The Model S motor

The Model S motor

Is it possible to get the Model S's motor and related components for use in a project car for personal use?

carlgo | 23. joulukuu 2013

You can generally buy any part for any car by simply ordering it from the parts dept at any dealer. Tesla may be more restrictive though. Don't know why, just suspect that. Bet none of this is very affordable!

It would be interesting to know where wrecked Teslas end up. Do they go to salvage yards like other cars? Can an individual buy the salvage for used parts?

At this point I believe it is unlikely a yard would sell components because there are always rebuilders who bid very high for salvage and also criminals who need a legit chassis. I was always amazed at how much even nasty wrecks would bring.

Amper | 23. joulukuu 2013

Given Tesla's financial situation, it would be smart of them to sell to individuals as well. I know they're responsible for a lot of other upcoming electric cars. They sold the Tesla skateboard to Toyota for the RAV4 EV.

Once I start getting some extra money rolling in, I'm going to see if I can come up with a high efficiency, low weight battery for the engine. My motivation is owning a Model S.


Captain_Zap | 23. joulukuu 2013

I think that someone got a wrecked Model S and they are in the process of converting it into a RV.

Brian H | 24. joulukuu 2013

Yes, replacing the drive train of a VW camper, I believe.

Car t man | 24. joulukuu 2013

I think you could get as powerful or more powerful of an automotive
drive train via miro.z @ as I did for one of my cars...

I also checked with AC propulsion but the price was much higher.

I would have opted for Tesla's also but Tesla does not cater
to DIY market.

carlgo | 24. joulukuu 2013

An electric autocross would be hard to beat because of the instant acceleration out of corners and down the short straights. Wouldn't need the large and expensive Tesla battery either. Better yet, wait for the two-motor X drivetrain. Start working on those neck muscles now.

In a few years when there are hundreds of thousands of Teslas around there will be a lot of Tesla based project vehicles.

Certainly it is hard to beat ICE now as 700-900 or so HP is easily achieved and stuffed into about any old car. At one time I had a first generation Chey II and a big block lined up and my plan was to make it into a road racer, not a dragster, a real sleeper as well. Luckily I didn't have the funds or I would have killed myself in the thing.

blue adept | 29. joulukuu 2013


There are a variety of independent EV converters and EV conversion parts suppliers out there which should give you quite a variety of options to suit your particular needs whereas the componentry employed in the Tesla lineup is likely considered protected proprietary technology and, as of yet, unavailable for distribution on the general consumer market.

Having a look around this site should set you off on the right path to your goal:

Lionel S | 29. joulukuu 2013

The fellow you're referring to who bought a damaged Model S is actually putting together sections from two VW Vanagon Westphalias on top of the Model S chassis and calling it a Stretchla. I think he's banking on being able to partake of the free charging once he's all done.

Amper,there are a lot of great sources for ac motors.
has a good selection and has been in the business since 1962.

frmercado | 30. joulukuu 2013
Brian H | 30. joulukuu 2013

Fascinating project. Please post again when you see another update!

Gizmotoy | 03. tammikuu 2014

Seriously. I just spent 30 minutes or so reading and watching videos. Very cool project. I can't imagine the confused faces that will greet him when he pulls up and plugs his "VW" into a Supercharger. I'd love to see that.

Jolinar | 06. tammikuu 2014

wow, great blog... please make this project reality, I really want to see the final Tesla-VW hybrid :-)
And SuperCharging it will be the most fun part... Hope you won't blow it up or end up in fire...