I need help to make a trip from Phoenix to San Diego

I need help to make a trip from Phoenix to San Diego

HI, I got a P80 and I cant drive any other car without hating it :)

Now we are going to San Diego with my family for the weekend and I dont know where to start, I really don't want to drive my other car (Minivan) but I dont know how to start planning this trip neither.

So, is there any supercharger along the way? Google maps tells me that there is 355 miles in between. So I need to stop at some point, I also need to know where to stay that they have an outlet to charge it overnight.

So, how should I start planning this trip? is there a number to call? people here can help?

thanks a lot in advance.


Brian H | 07. toukokuu 2013

You got gypped. It was supposed to be a P85.

holidayday | 08. toukokuu 2013

Find a place to charge in Yuma.

Preferably an RV plug and not a regular household plug.

I've heard is a good site to find places to plug in.

(Made this trip uncounted times in regular ICE car, and Yuma was a good middle stop.)

ghillair | 08. toukokuu 2013

I found 36 RV parks in and around Yuma. Check the listings, not all have 50 amp service..

FLsportscarenth... | 08. toukokuu 2013

I hate driving ICE after a MS test drive... Imagine after driving a MS everyday...