If I order my MX today, when will it be delivered to my door?

If I order my MX today, when will it be delivered to my door?

If I place a regular reservation today, what month of what year will I be able to ride it?

Roamer@AZ USA | 15. toukokuu 2014

End of 2015.

barrykmd | 16. toukokuu 2014

My bet is on 2016

elguapo | 16. toukokuu 2014

I ordered a month ago, #9,500+/-, and would be happy and surprised if I were driving it in late 2015. I think 2016 is more realistic.

Red Sage ca us | 16. toukokuu 2014


kennethlee185 | 17. toukokuu 2014


holidayday | 20. toukokuu 2014

Try it and see. Until production actually starts and deliveries being made, it's anyone's guess on actual delivery dates.

So, I'll make a guess for you.

August 22, 2015.

AlMc | 20. toukokuu 2014

4th Q 2015 if you live in US. They will have Founders Series and early Sigs out by the end of 1st Q 2015. Finish Sigs before end of 2ndQ 2015; move on to Production at 400-500/week which should get them to 10K by end of year. Sorry, you asked about delivery...Your car will be made in 2015 but you may get it early 2016.

Iowa92x | 20. toukokuu 2014

One dollar, Bob.

Maxxer | 21. toukokuu 2014

Eh boy, that's too soon. I needed it for 2019

Paul Carter | 21. toukokuu 2014

I would say Q2 2016 at this point.