olanmills | 19. joulukuu 2012

Model W will be cool. Assuming it is like a spaceship with viewscreens on the inside!

Anyone want to hazard a guess as to what the Model I does?

Hi_Tech | 19. joulukuu 2012

Model I - for all of us Tesla "junkies"!

Tiebreaker | 19. joulukuu 2012

What, no cup holders? Deal-breaker!!!

Brian H | 19. joulukuu 2012

Internal beer dispensers?