I-81 Virginia Supercharger petition

I-81 Virginia Supercharger petition

Since there seems to be some new additions to the supercharger network coming online, and some from consumer demand. Thought I'd start a thread for those that think a couple planned SC's along I-81 would be helpful to them. Find the lack of SC planned on this route as a big oversight. I am thinking that it would only take two SC's in VA to make the road travelable. Wytheville and Staunton seem to be the best choices, both sit at major highway intersections (I-77 and I-64). This would enable travel from DC and the northeast into Tennessee, West Virginia and Western North Carolina possible. It also enables travel south along I-77 possible. This is a major route to the south for Ohio, Western PA and West Virginia. As it stands now, the Charleston WV SC will not support travel to any of the SC's down I-77, especially over the severe terrain along the West Virginia Turnpike. Likewise, one cannot get from Charleston to the SC planned in Charlottesville along I-64 as planned.

If you are an owner, or interested in these Superchargers for future ownership, send a +1. I know that Tesla reads the forum, maybe this will help gauge some interest for them.

FMRTdoc | 17. maaliskuu 2014

+1 from western NC! A great idea.

cliffreade | 17. maaliskuu 2014

+1 as a signature owner I have felt stranded in Tennessee for too long. We need 81 and 75 opened up. More chargers in South Dakota and Wyoming than populated areas of Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia combined. Tesla needs to remedy.

neuron | 17. maaliskuu 2014

+1 from Nashville; would make drive to UVA (Go Hoos!) very doable with SC stations in Knoxville, Wytheville, and Staunton. 13 days until MS delivery (vehicle now in production) !!!

romainiacWV | 18. maaliskuu 2014

@Cliffreade understand the SD and Wyoming SC's as they were put up to enable the cross country route for Tesla to continue to promote the brand and create hype. I have no problem with those being first, the way I see it, Tesla needs to survive to ever build any more SC's. I am just hoping for some dots along this route to appear, if even in 2015. The lack of them is really blocking travel in the region.

Thanks for the replies to all, hopefully we can add somemore

Eletrek | 18. maaliskuu 2014

Go to Supercharger webpage and follow process rather than posting here.

romainiacWV | 18. maaliskuu 2014

@Eletrek. Not sure what your comment is directed at exactly. I have followed the Supercharger webpage for over a year now, that is why I posted. There is an effective wall in the current roll out through this corridor, a very popular corridor for beach travel and for travel to cities in the mid west and east from the south. My post is titled I-81 but really these locations fully open I81/ I77/ I64 to usability.

Just trying to give Tesla feedback from owners regarding areas they think SC's would be helpful to enable long trips. Tesla cannot drive all the highways in America to figure this out. Think a little feedback from owners is helpful in this regard.

AmpedUP | 18. maaliskuu 2014

+1 If you want to sell EV and Tesla to Washington politicians, make it easy for them to drop of their kids at UVA for school and then go to The Homestead of The Greenbriar before heading back home.

SamO | 19. maaliskuu 2014

+1. Tesla needs to include 81. Now everyone tell your friends in OH WV TN and VA to start buying Teslas. I'm sure that will wake up the Supercharger group and get them motivated to cover what I like to call "the dead zone" of the south.

MassX1317 | 19. maaliskuu 2014

I agree with Eletrek. I don't think is the place to be posting this. There are hundreds of ideal supercharger locations that do not have a dot on the coming soon maps. We could fill this entire message board up with these petitions.

You can fill out this form:

or email:

If you move this thread to your club/region board, and suggest people fill out the form and/or e-mail, it may make it further up the Tesla ladder.

Several people in the New England area agreed on ideal locations and sent similar e-mails to Tesla explaining why these were good locations. The coming soon map of New England now closely resembles what people in the area thought made the most sense.

romainiacWV | 19. maaliskuu 2014

@MassX1317 Disagree, think this is a good spot to post this. The forum is for Model S related topics and the Model S is the only car using supercharging at this time.

I appreciate the links for SC. I have already emailed those and I encourage others to do the same.

As for the regional boards. They are limited and not well read. There is also not a regional board for the area this would benefit. I am not from DC, but if I was, it may be a good place to start a thread there as well.

I see no difference in this post than a petition to have an SC in Primm, for the So Cal folks, or for any other random post regarding a specific issue they had at a local Service center.

If this issue annoys you, don't read it, but thanks for the bump, I know there are alot of owners who would benefit from this.

@ampedup Agree about Greenbrier and Homestead, you cannot get there without these SC, at least not without a KOA stop or some other longer option of charging. BTW, the Greenbrier has 8 charging stations, J1772 if your ever make it over there.

flyjeffva | 19. maaliskuu 2014

+1 romainiacWV! This is a valid point - the I81 corridor is a glaring omission from the 2015 supercharger map. Staunton and Wytheville would be perfect Supercharger locations. In addition to opening the I81 corridor, these 2 locations would also open up I64 and I77 as you point out.

As a resident of SW Virginia (Go Hokies!) not having these 2 locations is a reason for me not to buy a Tesla.

PhillyMomof4 | 19. maaliskuu 2014

+1 for sure!!! If there were SCs along I-81 I'd be able to actually drive my MS from my house near Philly to Asheville. I drive there every summer and most of the route is along 81. Pretty please build SCs along 81.

Mel. | 19. maaliskuu 2014

81 runs into 78 in pa. Need Allentown

aheiche | 19. maaliskuu 2014

+1 from Fairfax City wanting 81 trips to JMU.

romainiacWV | 19. maaliskuu 2014

@flyjeffva @phillymomof4 @mel @aheiche Thanks for the replies. I encouarge you to use the links above to send requests right to Tesla, as @MassX1317 had in his response.

Agree on these being a glaring omission!

byerspp | 23. huhtikuu 2014

+1 Covington, Va resident with frequent travel east and west on I81. Definetly need a sc in staunton. This is a prime location.

sbeggs | 24. huhtikuu 2014

I never use cruise control, because I maintain a healthy distance (one car length for every ten miles increase on the speedometer), rather than a specific speed. So I've found that the "one-pedal" driving style of the Model S fits me to a "T"!

CincyDriver | 30. toukokuu 2014

+1 to the thread. We live in Cincinnati and have family in Williamsburg, VA. A SC at Charleston, WV (I-64 and I-77) and somewhere near Lexington, VA (I-64 and I-81) are all that stand in our way from de-ICEing our summer vacation plans.

Away | 04. elokuu 2014

+1 to the thread. From SW VA to DC area, I'd really like a Staunton SC. I've done this twice by (carefully) making my way to the Richmond SC. But I won't do it again - the extra miles are one thing, but the unpredictable and always bad traffic issues on I95 just aren't worth it. I'll ICE it if I have to in order to use I81/ I66. I'm also looking forward to the Charleston WV SC because that will allow me to make that a day trip instead of needing to spend the night.

aljjr2 | 04. elokuu 2014

Yep... Interstate 81 is a major summer route to DC, Northern VA, Western Maryland and Scranton PA. It is well-traveled and avoids the tolls on I 95 Corridor.

romainiacWV | 05. elokuu 2014

thread back from the abyss :)

@away and @aljjr2, dont forget to send emails to Tesla via the supercharger page in support of this idea.

dtesla | 05. elokuu 2014

+1. I agree a VA interstate 81 SC is needed. More then once I have headed out from Northern VA to Virginia Tech only to wait in line behind other MS's at one of the few level 2 chargers in Blacksburg VA. Staunton would be my first choice for location.

russ | 26. syyskuu 2014

+1 I thought they were planning one on 64 in Charleston - we need it!

aheiche | 26. syyskuu 2014

+1 from Fairfax City to JMU.

janish | 15. joulukuu 2014

+1 This is long overdue. Following CA, NOVA has highest amount of Tesla owners so I-81 coverage seems like a no brainer to allow access to NC, WV, KY, OH, TN. I put together a proposal for a site in Harrisonburg - visible location from I-81 Exit 243 - in a hotel complex about 6 months ago but no luck.

NumberOne | 04. helmikuu 2015

It looks like two supercharging stations are popping up in 2015 around I81. Not exactly sure about the locations though. I might also be wrong, but I did suggest one and I know others did too, and it does make a lot of sense.

Jerry L | 04. helmikuu 2015

+1. I drove to UVA from DC last month, almost got flatbeded en route to Richmond SC on the way back, had to wait 2+ hours in the middle of night trickle charging. A SC station in Harrisonburg - Staunton area will be nice. | 04. helmikuu 2015

Yes, interesting how previous version of 2015 SC map had no SCs along I-81; now they have woken up and there seems to be three (Near Bristol, Wytheville, and Staunton). I feel uneasy trying to drive to Charlotte or Richmond (190 miles), considering elevation changes along I-81. SCs in Staunton and Wytheville are very important to me; cannot wait to see grey drops on the Tesla map or cones on the Teslarati map!

Stranded in Roanoke

Mommy Penguin | 23. maaliskuu 2015

+1 and sending email to tesla factory.

TaoJones | 23. maaliskuu 2015

I am in support of any and all supercharger sites that will one day enable travel from the West Coast to the Atlantic without the need for snow tires. I'm sure that South Dakota and Kansas are fine bastions of humanity, but, most of the year I'd rather travel well south of the Mason-Dixon line.

To that end, we'll need SCs in Tucson ASAP to open up more of I-10 and points east (El Paso). I know - "Soon" - except that neither appear to be priorities.

But Virginia helps for when I decide to turn left at Charleston to visit family in New England. During the summer months. All two of them. I kid, I kid.

pstump | 19. huhtikuu 2015

+1 I live in Northern Virginia and my family lives in Nitro WV and Summersville, WV. I would love any super charger on I-81 Near I-64, I-64 or I-79.

Having grown up in the state... Some good locations would be :
Morgantown, WV
Near I-64 an I-81 : This would service I-81, This would be an ideal location.

Charleston or Beckley

Patrick | 19. huhtikuu 2015

+1 Now that the 2015 SC map has several SCs along I-81, hopefully Tesla will get at least one or two of these actually installed by the end of the year. Start in Staunton, then add one each north and south! And for anyone reading this traveling through Roanoke, it is very easy to reach the Charlotte SC from Roanoke traveling via US 220 and then through Winston-Salem vs. I-81/I-77.

LizzieG | 19. huhtikuu 2015

++1 The supercharger coverage in Virginia when you move out of the DC beltway and I95 is really disappointing that you can't really get to many places in Virginia that are not along I-95.

We'd love to go to some of the farms in Virginia along with a drive down Skyline Drive/Blue Ridge Parkway or just go camping in the Shenandoah Mountains but all of that is just about impossible or highly cumbersome as there are no SCs along I66 when you drive away from DC and there is nothing in Front Royal or I-81.

I hope they improve SC coverage in Virginia as the DC Metro area is a huge market for premium cars.

We'd love to take I-81 going down to Ashville North Carolina but that's just about impossible as there are no Super Chargers.

Mommy Penguin | 20. huhtikuu 2015

+1. If you build it, they will come. A whole untapped market here in west-central VA.

Bob.Calvo | 20. huhtikuu 2015


jman | 26. huhtikuu 2015

I was just down in North Carolina staying near the Blue Ridge Parkway, and when we get our MS I would love to have a Supercharger or destination charge there somewhere but there isn't ANY !!!

Hopefully next year or sometime there abouts there will be one so our family can drive down there and stay at a destination charge and enjoy the amazing drive and views.

This would be an incredible drive for a Model S especially !

Daro346 | 26. huhtikuu 2015


TomServo | 26. huhtikuu 2015

I know outsiders don't carry much weight to this discussion but as a Volt owner longing to move up to the BIG's I'm holding off until I can just get in my car and go anywhere anytime I want.

I say that knowing having to stop every 200 miles or so to S/C which as a 63 old retiree is already factored into my needs, but having to come up with alternate routes to take us to distant family and friends (Mountain View Ar and Saint Leonard Md and Kansas City) keeps me on the side line. FTR I live in southern Il near I-70 and I-64.

Am hoping 2015 fills in those gaps.

dleng73 | 26. huhtikuu 2015



brad | 26. huhtikuu 2015


I may need to do a trip in late June from DC to Barboursville, West Virginia and the family will definitely vote to take the ICE if there aren't very easy and convenient SCs along the way. I dread the 6 hour drive in an ICE but I won't be able to convince anyone that stopping at every Nissan dealership and McDonalds every two hundred miles is worth the extra time and hassle. | 27. huhtikuu 2015

Every trip to DC for me is a missed opportunity and requires our ICE vehicle.

tmuir | 27. huhtikuu 2015

+1. Somewhere around Wytheville, Roanoke, Lexington/Staunton.

LizzieG | 27. huhtikuu 2015

When they add superchargers to I-81 I hoe they also cover I-66 so that it connects to Washington DC. Many people who live in the DC area head out to Virginia for wine, farms, hiking, and adventure and as it is they have absolutely no supercharger coverage once you leave DC. I 66 and I 81 would be a tremendous benefit and I think the DC area has a lot of potential growth for Tesla judging by how many premium German cars are on DC area roads.

shadowfax | 27. huhtikuu 2015

+1 for Staunton, VA and Hazelton, PA. That should get me to Newburgh, NY which is finally under construction.

romainiacWV | 27. huhtikuu 2015

@brad I have a HPWC here in Charleston if it helps you getting to Barboursville. I'm on plugshare right near downtown.

brad | 28. huhtikuu 2015

romainiacWV - you are awesome. I will probably be in contact if I head your way. I really hate the idea of driving that distance in an ICE. I have only had my S since 02/29 and I really don't like being in other cars.

Thank you!

By the way, if you have any comments, please post your thoughts about We Need Waze Now at:

romainiacWV | 04. kesäkuu 2015

Was really hoping for some more build out on 81 in Virginia by mid summer for beach season. No permits even listed on Wytheville really needed

LizzieG | 04. kesäkuu 2015

+1 for I-81 supercharger coverage and the hope that they then like I-81 to I-66. This could really help with Tesla adoption in the DC, MD, VA area.

In the meantime expanding the Destination Chargers along I-81 is a good interim solution... Just wish there was a Supercharger somewhere close to Front Royal on I-66 towards I-81.

Grinnin'.VA | 04. kesäkuu 2015

@ LizzieG | June 4, 2015

+1 for I-81 supercharger coverage and the hope that they then like I-81 to I-66. This could really help with Tesla adoption in the DC, MD, VA area.

Yes, SCs on I-81 are needed. As things are now, a normal trip from my home in Fairfax, VA to/from Virginia Tech isn't practical without substantial charging delays. I'd be better off renting an ICE for that trip. Hopefully an SC or two along I-81 will change that 'soon'.

No, the absence of I-81 SCs did not delay my purchase of an 85D, and I doubt that this SC void has or will stifle MS/MX sales in DC, MD and VA.

In the meantime expanding the Destination Chargers along I-81 is a good interim solution ...

ICE trips between Fairfax and Virginia Tech take a little under 4 hours each way. How many hours would be needed for HPWC charging for my 85D? Yes, it can be done. But I don't want to wait for that, and I suspect that most people don't either. BTW, we can't know where we will even find a working 'destination charger' along I-81 that is available when and where we need it.

jjchan.OH.US | 04. kesäkuu 2015