If I could talk to my Model S....

If I could talk to my Model S....

It's incredible, chatting with an S in tesla-ease....

I might ask;
Raise the vehicle
Starting charging at 0200
Play zeppelin in through the out door
Set temp @ 75
Set cruise @ 85

What would you say?

Maybe third party connectivity to Siri in addition in "vehicle specific hard wired commands" would be the answer. That way one doesn't mix up the proprietary vehicle stuff that's critical. Elon has already eluded to the when speaking do opening up to app writers.

#6927 ( hopin lotsa u folks just have to a 40 or 60 pack so I don't nafta wait soooo loonng!!!) :)

MandL | 12. kesäkuu 2012

My 2005 Acura TL does that already "play satellite channel 8" or "FM 103.5" or "set passenger temp to 72" or "call mom at home"

That thing is 7 years old. I want something way better. At a minimum, control of almost anything on the touch screen that I might need to use while in motion so I don't have to take my eyes off the road.

davecolene0606 | 12. kesäkuu 2012

Exactly, so like,

Raise the vehicle
Open roof 31%

What else?

dahtye | 13. kesäkuu 2012

- Ask for directions to the nearest available working charge station.
- Ask what type of charger is at this location.
- Ask to filter charger locations and give me only the 40KW or above stations and tell me how far it is and whether I can make it there on the current battery charge level.
- Change Pandora Station or select Pandora station based on an artist or a song.
- Ask "how much battery will I have left if I drive to (state location)".
- Assuming the Model S is tied to my cell phone, I'd ask it to call someone on my smart phone contact list
- Ask to have the nav set a new destination
- Ask for traffic report (audio) between current location and my destination

there's just too many things I'd ask....

I hope there's some type of text to speech available so it can read out vital statistics of the car without having to look them up.

BYT | 13. kesäkuu 2012

I want to be able to ask based on the 0-60, 4.4 second time if I can toast the car to my right or the left and to play the "EngineRev.wav" file to announce my intentions... ;)

dahtye | 13. kesäkuu 2012

Yes, BYT! That would be FUN!

Teoatawki | 13. kesäkuu 2012

I'd tell it how wonderful it is and how much I appreciate it. I always treat my devices with respect. I want to survive the revolt of the machines! 8D

Brian H | 14. kesäkuu 2012

Goodlife, Teo, Goodlife! Come and get your brain-stim reward.

JohnEC | 14. kesäkuu 2012

HAL, open the pod door...

foto | 14. kesäkuu 2012

Tell it to open my garage door via Homelink. I hope HomeLink is not a physical button.

steven.maes | 18. kesäkuu 2012

In this video, at 1:14, you can see that it says voice recognition.
I wonder which the commands are ...

Brian H | 18. kesäkuu 2012

"Turn the oven on when my ETA is 20 minutes."

ChristianG | 19. kesäkuu 2012

What I'd ask my Model S?

"Tell me how expensive you are in europe bitch!"

honestely I think voice commands are overrated. I like buttons on the stearing wheels better. They're faster and voice commands don't work when others are talking.

Brian H | 19. kesäkuu 2012

"Shut up everyone; I need to chat with my car AI!"

Brian H | 19. kesäkuu 2012

Teach Tessie to read lips, and sound pollution won't matter!