Management Style of Tesla?

Management Style of Tesla?

I am doing a presentation on Tesla Motors and I was wondering if someone can explain the style of management of Tesla. [How the company makes decisions, manages teams, etc.]

Captain_Zap | 30. lokakuu 2013

Employees are not allowed to post here.

kumarandwhitecastle | 31. lokakuu 2013

I am not an employee. I am a student doing a presentation for my business class and I was wondering if anyone can provide suggestions to the management styles of Tesla.

Timo | 31. lokakuu 2013

For that you need answer from Tesla employee.

kumarandwhitecastle | 31. lokakuu 2013

Can employees post on the Tesla bulletin board?

Brian H | 31. lokakuu 2013

Sometimes they do. I imagine corporate policies are kinda strict, though.

Captain_Zap | 31. lokakuu 2013

Only top executives have posted here, that I have seen. It is extremely rare and the posts stick to the business at hand.

Employees can't post at Tesla Motors Club either.

David N | 01. marraskuu 2013

Why not just contact Tesla?

Brian H | 01. marraskuu 2013

Tesla is so new ...
Google 'Julian Cox' and read his articles.

danielccc | 02. marraskuu 2013

From what I can gather the management style seems to be to hire the best people possible, see how they work, and fire them quickly if they don't deliver. That, plus Musk is probably directly involved at any given time in a surprising number of areas depending on what is a priority at a given point in time.

Musk has said he's not a "process" guy. Actually, what he said was the if he was interviewing someone and they said things like "it's about the process", he would take that as a bad sign.

Before contacting Tesla, you should study the fairly large number of interviews and videos Musk is in, plus the "Revenge of the Electric Car" documentary footage. Also there is some footage of JB Straubel and some of the other key people. Look also at Peter Thiel interviews (for example on Pando Daily, which also has a good Musk interview), as well as material on Space X, which is run approximately the same way, and includes a recruitment video starring the man himself.

By the time you've heard Musk talk about the three things that he decided would be important for humanity for the 20th time, you should have gotten most of the good stuff (which he does not repeat often, if ever).

Then compare and contrast with Carlos Ghosn, who is all about consensus, delegation, and process, and is managing two organizations with over 400,000 direct employees and a global footprint, having rescued Nissan from near collapse and now leading Renault through the disastrous European non-luxury car market, while putting more EVs on the road than everybody else combined (though I do wish they were better EVs, but still...).

You should also watch the Megafactories show on the Tesla Fremont factory, which explains some of the reasoning that went into their refit of the former NUMI plant (though the show is also filled with glossy shots of the Model S, and over dramatic music, but there is still some real information in it).

Homebrook | 02. marraskuu 2013

I think the best thing you could do to gauge the management style would be to read the reviews of Tesla from current and former employees at I have found glassdoor extremely informative on what companies are actually like, the culture and management style. Each review evaluates the company on five criteria. I think you would find the Culture and Values, Work/Life Balance, and Senior Management criteria most relevant to your presentation.
I don't think Captain_Zap was suggesting you are a Tesla employee, rather he is saying that Tesla employees (understandably) will not be able to respond to your post on this forum. Even if they could it wouldn't help you much because, since the posts are not anonymous, they would probably be toeing a company line. However on glassdoor employees' reviews are anonymous, so Tesla can't prevent them, and they can be honest and transparent both in their compliments and criticisms. Good luck on your presentation!

Brian H | 03. marraskuu 2013

Very sensible suggestion.

And 'grats on correct use of "toeing the line". So many seem to want to tow it!

olanmills | 06. marraskuu 2013

Captain_Zap, that's not true. Tesla employees do use these forums, but other than the official posts on the 'Tesla Bulletin Board', the employees are not necessarily identified as such, and I'm sure they are of course not allowed to participate in the forums in any way that could potentially harm the company, bind them to some statement, etc.